After conducting Search Engine Optimization for Cancer Consulting Center, our team saw good results for the client:

  • The SEO efforts had a direct impact on driving more organic traffic to the website, resulting in increased visibility and improved search engine rankings;
  • The continuous optimization of the website, along with the expanding keyword portfolio, contributed to the steady rise in clicks, generating valuable leads and potential customers for the company;
  • The implementation of SEO strategies, including improved keyword rankings and well-crafted written texts, played a pivotal role in boosting the company’s online visibility and driving significant increases in website clicks;
  • The upward trajectory in website traffic showcases the effectiveness of SEO services in improving online presence, expanding keyword rankings, and ultimately driving business growth;
  • After availing of SEO services, significant improvements were observed in their online visibility and click-through rates;
  • The extensive keyword coverage ensured the company’s website appeared prominently in relevant search queries, driving targeted traffic and expanding its online reach.
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As a result of our comprehensive SEO services, the client’s website underwent a remarkable transformation:

  • The positive impact was evident as the client not only regained their previous levels of website traffic but also experienced a substantial increase, soaring from 97,000 to an impressive 423,000 visitors;
  • The website’s conversion rate saw a notable improvement of 15%, indicating that the site was effectively engaging and converting visitors into customers;
  • We meticulously eliminated any technical glitches, streamlined unnecessary links, and eliminated ineffective redirects and guest posts;
  • With their website now ranking prominently in search engine results, the business became more visible to potential customers, resulting in a boost in inquiries, leads, and conversions;
  • We implemented a strategic approach to maintain the site’s high search engine rankings and sustain the acquired traffic;
  • To ensure the website’s continued success, the client received consistent and planned SEO support from our team, including monitoring the website’s performance, optimizing keywords, updating content, and adapting to algorithm changes.
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In conclusion, after the use of Search Engine Optimization by our specialists, the website of the clinic received positive dynamics:

  • Two months after addressing technical errors and optimizing the site’s loading speed, the client witnessed a significant improvement in site views.
  • The site’s semantic visibility experienced a notable boost following content updates and an enhancement in the expertise showcased by the authors.
  • The call conversion rate witnessed a significant improvement, jumping from 1% to an impressive 3%, demonstrating the tangible impact of our comprehensive approach in driving targeted traffic;
  • As part of our optimization efforts, we successfully increased the client’s positions in local publishing through the optimization of Google My Business;
  • The booking system integration enabled users to conveniently make appointments or reservations through the website, enhancing the client’s overall business operations and providing a seamless user experience;
  • The improved visibility in local search results profoundly impacted the client’s online presence, effectively attracting a higher volume of targeted traffic from their specific geographical area.
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