Many developers and engineers are in high demand, so recruiting can be difficult. Then there are considerations such as how to test candidates’ skills and knowledge, making sure they are fit to tackle your project with motivation and vision.

Despite the sometimes gruelling recruiting process, the results are worth it.

A new hard-working and intelligent employee may be the difference between a successfully launched project and one that just misses the mark. Whether you are looking for a specialist to reinforce a crack team or someone to take the lead on project development, Develux is here to lend our services.

Recruit Smart

Based in Europe, we tap into a dynamic IT market, delivering top-tier talent straight to your doorstep. At Develux, we specialize in streamlining IT staffing, effortlessly connecting you with skilled software developers, designers, and marketers.

We understand the demands of your business, which is why we handle the recruitment hassle for you. Simply reach out, outline your needs, and leave the rest to us. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way.

Benefitting from Europe’s thriving IT sector, we swiftly identify candidates equipped with the precise tech expertise and experience you require.

With a track record of success, Develux is your partner in securing the perfect addition to your team.

Develux is an established and experienced business that can help you find that candidate to sure up your team.


Satisfied Clients

Our developers come with extensive experience. We have worked with:


Our Thorough Recruiting Process


Once a client approaches us requesting our technology staffing services, we quickly gather resources and schedule a call. We want to get as much detailed information as we can regarding not just project requirements, but also the core values and culture at your company. The more we know, the easier it is to narrow down the right person for the job.

Identify and Interview Candidates

Possessing the client’s specifications, we get to work on a shortlist of qualified candidates who we interview for soft skills, technical skills and knowledge in relation to the project. If someone passes all our screening, then we organize an interview with you, the client, to have the final say.

In-house Trial

We all know that some people can interview well, but don’t deliver when it comes to the actual work. Unique among its competitors, Develux runs an in-house trial for all candidates that pass the interview stage, both smoothing their path into the project and making sure they are really up to the task. We take IT staffing and recruiting seriously.

Hire TOP Developers

Only after analyzing a candidate, delving into their past experience, conducting interviews and supervising trials do we officially give the green light and integrate the top developers into your project. We also assist with the onboarding process, making the start of your team’s collaboration as smooth as possible!

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The Reasons You Should Go With Develux

You delegate, we innovate

Stress-free recruiting

Recruiting requires research, energy and an understanding of market conditions. Develux has developed all these spheres to help you acquire the best candidates, without being diverted from the core elements of your project.

Unbeatable support

Finding new people for your project can be an exhausting process. We aim to lessen your burden through taking on the rigorous screening of candidates and consistent and regular communication. We are always on hand to answer your questions and provide solid support throughout the IT recruitment process.

Market knowledge

With a booming IT industry, we are at the forefront of all cutting-edge developments in the tech sphere. By choosing our IT recruiting services, you get your pick of driven specialists from an affordable market.

Vast skill range

While other companies may view candidates through a narrow metric, we look at the bigger picture. In assessing candidates we don’t just view technical know-how, but also their soft skills. We aim to ensure that your new hire will be someone others want to work with, boosting smooth collaboration.

From Where Does Develux Draw Its Talent?

Develux is constantly on the lookout for talented, motivated and creative technicians.

We Cover All Bases

Flexible Recruiting

Throughout our recruiting process, we go to great lengths to delve into someone’s background to identify extra skills that we can work with. Due to our deep knowledge of all our specialists, we can provide on-demand temps, contractors, salaried workers or freelancers to start on new or existing projects in less than 10 days.

Quick hiring

We know that time is money, which is why Develux can mobilize to narrow down a list of suitable recruits, interview them, run tests and introduce them to you in less than 10 days. We make the search for technicians easy, without sacrificing quality.

Transparent pricing model

We don’t believe in drip pricing or hidden costs, which is why we put everything on the table from the beginning. Develux’s open book model means we cost every single part of our IT staffing service upfront, from the worker’s salary to office hire and equipment. The best relationships are built on trust, and the only way to get that is through transparency.

Top talent

The competitive Eastern European IT market breeds expertise and innovation. We harness this by keeping a versatile range of software engineers and designers on our books. We then rigorously interview them to make sure they are up to the tasks they are likely to be given. Develux can find just the right person for your unique project.

Expert Recruitment of IT Professionals

Develux is the ideal recruiting partner – our tried-and-true hiring process, social technology techniques, and highly personalized messaging ensure that we can build you a high-performing team

Are you looking for qualified IT professionals?

Finding highly-skilled and experienced software engineers and specialists for your project can be a difficult and time-consuming task. Why not let us use our deep social technology stack to find candidates that meet your needs? Our expert team of recruiters have vast experience filling technical positions across the globe. We help companies hire IT professionals for full-time and contract jobs.

We find talent spread across a wide array of skillsets – including:

  • Project managers
  • Business analysts
  • Database specialists
  • DevOps specialists
  • Software engineers
  • Architects

Develux offers the best talent through our IT recruitment services. We understand that in the ever-evolving tech world, you will fall behind unless you have experts on your side. But knowledge of IT issues alone isn’t enough: they must also have the soft skills necessary for harmonious interaction and to integrate into your company culture.

How do we bring you the best talent?

It starts with listening to what you really need; there’s no cookie-cutter solution when it comes to building a team. We hand-select each candidate based on your project needs; then, we interview each candidate thoroughly. You get to go over our selections and pick which candidates you would like to add to your team! They go through an in-house trial, and then, upon passing, they are onboarded.

What our clients are saying about Develux

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Questions & Answers

We recruit IT specialists primarily from Europe, witnessing rapid growth in the IT market. Our focus extends to talented professionals who offer competitive salaries, exceptional English proficiency, a strong work ethic, and extensive professional experience. At Develux, our recruitment service is centered on sourcing the brightest and most dedicated candidates to meet your needs.

Our IT recruiting company follows a 4 step process:

  • We assess your request.
  • We identify and interview candidates, but you have the final say.
  • Selected candidates go through an in-house trial.
  • Satisfactory candidates are onboarded and integrated into the project.

First and foremost, we take the stress out of IT recruitment. Our IT recruitment agency has plenty of experience with hiring specialists – and we do so with transparent pricing, quick results, and excellent market knowledge. What’s more, we don’t just consider candidates’ technical expertise – we also assess their soft skills to ensure smooth collaboration.

There are several core benefits, including:

  • Quicker hiring.
  • Higher-quality candidates.
  • Client-focused results.
  • Deep knowledge of the market.
  • Extended reach.
  • Specialist recruitment knowledge.

If you are ready to work with one of Develux’s IT recruiters, simply fill out our contact form or give us a call. Be sure to include in your message that you are looking to hire IT specialists. During consultation, we’ll dig deep into your project’s needs.