Read on to learn how our local SEO experts can develop a robust presence for your website and gain the attention of valuable leads!

What Are Local SEO Services?

Local search engine optimization services improve your business’s local visibility on Google and other search engines. This is a fantastic choice for brick-and-mortar shops and stores that have multiple locations within one geographic region. Traditional SEO, on the other hand, focuses on boosting a website’s visibility on a national or even global scale.

On the fence about local internet marketing? Here are some of the many benefits it can bring:

  • Increased local trustworthiness and market authority
  • Increased sales revenue
  • Enhanced visibility on Google Maps
  • Reduction in advertisement costs
  • More site inquiries and phone calls from prospective local clients
  • Optimized listing on Google My Business

So, to sum up local SEO: it helps you optimize a service, business, or product for a location-specific search query. When somebody looks for a local car wash, dentist, locksmith, or so on, a properly optimized site will show up higher on the search results.

What Local SEO Services Do We Offer?


At the beginning of every local SEO optimization services campaign, we perform an in-depth edit of your website’s indexed pages, existing penalties, and SEO strengths and weaknesses. Our local SEO company will compile a detailed report with insights. We’ll go over this report with you and develop a local SEO strategy that is data-driven and tailored to your business.

Keyword Research

You need your website to show up on Google when somebody searches for businesses near them. If you’re a Miami-based dentist, we want you to be on the first page of results for “Miami dentists near me” and other relevant keywords. Keywords are what a prospective local customer inputs in Google’s search bar – and it’s our job to determine what they’re searching for. As part of our local SEO services, we’ll find, recommend, and implement the top keywords to improve your local search ranking.

Local Listings and Citations

As one of the top local SEO companies, we know the importance of local citations and listing can’t be underestimated. When you order local search engine optimization services from Develux, we will ensure that your business is mentioned on popular and trusted local websites. Local news sites, business listings, local blogs: you name it, we’ll get you on it.

Organic Linkbuilding

Our local search engine optimization service also encompasses organic linkbuilding. We’ll help you create a link profile full of valuable linkbacks from high-quality, authoritative sites. While there are plenty of shady linkbuilding tactics, we use only white hat methods to ensure compliance with Google’s guidelines.

Content Creation

Blog posts, press releases, social media posts, and more: by creating and publishing engaging content, you’ll capture your local audience’s audience. As such, our local SEO services include producing content, incorporating keywords and other local SEO optimization, publishing texts on your website as well as guest blogs. We create relevant, interesting titles to draw in traffic and high-quality content to keep visitors on the page.

On-Page SEO Optimization

Our local SEO experts will make on-page improvements, including URL rewrites, header and tag optimizations, adjusting metadata, and more. Quality on-page optimization helps Google determine whether your content is relevant to a particular keyword or query.

Every day, millions of customers are using Google to search for local businesses. If you want more of your target audience to notice your site and your services, it’s time to ramp up your SEO strategy! With a well-thought-out and carefully implemented strategy, your business will rank high in local search results, driving high-quality traffic and revenue growth.

But just how do you go about planning a local SEO strategy? Google is a beast of a search engine; its algorithm is complex and ever-changing. And, what’s worse, Google penalizes websites that break its rules. But at Develux, your top local SEO company, our specialists carefully study each version of Google’s algorithms. Our local SEO solutions are data-driven, and we play clean. We know which methods get results and which ones will get you penalized.

Local SEO Services– How Do They Work?

It’s not enough to know what local SEO optimization consists of. You need a deeper understanding of HOW it works.

Investigating Google’s Algorithm

Our local SEO consultants have comprehensive knowledge of Google’s algorithm changes. Take, for instance, Google’s huge “Possum” algorithmic update back in 2016. This update was never officially confirmed by Google, but businesses experienced significant local SEO changes, including filtered local search results based on affiliation, moving up in ranking outside of city limits, and more. Our local SEO solutions are provided by specialists who focus entirely on changes like these.

Analyzing the Local Search Market

Our team thrives on understanding the local search market; we’ve been through all the changes and know how local searches perform before, during, and after updates. We know how to make minute changes to titles, headings, tags, and content that can have huge improvements on your ranking. And these, when combined with a bigger-picture content strategy, can greatly improve your website’s search results!

Assessing Location-Based Factors

With local SEO, you have to keep localized content and local link popularity in mind. Not only should you have local landing pages for each of your company’s locations, but you should also have review signals published by customers and local citations from data aggregators. We can help with this!

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Why Choose Develux As Your Local SEO Agency?

Mastering local SEO takes years of training and experience – without it, achieving profitable results will be quite a challenge. At Develux, we understand that it might feel impossible to juggle local SEO marketing tactics with all your other business operations. What sets Develux apart as the top local SEO company?

Tailored Process

For starters, we don’t take a cookie-cutter approach when it comes to providing local professional SEO services. Our process is entirely YOU-centered. We’ll start our local SEO solutions by learning about your company’s value, history, and goals. This will drive our strategy.

Best Practices

Our local SEO consultants will then follow industry best practices to create a thriving digital ecosystem (or improve the current one) for your brand.

Google Considerations

We’ll optimize your site for Google My Business and boost your Google Maps visibility.

Expert Team

Save your sanity and productivity: our team is solely comprised of local SEO experts who are here to take the burden off your shoulders.

How Local SEO Optimization Can Help Your Business

When looking for local businesses, people want quick, convenient results. If your website shows up on the second page of Google, you’re not going to get nearly as many visits. With our local SEO services, we’ll improve your ranking for geo-targeted keywords, ensuring that your target audience knows all about your services.

Optimizing local SEO is a multi-faceted process that requires:

  • On-page tactics
  • Content creation
  • Linkbuilding
  • Careful attention to Google’s algorithmic changes

Our SEO experts are well-versed in all of these processes and are dedicated to unlocking your website’s full potential. So, choose Develux, and let us show you how our local search engine optimization service can boost your ranking and deliver great campaign results!

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Questions & Answers

If a local SEO company promises next-day results, run the other direction! Such promises are blatantly false – and, to achieve speedy results, some companies turn to black hat SEO tactics. These practices can actually end up hurting your Google ranking. At Develux, our local SEO services take time, but the results are real, high-quality, and long-lasting. You’ll start seeing results from our services in around 6-8 weeks.

In order to make sure our local SEO campaigns are successful, we’ll first have to determine which goals need to be met. When you order the best local SEO services from Develux, we’ll start off by helping you create concrete, measurable goals. During this process, we’ll highlight the specific metrics that can be used to determine the effectiveness of our local SEO solutions. Some common examples of metrics used with our local SEO services are:

  • Citation tracking
  • Link activity analysis
  • Identification of traffic by source and location
  • Monitoring local review ratings

Nobody can guarantee organic search placement on Google; however, we can guarantee that all of our actions are aligned with Google’s search engine algorithm. Google’s guidelines are ever-changing, but our local SEO consultants carefully study each version. And we’ll use website reporting to measure changes to your local site traffic. If you don’t see results, we’ll adjust our strategy! So, no more searching for “local SEO services near me;” you’ve already made it to the right place!

Yes, optimal SEO practices include making routing changes to your website, including adding blog posts and service content. Google loves content – and the greater the relevancy, the better your results will be. Of course, some changes are less substantial; for instance, we can conduct keyword research and make changes accordingly to headers, meta-tags, title tags, and so on.

However, implementing a great local SEO content strategy will help your business flourish. That’s why we offer content creation as one of our local search engine optimization services. We contract a team of writers that are dedicated to creating engaging, high-quality texts that not only help your readers but also help you rank higher on Google. So go on, contact Develux now!