Custom Software Development

Creating a cross-platform Electron application for brand protection allowed to:

  • Verify the authenticity, and track the supply chain by linking QR codes to the product content;
  • Increase the involvement and loyalty of end consumers by giving them access to product information, promotions, and interactive features through the app;
  • Collect valuable data to improve business operations to make informed decisions and optimize marketing strategies;
  • Optimize the process of large-scale deployment of QR codes to facilitate efficient implementation across multiple products and locations, saving time and resources;
  • Create an API for SMS notifications, allowing us to send real-time updates and relevant information directly to consumers’ mobile devices;
  • Integrate these functions with the existing system, ensuring a seamless and unified experience for the brand and its consumers.
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Web Development

The development of a website for the Educational Company allowed it to expand its capabilities in providing services:

  • The website is equipped with a robust and specially configured balancer, ensuring its resilience to heavy traffic loads and a smooth user experience even during peak periods of high demand;
  • The website’s infrastructure is designed to handle a large number of transactions simultaneously, enabling efficient processing and seamless execution of orders;
  • To enhance user engagement and facilitate a personalized experience, each client is provided with access to a comprehensive history of their transactions, view their ordered written works, and provide ratings and feedback for the assigned writers;
  • Filters such as deadline, price, academic level, and type of written work allow users to quickly find the most suitable options tailored to their specific requirements;
  • Security is of paramount importance, and the service has been developed in strict compliance with modern security standards to ensure the protection of sensitive financial information and provide peace of mind to both clients and writers;
  • The website’s monolithic architecture guarantees uninterrupted operation, minimizing the risk of downtime and ensuring a seamless user experience.
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Mobile app development

After the successful development of a functional and user-friendly mobile application, notable benefits have emerged, enhancing the experience of users interacting with their digital fireplace:

  • Through careful development and optimization, the mobile application ensured smooth and reliable communication between the user’s device and the digital fireplace;
  • The intuitive interface and user-friendly features enabled seamless control and adjustment of various fireplace settings, such as temperature, flame intensity, and lighting effects;
  • Eradication of restrictions and connectivity issues improved the overall functionality and usability of the application, enhancing user satisfaction and eliminating frustration;
  • The visual elements, layout, and navigation have been redesigned to align with the new capabilities and ensure a cohesive and intuitive user experience;
  • Thanks to the modular development approach employed, the mobile application offers the flexibility to add new features at any time in the future;
  • The application enables easy and intuitive control, enhances the user interface, and offers the potential for future feature enhancements.
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Web Development

After the implementation of our solutions, the client’s website experienced significant improvements in various aspects:

  • The website’s loading speed was enhanced, resulting in a 40% increase in performance, providing a better user experience and contributing to improved search engine rankings;
  • Our team ensured that the website was built with scalability in mind, allowing it to handle increased traffic and accommodate future growth without compromising performance;
  • To facilitate rapid deployment and updates, we implemented Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) processes enabling the client to introduce new functionalities and updates to the website swiftly, ensuring a seamless user experience;
  • The website was developed on the latest version of the Laravel framework, a popular and robust PHP framework known for its scalability, security, and extensive feature set to create a stable and efficient website;
  • Our team effectively translated client design vision into reality, ensuring that the website accurately reflects company brand identity and engages visitors effectively;
  • The excellent performance of the new site, combined with its visually appealing design, has garnered positive feedback from users and contributed to an overall positive user experience.
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Web Development

Our team dedicatedly implemented all the client’s requirements and successfully integrated the planned functionality into the application:

  • By closely adhering to the project timeline, we ensured that the client received the finished product on schedule, allowing for a seamless deployment;
  • Security was a top priority during the development process, and our specialists implemented robust encryption measures for the password system to save sensitive information;
  • In addition to facilitating reservations and check-ins, the application streamlined the process of accessing hotel services by consolidating all additional charges into a single bill;
  • The client can utilize the application across multiple hotels and easily make edits to hotel details and photos, empowering them to maintain up-to-date information effortlessly and tailor the application to suit their evolving needs;
  • Encouraged by the positive outcomes and the application’s potential, the client has expressed a desire to expand its functionality in partnership with us further;
  • Together, we continue to explore new possibilities and enhance the application’s features, ensuring that it remains a valuable asset for the client and a seamless experience for hotel guests.
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