Our Technologies
Our team constantly masters new and relevant tech stacks and individually selects them for each project to provide customers with the most suitable solution in terms of productivity, efficiency, business goals and budget.
Fullstack Development
Software Development
In order to help clients achieve their business aims, our specialists choose tech stacks depending on project requirements such as scalability, real-time data processing needs, or the level of interactivity. Niche, launch speed, plans for the development of additional functionality and possibilities of budget distribution are also important aspects of tech stack choice.
PHP Frameworks
JavaScript Frameworks
Caching systems
Web Development
When choosing tech stacks for web development, we consider the required level of interaction with the user interface, the ability to handle a certain amount of traffic, the degree of security, and the time and cost of development. A deep understanding of these factors helps our team choose a technology package that best meets the client's needs.
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Video Editing
2D Animation
3D Animation
Vector Graphics and Images
Video Production
For the client to get the expected result, our specialists for video and picture editing choose programs depending on the required type of editing, difficulty level (simple framing or more complex 3D аnimation), the amount of material to be processed, the desired format and the cost of using editing applications.