Our Custom Software Development Services

Mobile Development

Develop convenient, high-quality mobile applications on various operating systems to meet the project’s specifics

Quality Assurance

Test software quality to ensure a high standard, depending on the needs, the project, and its features

Project Management

Manage the entire working process to guarantee the result and automate the workflow

Benefits of Customized Software Development Services

Sped-up delivery of a superior product
Inefficient processes can result in wasted time, energy and affect the cohesiveness of a workplace. We can quickly and affordably provide a product that increases efficiency and transparency and drives collaboration across departments.
Enhanced product to drive engagement
Poor customer engagement can quickly cause client desertion in favor of competitors. Our custom software development service finds improvements and integrates them into your existing ecosystem, making your product more user-friendly and effective.
A pro team
Most businesses don’t have a set of highly-experienced professionals on call. We are here to fill your skill gap with a motivated and knowledgeable team ready to develop your project.
Rapidly scaled business
Every second counts in the IT sphere when trying to grow your business. Get a suite of specialists on a short or long-term contract basis quickly and effortlessly.
Project cost optimization
It is essential to use the project budget skillfully and judiciously to be sufficient for all future development needs. Our team can offer a wide range of services for different budget levels.

Why Should You Choose Custom Software?

Custom software solutions offer numerous advantages to businesses of any size:

Considering your needs

during software development

Efficiency improvement

by automating processes

Ability to add new features

and scale at any time

Easy integration

with existing systems, ensuring minimal disruption to business

Budget savings

due to its allocation to only important aspects

Raising customer satisfaction

by considering unique needs

Industry Experience

Our custom software development company has extensive experience in multiple industries to develop a relevant, customized solution for your working sphere.






Logistics & Supply Chain





Ready to develop your project?

Our Software Development Cycle

Idea Validation
We define with you which areas of your business can be improved and then run a proof of concept to determine if the proposed model is feasible. Through robust communication, we fine-tune the proposal to your specific requirements and set realistic milestones for project completion.
Product Design
Our in-house team’s expertise spans all areas of custom software design. We ensure our prototype model encompasses all the necessary parameters while remaining firmly aligned with advanced UX and UI design principles.
Using the right tech stack, we set to work on developing an end-to-end solution while conducting continuous testing. Our specialists have the experience to work efficiently and accurately when creating an MVP.
We conduct extensive QA, both internally and with external users. We summarize and deliver results to you and take a collaborative approach to examining which areas can be optimized.
We want your product to succeed, so we provide marketing support for the product launch and in the aftermath. We also offer strong technical support, including proactive monitoring tools to neutralize potential threats.

Our Client Stories

Learn more about how our team helped clients develop projects using a wide range of tech stacks and different skills.
Mobile app development

After the successful development of a functional and user-friendly mobile application, notable benefits have emerged, enhancing the experience of users interacting with their digital fireplace:

  • Through careful development and optimization, the mobile application ensured smooth and reliable communication between the user’s device and the digital fireplace;
  • The intuitive interface and user-friendly features enabled seamless control and adjustment of various fireplace settings, such as temperature, flame intensity, and lighting effects;
  • Eradication of restrictions and connectivity issues improved the overall functionality and usability of the application, enhancing user satisfaction and eliminating frustration;
  • The visual elements, layout, and navigation have been redesigned to align with the new capabilities and ensure a cohesive and intuitive user experience;
  • Thanks to the modular development approach employed, the mobile application offers the flexibility to add new features at any time in the future;
  • The application enables easy and intuitive control, enhances the user interface, and offers the potential for future feature enhancements.
Full Case Study
Custom Software Development

After the development of cloud-based call center software to support the sales process with the outstaff service:

  • The cloud-based software provided a user-friendly interface and streamlined workflows, simplifying tasks and reducing manual efforts;
  • The advanced features and functionalities offered by the call center software allowed the sales team to manage and track customer interactions effectively;
  • The powerful software platform attracted and engaged potential customers, expanding the customer base and fostering long-term relationships with clients;
  • By incorporating call recording and consent management features, the call center software helped maintain adherence to legal requirements;
  • The automation and efficiency provided by the software optimized the sales process, enabling agents to handle more calls, reach a larger audience, and achieve higher sales targets;
  • The outstaff specialist provided expertise in areas the client’s internal team lacked and managed to increase their efficiency for this project.
Full Case Study

Why Choose Develux as your Custom Software Development Company?

Working with Develux’s custom software developers means that, as your custom software company, we ensure smooth cooperation from the very start. We do this through the following:

Honesty and trust are key to our working relationship. Develux's open-book model means that all expenses (salaries, expenses, office space, taxes) are presented up front without any surprises or additional checks later.
Talent mapping expertise
We carefully research all aspects of your project and use our knowledge of the current market to find and attract the right specialists, not only in the short term but also for each stage of development, taking into account the desired experience and skills.
Complete Confidentiality
Protecting client privacy and trade secrets is our top priority. We always sign NDAs to protect your business's personal data, project details, and intellectual property. After all, safe cooperation is what builds trusting relationships.
The professional team
All our candidates go through multiple interviews with senior professionals to determine their hard and soft skills and then undergo an internal test where they can demonstrate their work ethic. This allows recruits to experience the standards we uphold daily to provide the best custom software services.
Focused on each stage
From senior software engineers to designers and marketing managers, our multidisciplinary team is able to provide a variety of expert advice at every stage of the custom software development process.

Questions & Answers

Custom software solutions done correctly can give your enterprise the edge, which is why outsourcing to an expert company is such a practical move. Here are some areas you should be thinking about:

  • Budget: A cost-benefit analysis should be run to ensure that the end product will bring a noticeable boost to your business.
  • Functionality: If you have a clear and complex set of functions that commercial providers cannot meet, then customised software development is the solution.
  • Partnership: Schedule a call with a potential partner early to understand the company’s process and gauge their experience. Ask about the developer team’s size and consider whether this outsourced team would be a good fit with your existing employees. If not publicly available, ask to see a portfolio and testimonials.

Choosing a custom software development provider is an important decision. Here are things you should do to ensure that you make the right call:

  • Define your objectives, resources, budget, and timeframe: For the best chance of success, you need to be clear about your requirements and expectations. 
  • Look at a company’s portfolio and tech stack: You may not be a tech expert, but you can always estimate a company’s professionalism by viewing its portfolio and online presence. 
  • Get a price estimate early on: Try your best to ensure everything is laid out upfront. You don’t want to be hit with extra costs mid-project.
  • Ask for recommendations: Ask trusted associates to point you in the direction of competent developers.
  • Consider Culture: Choosing a region that matches your company’s work culture is best. Eastern Europe is popular for hardworking and values.
  • Think post-development: Ascertain whether your prospective company can deal with things like marketing and ongoing support after the launch of your application.

The custom software solution can vary widely, from a simple application serving a small business to a large, intricate, and scalable system designed for multinational conglomerates.

Some of the variants in price are down to the following factors:

  • Size of software and user base: Price can vary depending on the number of modules or screens an application has. 
  • Complexity: With applications, there are huge differences when it comes to complexity, which affects all stages of development, including testing and deployment. 
  • Location: Hiring software developers based in the UK or US will be more expensive than in other places.