While commercial software solutions can be quite convenient, they can hinder an organization’s growth. For instance, because off-the-shelf software is designed to be used by as many people as possible, they are quite general-purpose. Meaning, when you purchase a commercial solution, you might find that it has lots of features you’ll never use – or, even worse, it doesn’t have some things you require. Then you’d need to either buy more software or hire a developer to try to make the solution fit your needs. But, there’s a way to avoid all of that hassle: bespoke software development.

Custom-Tailored Business Solutions

Bespoke software development solutions are often based on your proprietary know-how and unique business techniques, allowing you to be in control of your business processes. The ultimate goal of such solutions is to fully satisfy your demands, help you efficiently achieve long- and short-term business goals, and support your further growth.

With our bespoke software services, you decide the way the solution is implemented, ensuring that it’s up-to-date and scalable enough to meet the future needs of the ever-changing business environment. Considering that the system is built based on risk analysis, the chances are high that you will face fewer barriers on your way or overcome them easier than before.

When Is Bespoke Software Used?

While it’s hard to define typical use cases of such a diversified software development approach, here are two major types:

Automation. It includes everything from smart assistants to machine Learning (ML), which can be applied for image processing, auto-translation, voice recognition, and other features.

Digital transformation. Cutting-edge, well-integrated systems are the backbone of innovative business processes and enhanced efficiency. The software can take on manual, repetitive tasks like data collection and processing to improve communication with clients, HR processes, and the supply chain.

However, these are just examples. If you want to develop any other bespoke software, don’t hesitate to contact us! We will help you harness productivity via the latest technologies.

Software With the Focus on Big Data

Big Data has established itself as a strategic competitive advantage for many businesses; analytics is what drives business to success, promotes its growth, and allows phenomenal customer service. However, the price for better data-driven business decisions may be too significant, considering you have to devote a lot of time to collecting and processing data.

Big Data has established itself as a strategic competitive advantage for many businesses; analytics is what drives business to success, promotes its growth, and allows phenomenal customer service. However, the price for better data-driven business decisions may be too significant, considering you have to devote a lot of time to collecting and processing data.

Benefits of Bespoke Software Development

An individually crafted solution
Think of bespoke software like a custom-tailored suit – it’s made to fit your measurements perfectly. If you tried on a suit that was made to fit a wide range of sizes, you simply wouldn’t look your best. And software works the same way. With off-the-shelf products, businesses often end up changing their processes to try to fit the technology.
Great return on investment
When businesses get well-built and well-planned bespoke software, they often experience financial benefits quickly. The solutions are built with your needs in mind, so they can address any optimization gaps or resource leakage. The time and human resource savings pay for themselves rapidly, and since you have a better solution than your rivals, you’ll gain a competitive edge.
Heightened security
One huge problem with off-the-shelf programs is that hackers can easily get to know the software’s weaknesses. But since custom-made programs are only made available to your business, the chances of hacks are brought to a minimum. After all – what is a better use of a hacker’s time: trying to get into your custom software or penetrating a system used by thousands of companies?
Better scalability
If your organization expands to cover other market sectors, a commercial solution might not cut it anymore, especially since you have little-to-no input as to how the software develops over time. But with bespoke solutions, your software can grow with your business.

Why Choose Develux?

Why should you choose Develux as your bespoke software development company? Besides our years of experience and wide array of glowing testimonials, we have concrete advantages:

Flexible Delivery Models

Whether you need a dedicated Offshore Development Team, an onsite model, or a hybrid approach, we’ll make it happen.

100% Transparency

Honest and open, real-time communication ensures you remain informed on the software’s progress, impediments that may arise, changes to feature sets and delivery dates, and other significant KPIs. No surprises here!

Professional Team

Get benefits that only experience can bring, such as time-effectiveness and effective collaboration.

Open Book Model

With such a model, the contract pricing is based upon realism and fairness – we take profit from a fixed percentage on top of the project’s actual costs. All cost savings and overages are passed on to you. We’ve found that this is the best pricing model for fostering an environment of trust and transparency.

What Bespoke Software Development Services Do We Offer?

We are dedicated to developing the best bespoke software solutions, no matter what form it may take. As such, some of our bespoke software services include:

Custom Development
Develux can create custom bespoke software that meets your organization’s exact needs. We’ve worked to develop a large array of tailored solutions, including:

- Content management systems (CMS)
- Customer relationship management (CRM)
- Automated invoicing
- Business process automation systems
- Bug tracking software
- E-commerce software
- Company-facing and customer-facing web portals
Bespoke Web Development
At Develux, we have a proven track record of providing high-quality web application development to meet specific cases. Bespoke web development can go a long way towards giving your business a competitive edge, and here’s how:

- Efficient Code: Our code is built from the ground up, and every line serves a purpose.
- Maximum SEO: We also make sure to maximize SEO rating during bespoke web development, so it adheres to Google’s standards.
- Technical Optimization: Your site will be quicker to load, easier to maintain, and more secure. ‍
- Modern Approach: We’ll use the latest, most innovative tools to make sure we deliver a modern experience in terms of performance, security, and UI.
Mobile Development
Have an idea for a mobile bespoke software development project? With tried-and-true practices and technologies, our team of bespoke app developers brings your dreams to life through gorgeous, highly functional mobile apps. Give your customers and employees a seamless, multi-platform experience via bespoke app development from Develux! Whether you need iOS, Android, or cross-platform solutions, we’ll make your app a reality.

