Custom CRM - Built for Your Success

What is a custom CRM?

A custom CRM solution is software built to the requirements of your specific company. Multiple channels are designed and organized to be efficiently utilized by employees with varied roles and targets within your organization.

How can business tasks be optimized?

With a custom CRM, business tasks can be affordably expanded, while increasing efficiency and reducing risk.

  • Track and optimize all stages of customer acquisition
  • Improve internal communication and reduce task overlap
  • Automate menial tasks to focus on those that add greater value

Taking a closer look at CRM

CRM systems are there to strengthen the relationship between a business and its customers through greatervisibility, improved workflow management, data analytics and user roles/permissions. This facilitates:

  • Greater personalization
  • Smart workflow organization
  • Coordinated sales strategies and marketing cycles

The beauty of custom CRM development services is that you can build in the features that will best serve your business. The sky’s the limit!

Build a unique CRM solution

Custom CRM development advantages

Custom CRM software is built for your employees. Superfluous features are removed and complexity is redesigned, making advanced features accessible to everyone within your organization.

Light-weight and customized

Only the functionality you need, and organized with your team in mind.

Better integration

Everything is built to integrate with processes and systems that you already have.

Easy system expansion

Custom CRM development means quick addition of new features according to changing requirements.

Start straight away

An intuitive layout means features can be utilized to their full potential with little training.

CRM applications

All modules are created on the same database, but differentiated to serve each business unit.


Savings first from only building the features you need, then operational expense reduction in the long run.

Develux CRM Development Services

As an experienced and dedicated team, we develop customizable CRMs quickly and cleanly. The services we offer include:

Business Analysis
We get to know your company inside out, examining business objectives, workflows and strategic aims. Our attention to detail means we can design a system that best meets your sales, marketing, analytical or customer relationship requirements.
Risk Management
Through the implementation of change strategies, we make sure any future alterations and additions are done in a way that minimizes risk and disruption to your business operations. Mitigation plans are put in place to make sure that should there be an unforeseen occurrence, it will be at most a bump in the road.
CRM Module Development
Our CRM software services are in demand because we can accurately build and assemble applications within your system to better service your organization. We also add modules rapidly as required, meaning that you will always be able to take advantage of increased functionality as you need it.
Custom CRM Software Development
After proper planning, we set off building your CRM solution. Tailored to your needs, we incorporate ready-made features and customize them, as well as build custom functionality from scratch. Our software engineers spare no effort in making sure that you are satisfied with the solution.
Quality Assurance
Rigorous QA is what sets professional companies apart from their competitors. We know that it is in everyone’s best interest that bugs and deficiencies are rooted out early on, so that problems don’t develop and compound later on. We examine each part of your customized CRM in detail before giving it our stamp of approval.
User Training
As your custom CRM development company, we feel a sense of responsibility for your success. We conduct user training because we want people to get the most out of the platform, bringing improved business results, greater knowledge and strengthened customer relations.

Boost the productivity of your entire business with a customized CRM.

Case studies

See how we built a successful custom CRM from scratch!
Custom CRM Software Development

Our team achieved remarkable success by completing the CRM project, bringing forth significant enhancements and improvements to the overall system:

  • The notification system operates seamlessly in the background, automatically informing users about important updates, events, or changes within the CRM platform;
  • An internal chat system revolutionized communication between all parties involved in the CRM project to enable users, administrators, and team members to have real-time conversations, facilitating smooth collaboration and efficient exchange of information;
  • By consolidating various functionalities, such as customer management, sales tracking, reporting, and analytics, into a unified interface, users can now access all the necessary tools and features from a single location;
  • Administrators are empowered to quickly modify or improve the notifications based on user feedback and evolving requirements;
  • The internal chat system eliminates the need for external communication platforms, consolidating all communication within the CRM system.
Full Case Study
Custom CRM Software Development

Following the successful development of our innovative and efficient CRM billing system, several notable benefits and features have emerged:

