Develux’s mobile application development services are customized to suit your unique product through the delivery of native iOS, Android or cross-platform solutions.

If you’re hoping to capture a sizeable customer base through a custom mobile application, there needs to be:

Customer portrait and identification of needs

Clear product concept

Market supply knowledge.

Our team comes with extensive knowledge and experience, meaning we can create a functional and intuitive application for startups, SMBs and larger enterprises.

With usability and powerful performance a must, we demonstrate that enterprise mobile application development can be affordable and lead to strong returns.

Build an app that users really want

Mobile device application development partly involves creative and practical design, clear and navigable system architecture and high-quality code. But no matter how flawless the solution, the needs of users should be at the front and center. Investing in the development of a user-friendly platform can pay dividends in terms of attracting and holding on to customers.

This is why we not only utilize the most up-to-date industry standards and technologies when developing mobile apps, but also work to optimize the product through strong UX/UI design and user testing throughout the development process.


Develop a custom mobile application that uses iOS native programming languages such as Swift or Objective-C.


Take full advantage of users’ device capabilities with a superb product written in Kotlin.


Reach a wider audience by using React Native or Flutter to create an immersive application that runs across multiple device platforms.

Our mobile app development cycle

Here’s a step by step overview of our process:

We get to know your company and idea inside-out! With this detailed knowledge we can prioritize and respond to your requirements, develop a roadmap and provide the right suggestions to start our mobile phone application development on the right foot.
Design and Analysis
We start to bring your project to life by establishing user flows and developing wireframes so you can understand exactly how your product will look and feel. Our user experience specialists will make sure that the application not only meets the criteria from the Scope stage, but does so in a bold and satisfying way.
Client Feedback
In these crucial early stages before full-blown development gets underway, we stay in close contact and conduct client review sessions. In developing a personalized product we want to make sure we have captured everything you envisaged, right down to the subtleties that only your app offers.
We use a sprint-based approach, employing experienced software engineers and cutting-edge technologies. Frequent planning and demo meetings keep you in the driver’s seat, with visibility and control over the whole process.
QA Assurance
Our rigorous QA testing makes sure any bugs or other problems are neutralized quickly, through functional, exploratory and (if required) automated testing. We discover what is working well and what can be tweaked to deliver an even better experience for users.
With a quality application completed, we help you through the exciting product launch, assist you with the tricky app submission process and provide ongoing maintenance and support.

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Our focus

Whether you are looking for offshore mobile application development or the creation of a robust online learning platform, Develux is here to assist.

We possess the know-how to develop complex and superbly designed applications for a wide range of industries.

Our mobile banking application development expertise comes from partnering with multiple clients in the fields of finance and e-commerce, where we developed our own white-label solutions to speed up development time and slash costs.

  • E-commerce platforms
  • Consumer analytics applications
  • Tracking and patient management software
  • Diagnostic tools
  • Mobile banking platforms
  • E-wallet applications
  • Delivery management systems
  • Parcel navigation software
  • Online course platforms
  • Student registration systems

Hire a mobile app developer with Develux

Want to gather software engineers for a custom project?

Through a meticulous but efficient selection process, we can provide you with an individual recruit to cover a skill gap in an existing project, or an entire dedicated team to develop a mobile app from its infancy through to completion.

Get in touch

Send us a request and schedule a free consultation.

Shortlist creation

Through your specific requirements we create a shortlist of talented developers.

Accurate recruiting

We conduct a series of interviews testing for hard (technical) and soft (interpersonal) skills.

Candidate screening

Meet the candidate and have the final say on whether they are hired.

In-house trial

We run a trial period to make sure the developer is really up to the task.

Get to work

Enjoy your successful collaboration!

Supercharge your business with our services

Expand Your Reach

Nearly 2 billion people across the world purchase products online – you have a huge target audience at your fingertips. With our mobile app development, you can sell products quickly, easily, and with convenience.

