Offshore development services will help your business succeed!

Recruiting talented engineers to develop incredible software is a costly and time-consuming process. But fortunately there’s a better way! Offshore development is the perfect solution for any business which seeks to optimize performance, save substantial resources, and quickly acquire talented IT specialists.

How Offshore Software Development Will Help You

You delegate, we innovate

Tailored Recruitment Model

We provide recruitment solutions which are perfectly tailored to your unique business needs. With Develux, you can easily optimize your in-house teams by reducing the number of full-time workers or by enhancing your existing staff’s capabilities with additional developers.


We help businesses discover the best offshore software developers, which provides significant cost savings. So our solution is designed to help you save money on recruitment, training, salary, supervision, and infrastructure!

Safe and Transparent

We guarantee a safe and transparent experience for every client. With Develux, there are no hidden fees or terms, and you always have access to all information related to your project. Additionally, we always sign Non-Disclosure Agreements, Confidentiality Contracts, and take every step required to protect your intellectual property rights.

Quality Control

To ensure only the best professionals join your team, we always thoroughly evaluate candidates’ skills and experience. Only after passing a rigorous review process will an applicant be assigned to your project.

Why choose us?

Develux provides the highest quality of offshore programming services. We have the talent, resources, and expertise to meet the requirements of any project. Our experts select the top IT experts from our wide range of dedicated specialists, to craft an offshore development team that matches your project’s needs and seamlessly integrates into your organization. This enables you to meet any business objective with fast, effective, and actionable results. However, we’re not simply an outsourcing service.

“We began our journey as a startup and grew Develux into a leading product company in our market segment. This unique experience enabled us to develop an incredible talent for recruiting exceptional engineers, who build quality software products.

Now it’s our mission to share our expertise, so that you can reach your goals. Develux has successfully launched over 20 different offshore projects and delivered outstanding results for our clients. Partner with us to receive your dream team and reach new horizons of success.

Here's How it Works

Specialists Selection & Final Interview
Our offshore development company takes on the most challenging aspects of the recruitment process. We discover, interview, and thoroughly test the best candidates for your project. Once our experts have conducted this extensive evaluation process, we present the top matches and their results for your team to review. From there, you can hold a 1-on-1 interview with each applicant.
Select the Best Candidates for Your ODC
After reviewing the profiles of candidates who match your requirements and conducting final interviews, you then select those which are best for your project. This process provides you with talented specialists and total control over molding your perfect remote team.
Launch Your Offshore Development Center
After selecting your talented developers, you can now enjoy the benefits of an effective offshore team. We provide your remote staff with everything they need, including office space, equipment, HR support, managing onboarding, and addressing accounting matters.

Learn more about establishing a development center for your business

Where Do You Aquire Your Specialists?

To deliver the best experts for your project, we discover and recruit top-level software engineers from all across Europe.

Our Story

Our ODC Models

Our offshore software development service offers two different ODC models to suit the needs of any project’s scale or scope:

Traditional ODC
In the traditional offshore development center model, a customer only receives developers and oversees the team using their own project manager.

With this option, you'll maintain direct control over your outsourced staff of loyal and dedicated IT specialists.

This traditional model primarily benefits small projects.
Protected ODC
The second option is designed specifically for projects that require 100% security and confidentiality. In this model, your company will receive an offshore team which is lead by one of our specialized project managers. ‍ The Protected model suits best:
  • Larger projects
  • PoC or MVP development
  • Startups
  • Projects requiring high-levels of security and confidentiality
  • Enterprise projects

Here's Why Our Client's Choose Develux

Our company was searching to hire a team of offshore developers who could apply their knowledge and experience to our product and make it flawless. That’s how we found this team and we were definitely not mistaken when chose them. Develux performed great at every stage of our project, so we can’t wait to work with them on even more new and exciting products!

Jeffrey McMichael
Product Manager, Fintech

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Questions & Answers

There are two main reasons why offshore development services are rapidly growing in popularity. One reason is that the client wishes to reduce development expenses without compromising on the project’s quality, and offshoring makes this possible. The second reason is that Western Europe and the US have a shortage of domestic IT professionals. Eastern Europe, on the other hand, has a plethora of software professionals with excellent qualifications.

Both. Offshore software development services can be applied to projects of any size, but the approach will just be a little different. If your organization only has small programming projects on occasion, you can save time and money by delegating them to an offshore team. In such a case, you can avoid hiring experienced, domestic professionals that have relevant skills for each project. And, with big projects, you stand to make even more profit by assigning an offshore development team to work exclusively with this project. Manage them long-term as your own personnel.

If you anticipate having a steady workflow that uses consistent operating systems and programming languages in the long term (1 year or more), you would greatly benefit from an offshore dedicated development team. If you want this offshore development service, let us know! The team will be dedicated exclusively to your organization, and you can have as many (or as few) developers as needed.

Are you ready to get offshore IT services from Develux? All you need to do is fill out our Contact Form with your project specifications. We’ll get back to you and schedule a call, where we’ll hash out the details further.