  • By prioritizing customer-centric features, the system ensures a seamless and personalized journey for each user;
  • The CRM system integrates a multitude of essential and complex functions into one synchronized platform to simplify the billing process;
  • The advanced system manages payments and focuses on reliability, security, and ease of use to prioritize reliability, guaranteeing smooth payment processing and minimizing disruptions or errors that could impact the customer experience;
  • The system seamlessly guides customers through the process to protect users and eliminate confusion or potential errors, enhancing user trust and safeguarding their interests;
  • Admin features such as transaction monitoring, dispute resolution, refunds, order cancellations, or fraud detection have been added to facilitate proper control;
  • Implementing this powerful CRM billing system has yielded significant benefits, including increased company profits and elevated levels of customer satisfaction.
Full Case Study

Custom CRM development and implementation strategies

Our expertise in developing custom CRM solutions is the first step, but for your business to make the most out of custom CRM software, the following strategies should be applied:

Have clearly defined goals

A CRM is best utilized when proper targeted objectives and detailed plans are developed in conjunction with the technology.

Zero in on customer experience

Use segmentation, greater data and automated features to make customer relations stronger.

Prioritize team collaboration

Software is not a substitute for teamwork. Collaboration between teams and departments means the CRM ecosystem can be used successfully.

Integrate with third-party apps

By synchronizing apps such as messengers, calendars and sales tools, you are only adding to the versatility of your platform.

Contact us now for custom CRM development services.

Develux for custom development

Since 2014, Develux has amassed and retained a range of specialists that make up a strong, professional and dedicated in-house team.

From software development to marketing and support, we go the extra mile to make your experience with us a positive one.

What we offer:

Experienced CRM programmers

Having developed our own custom CRM from scratch, we know what it takes to carefully plan a project and build to client specifications.

Flexible cooperation

IT is a fast-moving enterprise, so we know that things can change rapidly. Flexibility means we can respond to any new requirements and build them into the CRM without hassle.

Professional team

We have tapped the thriving and dynamic market of software developers, project managers and marketing specialists to serve as your custom CRM development company.

Full transparency

Having developed our own custom CRM from scratch, we know what it takes to carefully plan a project and build to client specifications.All good relationships are built on trust, which is why all costs are detailed and provided up front. No drip pricing, so you can confidently budget.

Questions & Answers

There are plenty of CRM development services on the market. When looking for professionals to create a company CRM for you, consider such factors:

  • Previous projects – the best representation of the company’s skills is a portfolio or some sample projects. Keep in mind that not every service has a dedicated page on their site, so you might have to ask them for some samples.
  • Reliability – usually, the more time company is present on the market, the more reliable it is.
  • Personalization – custom CRM solutions allow companies to include all the tools and tiny details they need. It doesn’t only make it easier to use but also enhances performance.
  • Stability – premade CRMs are optimized for the average level. Therefore, only a custom-made CRM provides 100% stability for your workload and data size.
  • Opportunities – getting a premade one limits you to use it as it is. Future updates, adjustments, and scaling are possible only with custom CRM.
  • Cost-efficiency – premade CRMs are usually provided on a subscription basis. Custom ones are much more expensive at first, but pay for themselves rapidly and are more cost-effective in the long run.

Companies that provide development services CRM never require any personal information from you. The customer only needs to describe what their desired CRM needs to include. The more factors and aspects of the company’s workflow are described, the more precisely the CRM will fulfill their demands. Once again, only the principles of work are required, not the data itself.

Also, note that professional services will always be glad to provide you with any legal information. It eliminates the possibility of a scam and ensures the best quality of the work itself.

Custom CRM solutions take too many factors into consideration. The difference between different projects can be huge. That’s why CRM development services are unable to tell customers the approximate cost until they know all the variables. The price can change even from the seemingly unimportant factors, especially when creating CRM for software companies.

So, it’s better to be precise with your requirements, as it will give you a better understanding of how much the work will cost. Having a list of precise requirements is also important when contacting different services and comparing their prices.

In most cases, CRM development services don’t work with existing software. That’s because of multiple reasons, some of which include possible legal issues and the complexity of working with someone else’s code. Exceptions do exist, in cases of open-source CRMs, for example. But it’s still not effective and can lead to many complications during the CRM software development process.

The good news is, all of the features and tools from the existing one can be upgraded and implemented into a custom one. That means, not only the principles of their work will remain the same, but the performance and the comfort of use will be improved.