Video Production

In the process of long-term cooperation with Miacademy, the client received a fruitful result and well-organized work on an ongoing basis:

  • The past two years have been marked by a highly successful collaboration between Develux and Miacademy, resulting in the creation of over 700 outstanding videos;
  • Our dedicated team has taken the company’s video production to unprecedented levels, increasing its volume by an astounding two thousand times;
  • Throughout this journey, we have consistently demonstrated our commitment to delivering work of the highest quality, meeting deadlines with precision, and ensuring clear communication every step of the way;
  • As we continue to strengthen our partnership, Develux remains committed to surpassing the expectations of Miacademy and providing them with innovative and compelling video solutions;
  • We delivered on the unique vision and requirements of Miacademy, enabling us to consistently produce exceptional videos that resonate with their audience and drive their business objectives;
  • Client satisfaction reflects our ability to consistently exceed expectations, providing them with top-notch video content that effectively communicates their brand message and captivates their target audience
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Video Production

After years of fruitful collaboration, Develux has developed a deep understanding of the needs and requirements of our valued client:

  • Our extensive experience enables us to consistently deliver work that exceeds expectations, resulting in high client satisfaction and minimal post-completion revisions;
  • With a longstanding partnership spanning four years, we have become a trusted partner to our client, covering a wide range of their video production needs and catering to their individual preferences;
  • Whether our client needs promotional videos, instructional content, or any other type of video, we possess the necessary skills and resources to bring their vision to life;
  • Our unique approach allows us to seamlessly adapt to the client’s specific industry, brand identity, and target audience, ensuring that our work aligns perfectly with their existing strategies and objectives;
  • While we offer innovative ideas and insights, we always maintain a keen focus on the client’s vision and objectives, understanding the importance of staying within the client’s established direction and brand guidelines;
  • As we continue this successful partnership, Develux remains dedicated to delivering top-notch video production services that not only meet but exceed our client’s expectations.
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