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Why Your Business Needs a Technical SEO Agency

Your go-to person at any stage of your dealings with us.
Our project managers have experience with many different software solutions so that you can be assured of strong communication with the in-house team, adept risk management, relevant insights, and proper support.

All our candidates undergo multiple interviews with senior specialists to identify hard and soft skills, then an in-house trial where they can showcase their work ethic.

This gives recruits a taste of the standards we uphold every day to deliver our clients’ best.

From senior software engineers to designers and marketing managers, our multi-skilled team is able to provide various expert input at each stage of the development process.

Our multi-skilled team is able to provide various expert input at each stage of the development process.

Order a Technical SEO Audit

Get Award-Winning Technical SEO Consulting From Develux

Our approach to technical SEO auditing involves an in-depth analysis of many features, including your site’s speed, crawlability, accessibility, responsiveness, and navigational experience. Our SEO specialists are experienced in crawling complex facet structures and millions of URLs, managing site migrations, and providing smart propositions to address technical issues.

In a technical SEO audit from Develux, we’ll carry out hundreds of tests to identify any technical issues your site might have. We’ll prioritize our findings by urgency and use them to develop a comprehensive technical SEO plan.
Ongoing Monitoring
Technical SEO isn’t a one-and-done deal. Our technical SEO agency will review your Search Console weekly, regularly conduct release-based site crawls, and monitor your search engine results on an ongoing basis. Our technical SEO team will conduct release-based site crawls, weekly Search Console reviews and monitor search engine results pages.
When you migrate to a new site, there are plenty of chances for things to go wrong. To avoid your site launch being a flop, our technical SEO experts will provide you with clear project requirements, detailed pre-migration specifications, and post-launch site support.
Site Speed Audits
The longer your site takes to load, the higher your bounce rate will be. A slow site speed leads to a loss in potential revenue – to avoid this, our SEO experts will conduct speed audits and provide suggestions on how to optimize your site accordingly.
Technical SEO Consultant
Among our technical SEO services, we provide expert consultations and tailored business solutions. At Develux, we understand that each business and product is unique, which is why your technical SEO solution must also be unique. Our SEO specialists will work with you to design an SEO plan that meets all of your needs.
Mobile SEO
Google’s algorithm places a heavy emphasis on mobile-friendly sites. If a site isn’t up to par with Google’s mobile standards, its search engine results will certainly suffer. Our experienced technical SEO team can provide you with insight on how to better optimize your website for mobile users.

Benefits of Technical SEO Services From Develux

An SEO-optimized site has a very obvious core benefit: its ability to generate high-quality, well-paying, organic traffic. However, there are other benefits to having a site that follows SEO best practices and performs well in search engines. And these benefits are applicable to the business and site users alike! We’ll walk you through the benefits that getting services from a technical SEO agency can bring.

Better SEO Results

An optimized site = better SEO results. And better SEO results = a higher ROI, greater conversion rates, and increased user satisfaction! Technical SEO brings a whole array of benefits to boost your business.

Better User Experience

With each second your page takes to load, your bounce rate goes up. If you don’t want to lose valuable leads to slow loading time, our expert SEO service can help: boost your website performance

Better Conversion Rate

From a technical SEO perspective, a well-designed website is an excellent way to increase the overall conversion rate of each page. An SEO consultant can use keyword research to help the site rank higher and pull in relevant traffic.

Better Efficiency on Mobile Devices

Mobile devices account for about half of the global web traffic – thus, in order to appeal to the widest market, your site’s structure must be equipped to handle a significant amount of mobile traffic.

Leverage These Benefits Today!

Our Technical SEO Process

Make a Strategy
First, we’ll develop a technical SEO marketing plan, taking your business’ challenges and goals into account. This step includes determining which technical components are necessary for your audit.
Build a Foundation
After making a strategy, we’ll carry out plenty of research to build the foundation for your technical SEO efforts. This may include a full technical audit, website migration, penalty recovery, backlink analysis, keyword research, and more.
Deliver Results
Our technical SEO agency has partnered with hundreds of companies and improved their digital footprint. We’d love to help you achieve your business goals by implementing results-driven SEO strategies and providing ongoing maintenance. Bring your digital brand to life with Develux!

SEO Technical Auditing FAQs

Technical SEO services are used to improve your website in ways that help search engines crawl and index your site in a more effective manner, thus improving your organic rankings.

Yes, technical SEO is highly important; it’s what tells Google that your site has a high value. With good technical SEO, you’ll rank higher on search results – and not just that, but your visitors will have a better user experience.

If you’re interested in learning more about technical SEO and other ways to improve your website, check out the SEO section of our blog!