If you want a high performing app that can enter the market quickly and reach a wider audience, consider cross-platform mobile application development.

  • Cost effectiveWork with a single team and see reduced development costs.
  • Quick delivery – Get a complete application out to market quicker.
  • Bigger audience – Don’t be limited by just one operating system.
  • Easy maintenance – Benefit from one codebase for easy updates across all devices.

Develux has a proven track record in developing fully functional customized hybrid applications that work effectively no matter the device. Utilizing the development frameworks React Native and Flutter, we can deliver a professional application that stands out from its competitors.

Choose Hybrid app development

Having created our own cross-platform application, we know exactly what expertise needs to go into every single stage of a successful project.

More rapid delivery

By using React Native, Xamarin or Flutter, mobile application development in Android and iOS only needs to be completed with a single code for both operating systems and can then undergo QA testing. This means increased speed of development, testing and then launch.

Lower costs

The single codebase used to create hybrid projects is extremely cost-effective. There is only one team in charge of the development, testing and maintenance of the application, meaning it is easier to know where to get support and information about updates.

Wider reach

It is obvious that the more platforms you cover, the greater your market reach. Businesses frequently go for hybrid development as it is deployed on multiple app stores and can therefore garner a wider audience.

No noticeable differences

In the end, all consumers want is a user-friendly and robust mobile application. Hybrid technology has undergone developments in recent years so that native app dominance in terms of UI and speed is now a thing of the past.

Easy A/B testing

Cross-platform applications make A/B testing a breeze. You can easily test new features via the web and with a small budget.

Our development cycle

Business Analysis
Once you get in touch we quickly define the scope of your project, record your exact requirements and set to work creating transparent and detailed cost estimates.
UX/UI Design
Our specialists create an overall design that best captures your target audience. We keep working until you are satisfied with the direction of the project.
Using up-to-date and advanced frameworks, tools and technologies, we set to work coding your application and its server-side components. With expert oversight and continuous testing, we make sure development is to the highest standard.
Our skilled software engineers are on board to thoroughly root out bugs and imperfections, while testing across all operating systems for full functionality.
Deployment and maintenance
We help you launch your application and then provide a dedicated team to run maintenance, proactively search for and fix bugs, and provide updates as they are required.

Connect with us

Hire a hybrid app developer today

Trusted developers

With all the tools, knowledge and skills to make a profound impact on your project, you can always be confident to hire cross-platform app developers through us. Outsourced employees work on their own territory and to a flexible schedule that we manage, while outstaffed employees work by your schedule and on your premises. Through consultation we can look at the best fit for your project.

Product development made easy

We do the heavy lifting and develop your customized mobile application from scratch. Utilizing our engineers, designers and managers we provide full cycle software development with clear milestones, realistic timelines, excellent support and 24/7 maintenance. What’s more, with our open book model, all costs are delivered up front.

Design your cross-platform app

Project estimate
With complete transparency we gather resources and itemize all costs so you can plan your expenses without any nasty surprises down the line.
Assessment of user needs
We undertake detailed research to understand exactly what the users in your sector require, and how your hybrid application can stand out from competitors.
Here we start to bring your product to life, locking in crucial elements but maintaining flexibility in the face of any required changes.
Mobile marketing
Our own in-house marketing team brings its expertise to make sure your cross-platform mobile application has maximum impact.

Questions & Answers

Cross-platform app dev is all about building one application that runs well on different operating systems (as opposed to creating different app versions for every platform). The point of this kind of app development is to appeal to a wider customer base.

Cross-platform app dev brings a whole host of advantages to businesses. For instance, the software can be launched simultaneously on all platforms, and you don’t need to hire a separate development team for each platform. Updates are easier, and you get a shorter time to profitability. And those are just a few of the many benefits!

When creating hybrid mobile apps, our developers use React Native and Ionic. These are both great options for cross-platform application development. The former is a mobile framework based on JavaScript and launched by Facebook. The latter is mainly based on Angular.js and offers complete Software Development Kits for building hybrid apps.

The cross-platform app dev timeframe primarily depends on the size and scope of your requirements – no two projects will have precisely the same timeframe. But, to get a better idea of how long your hybrid app development will take, simply set up a consultation. Let us know the requirements, and we’ll give you an estimated time to completion. If you have a specific date requirement, be sure to let us know.

At Develux, we specialize in custom projects, and we often work with existing teams and systems. Our goal is to build a collaborative, cooperative relationship that provides support to everybody involved. If your team members are stakeholders crucial to the project’s success, we would like to arrange a call with them early on in the process, so we can explore their ideas and remedy potential geographical limitations.