- iOS: Our iOS bespoke apps fit harmoniously within the Apple ecosystem, including iPads, Apple Watches, iMacs, and so on.
- Android: App development for Android is also quite popular, as it can work properly with a wider range of devices.
- Cross-Platform: Cross-platform bespoke apps foster flexible, simultaneous development across multiple platforms – it’s an excellent choice for apps that have compact functionality.
Cloud-Based Development
Need your bespoke software to be hosted in the cloud? Not a problem! We can create cloud-based bespoke software so your workforce can maintain productivity at any time and any place. Some of the advantages of using the cloud for bespoke software include:
- Eliminating the need to buy an on-premise server
- Huge amounts of data can be accessed from any location
- The cloud can easily handle increased usage at any given time
Quality Assurance
As another bespoke software development service, Develux can create a Quality Assurance Management System. Our systems are:

- Tailored: Our custom-tailored QA systems enable you to reduce custom complaints, increase brand loyalty, remain in compliance with industry standards, and improve procedure management.
- Efficient: Develux provides a management-level architecture that improves your operation’s efficiency and fulfills timely product delivery.
- Risk Minimizing: We’ll work directly with you to craft quality management systems with technical-level QA activities. With them, you can identify potential business risks and take the necessary steps to minimize or control said risks. ‍
- Environmentally-Friendly: Need a QA system that helps your organization make safe environmental decisions? We can do that too! Just let us know, and we’ll incorporate statistical and chemical analysis, environmental modeling, risk assessment, environmental training, and more.
Our wide array of bespoke DevOps services includes:

- Database management
- Deploying and maintaining messaging queue systems
- Containerization
- CI/CD pipeline automation
- Cloud migration

With Develux-powered DevOps, your company will experience smoother communication, a stronger level of quality assurance, strong security, and faster deployment of services. So, whether you need mobile application development, a QA platform, cloud-based solutions, or something else, you’ll find the perfect solution as part of Develux’s bespoke software development services.

Have any burning questions? Get in touch!

Our Bespoke Software Development Process

Develux, as a premier bespoke software development company, follows a development roadmap that has proven to deliver great results. When you order a bespoke app from us, this process is our foundation:

01. Researching

First, we’ll consult with you and gather all initial requirements. This gives our specialists a chance to learn your specifications, business goals, target audience, and any other relevant details. By determining your expectations, we can choose the right development approach and estimate time/cost.

02. Scoping

Next, it’s time for us to run a scoping session; this is essentially a workshop where we delve into the nitty-gritty of your project. In this phase, we’ll collaborate to craft a custom roadmap with goals and milestones, carry out Software Requirement Specification (SRS) documentation, and draft an MPV.

03. Designing

Each bespoke software solution needs a different approach – so, in this phase, we design your system’s unique architecture.

04. Developing

This phase is the lengthiest one, as the actual product is being built. Our developers will begin to code your solution while carefully adhering to the SRS document.

05. Testing

Before the bespoke solution is ready to be released, we’ll test it for any defects or deficiencies. Our test engineers will perform both non-functional and functional testing. Some important features we check include core app functions, deployment process, security, and scalability.

06. Launching

After the solution successfully passes the testing phase, it’s ready to be released. However, that’s not the end of our process! We offer ongoing monitoring and maintenance, addressing any unexpected problems that might arise.

Questions & Answers

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Bespoke software is built specifically for your company. It’s designed from the ground up and is made to align with your company’s unique needs and processes. As such, advantages of bespoke application software include that it enables better efficiency, greater scalability, and heightened security – however, bespoke software can come with higher initial costs.

Nowadays, it is very challenging for a company to stay competitive without digitizing its business processes. However, not every off-the-shelf software solution will meet your needs – in fact, more likely than not, you’ll need to supplement commercial software or change your business processes to work with them. With a bespoke app, you don’t have to make sacrifices: we tailor the program to meet your needs, not the other way around.

So, if you’ve found yourself in a situation where run-of-the-mill software just isn’t benefiting you, it might be time to consider bespoke software development services. When software is a great fit, your company can have greater efficiency, deliver a better customer experience, and heighten employee satisfaction.

Develux isn’t here to replace your in-house IT staff; we’re here to empower it. With our IT consulting services, the team of advisors can assess needs, research products and services, and assist with implementation. We are here to do projects that your in-house team doesn’t have time for. We work efficiently, as we are totally focused on the project you hire us for.

We’ve been creating software solutions at Develux since 2014 and have worked with a wide array of use-cases. Some of the applications for which we’ve provided bespoke software development include Big Data solutions, cloud-based apps, Content Management Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning software, and e-commerce solutions, among others.