Increase Brand Exposure

Go where the customers are. 90% of smartphone activity is attributed to app usage. Our mobile application development services help you leverage this incredible statistic.

Build Engagement and Loyalty

Our custom mobile apps use push notifications to send out relevant marketing messages at ideal times. With e-commerce and IT mobile app development, notifications will greatly increase user retention.

Why Choose Develux?

Personalized Approach

YOU are our focus – we want every single customer to achieve their goals, which is why we take a consultative approach to mobile app development. We work with each customer on a case-by-case basis to make sure they achieve their desired outcomes.

Extensive Experience

The Develux team has vast experience solving challenges across every industry. We draw upon our experience to help fulfill your project’s goals – our expertise shines through in our custom mobile applications.

EA Friendly Partnership

Even though custom mobile application development is primarily meant to drive an outcome, nobody wants to deal with stiff, emotionless colleagues. We’re human – and we want to develop a friendly working relationship with you! When you work with Develux, you’ll feel as if we’re part of your core team.

What mobile app development offers your business

Work with a custom mobile application development company to achieve your goals:

Reach more people
Develop an intuitive and functional app that people love to use. Build brand awareness through fresh content and sleek design.
Boost efficiency
Use data and analysis to optimize your business processes.
Make it easy
Build a system that allows employees to better import, handle and store data.
Deliver a great experience
Take advantage of user preferences to deliver a stunning interface.
Implement new ideas
Test and run with new innovations to respond to a rapidly-changing landscape.
Increase loyalty and foster engagement
Use data to reach out to your customers with the right message and increase retention with push notifications.

Questions & Answers

Before you hire a developer you need to consider the size and complexity of the project, specific requirements, and also practicalities such as budget and remote working oversight. You can then better understand whether it is best to hire yourself or contact a recruiting company to assist. Here are some pros and cons of each:

  • Put out a job ad – If you know exactly what you need, you can forensically lay out development requirements and choose from a host of suitable employees. Unfortunately, the hiring process can be expensive, you have to handle the contractual and management side of things, and there is no guarantee your developer will stick around for the length of the project.
  • Contact a dedicated IT recruiting company – With a premium service you will pay a bit more, but get a company that knows the industry well, handles the contractual matters and can quickly find and vet a range of suitable recruits for short or long term projects. With companies like Develux, you can be assured of experienced recruits along with strong communication and support at every step.

Selecting someone (or a team) from a dedicated IT company means they have already been assessed and come with the support of a team. When choosing a company to work with you should address these areas:

  • Company information – As well as talking to the company, look at their public profile (website and social media pages) to get a greater insight into their technical expertise and services they provide.
  • Information about the team – Gain information about the team’s size, experience, structure and technical specializations.
  • Information about customers – Request the company’s portfolio and any testimonials. Consult others to see if the company has a good reputation.
  • Information about the communication process – If you are working with an overseas company, this is essential. Ask about the communication tools used and ascertain whether the company has a sufficient command of English.
  • Information about Software Development Life Cycle – Gather information about the methodologies and frameworks used during project development and whether support and maintenance is provided post-launch.
  • Agreements and payment – Discuss working conditions, expectations and rates, as well as method and frequency of billing. Put everything out on the table to get the best possible estimate up-front.

There can be big differences in costs when developing a mobile application. Three of the biggest factors are:

  • type of app
  • the number of platforms you want your app to cover
  • the location of developers

Obviously, if you want to create complex native mobile applications for iOS and Android, it will always cost more than a basic app that runs on just one platform. While these aspects are relatively fixed, developer location isn’t. With the ability to collaborate with developers in another country, you can make a huge difference to your bottom line. If you need an iOS app, go check out our iOS development services page. If you`re interested in Android app, learn more on Android development services page

We have created applications for a wide range of industries, including retail, healthcare, fintech, logistics, and education. Our own white-label solution helps us reduce development time while also cutting costs for you.