Custom Software Development

After the development of cloud-based call center software to support the sales process with the outstaff service:

  • The cloud-based software provided a user-friendly interface and streamlined workflows, simplifying tasks and reducing manual efforts;
  • The advanced features and functionalities offered by the call center software allowed the sales team to manage and track customer interactions effectively;
  • The powerful software platform attracted and engaged potential customers, expanding the customer base and fostering long-term relationships with clients;
  • By incorporating call recording and consent management features, the call center software helped maintain adherence to legal requirements;
  • The automation and efficiency provided by the software optimized the sales process, enabling agents to handle more calls, reach a larger audience, and achieve higher sales targets;
  • The outstaff specialist provided expertise in areas the client’s internal team lacked and managed to increase their efficiency for this project.
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Custom Software Development

Creating a cross-platform Electron application for brand protection allowed to:

  • Verify the authenticity, and track the supply chain by linking QR codes to the product content;
  • Increase the involvement and loyalty of end consumers by giving them access to product information, promotions, and interactive features through the app;
  • Collect valuable data to improve business operations to make informed decisions and optimize marketing strategies;
  • Optimize the process of large-scale deployment of QR codes to facilitate efficient implementation across multiple products and locations, saving time and resources;
  • Create an API for SMS notifications, allowing us to send real-time updates and relevant information directly to consumers’ mobile devices;
  • Integrate these functions with the existing system, ensuring a seamless and unified experience for the brand and its consumers.
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