Case Details


Tight deadlines

When looking for a company to entrust their project with, the client was most focused on two things: results and speed. Develux is used to quick transitions and was able to offer the best development timeline out of all the competitors. A quick start, modular development, and the professionalism of our software engineers ensured the client received quick and reliable results.

Lack of native customer equipment to test the software on

The development itself had to be done according to a strict and very specific set of requirements. After interviewing the client and getting to know their needs and expectations the new developer got to work. The goals set forth required an in-depth understanding of PHP. Here is the technology stack used by our specialist in tandem with PHP

Android platform flaws, creating certain
software roadblocks

The Android platform has some limitations that have been plaguing remote device users for quite some time now. A device that loses connection can not restore it unless the software is rebooted. Develux team identified the problem, did everything in their power to mitigate it, and informed the client of how and why it occurs.

Flexible task requirements

A flexible development approach implied that throughout this task Develux developers had to be ready for changes and tweaks as requested by the client. This came up several times throughout the development process. The task onboarding was changed almost entirely and we had to backtrack and redo some of the user interface to fit the new functionality. While this was certainly a challenge, it was nothing our specialists couldn’t handle. After discussing the changes with the client, we managed to direct the flow of the project in the direction they wanted. The end result speaks for itself.

The tools used for this particular project are simple yet efficient. They perfectly match the client's needs, and a skillful developer can use every single one of their features to deliver quality results. The IOS platform demanded a different stack of technologies. We have also used Fidma for design purposes on both platforms. Every single tool had a dedicated specialist that is very much familiar with its capabilities and can apply them to the fullest potential. Their individual skills, as well as efficient communication, made the end result possible.

After just several months, the Develux team created a visually pleasant and easy-to-use fireplace management application. We have kept in touch with the client all throughout the development process, which allowed them to keep in the loop and make adjustments and corrections on the fly.

The main concerns of our client were speed and cost-efficiency. By utilizing a modular approach to development, we have identified a number of features that would both make the app feel functional and complete and keep the development under the budget at the same time. And the best thing is – additional features can be added at any time in the future should the client decide to reach out to our developers again!

In the end, both our team and, more importantly, the client were more than satisfied with the work done. With testing underway.

Business Value
The app we developed promises to become one of the cornerstone elements of the Kreafeuer fireplace project. It significantly improved the user experience and has a lot of potential for growth, which we’d be happy to fulfill in the future, working with Kreafeuer engineers again.