Case Details
Customer expectations:

The client wanted to cooperate on an ongoing basis, improve the existing content of the online school and create a new one.

The objective of the project:

To create a pleasant-looking and interesting video based on the customer's script, thereby helping to attract more users.


The client provided the script and all the materials and with recordings of the actors and sometimes voice-overs, so we had to follow a clear brief.

Place of video posting:

On the online school website and personal internal site.

  • Arranged the material on the timeline and manipulated it in various ways (cutting and trimming clips to remove unwanted material, adjusting the color and exposure of individual clips, and adding visual effects such as transitions and filters);
  • Adjusted audio to balance levels of dialogue, music, and sound effects;
  • Removed background noise and added additional audio tracks to improve the overall sound impression;
  • Experimented with different cuts, angles, and visual effects to create a unique and memorable final product;
  • