Case Details


Missing software:

Essential parts of the software were still to be developed to make the user experience more enjoyable and the functionality more practical.

Missing expertise:

With such a small in-house team available, the client didn’t have a specialist with the expertise to be able to comfortably take on all the tasks within the project.

Layered project tasks:

The project itself contained many layers that all had their own list of requirements and needed a personalized approach.

  • Researching

After analyzing all the needs of the project, we quickly identified the stack of expertise required for this project and set out to look for the specialist with the best fit. The client was looking for the fastest and most cost-efficient solution. And we were able to provide that, securing the contract.

The new recruits were fully briefed and maintained under the supervision of Develux, letting the client focus on their own team and showcasing the main advantages of our outstaffing.

  • Development

The development itself had to be done according to a strict and very specific set of requirements. After interviewing the client and getting to know their needs and expectations, the new developer got to work. The goals set forth required an in-depth understanding of PHP.

We managed to quickly locate and provide a top-notch specialist with the required skill set. They managed to take care of all the project tasks in a very short period of time. This new specialist provided expertise in areas the client’s in-house team was lacking and managed to seriously boost their performance for this particular project.

The integration in and out of the workflow was seamless thanks to the flexible work-frame Develux offers. Our outstaffing solutions allow our clients to inject additional experts into their workflow where needed and take them out just as easily without having to worry about any of the associated recruitment issues.


Thanks to the swift and efficient work of the specialists provided by Develux the project was finished on time yielding outstanding results. The product we developed dramatically increased contact and lead conversion rates while supporting TCPA compliance and demonstrated our ability to take on one-of-a-kind tasks with a very specific set of requirements.