What Is Ecommerce Software?

At Develux, we offer ecommerce development services; our tailored solutions are designed to align with your business goals. Don’t limit yourself to an off-the-shelf product; our custom ecommerce development solutions are made for you!


Ecommerce software forms the backbone of your online store. They allow you to:

  • Create a website for selling products
  • Manage your inventory
  • Accept and process transactions
  • Fulfill orders
  • Provide users with an intuitive, enjoyable shopping experience

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What eCommerce Development Services Do We Offer?

Enhanced User Experience

Our talented team of UX designers will coordinate with the development team and, taking your overall ecommerce business development strategy into account, lay the foundation for your store’s functionality.

Ecommerce Site Design

In the site design phase of our ecommerce web development services, our skilled designers will use illustrations, vivid imagery, and engaging animations – with the goal of increasing engagement and inspiring conversions in the community.

Ecommerce Site Development

Our Develux ecommerce development team will use custom, responsible functionality to bring your site design to life.

SEO Optimization

As part of our ecommerce development SEO service, our marketing team coordinates with your site’s developers, optimizing your site’s content so it will be found by the right consumers.

Quality Assurance

As part of the Quality Assurance ecommerce development service, we optimize your button colors, calls-to-action, and other elements, ensuring your site’s performance is the best it can be.

Consumer Optimization

From navigation to design, product descriptions to blog content, everything on your site will lead visitors to the end goal of ecommerce development: sales.

Post-Launch Support

From page design tweaks to software updates and additional features, our ecommerce developers will keep your site performing as well as it did on launch day (or better)!

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Our Process

As a premier ecommerce development company, we know what makes an attractive website – and how to create one that both looks stunning and performs well. During the design portion of our ecommerce development services, we’ll place a priority on your site’s basic elements: by optimizing these, you’ll be able to provide engaging user experiences, thus maximizing conversions.
When we’re providing ecommerce development solutions, our team analyzes and follows your requirements, creating an interactive website with only the highest-quality parameters. Your ecommerce website is completely aligned with your business’s mission and vision, as well as with your target audience demographics.
SEO is a beast – and an ever-changing one at that. Luckily, Develux has SEO experts that provide strategic insight throughout our ecommerce web development services. Our dedicated marketing team keeps its finger on the pulse of the SEO world. From changing algorithms to cutting-edge SEO techniques, as well as tried-and-true ones like conversion optimization and A/B testing, our team will maximize your site’s organic reach

Ready to Start?

Questions & Answers

When we create an ecommerce site for you, your customers will be able to easily navigate your available products and purchase them. Your checkout will be easy-to-use, and you can offer whichever payment methods you prefer. Each purchase is a sales transaction that impacts your bottom line – therefore, it must be done conveniently and efficiently for the customer. This is why we work hard to ensure your ecommerce site’s UI/UX is stellar.

What’s more, you’ll get seller features like content management capabilities, discount code tools, order fulfillment, and anything else you might need. Get product specifics like variations, SKUS, names, and images, enabling you to catalog and organize items. Receive notifications if your inventory is running low, and get insights into which items are fast-moving. Simplify your eCommerce marketing with built-in SEO from our expert in-house SEO team. Automate taxation and shipping by calculating sales tax based on the buyer’s location and printing shipping labels. This is just a small taste of what you’ll be able to accomplish!

Whether you need your site to be B2B, B2C, an online marketplace, or an online multi-store, we can do that for you. Perhaps you need an auction site or an affiliate eCommerce platform. No matter which kind of eCommerce platform you need, our developers are well-suited for the task.

Yes, we are not only reliable but also fully transparent during our consultative phase. Before we begin the project, you’ll know exactly what to expect from us and a projected timeframe. You can also see our portfolio (Client Stories) on our site.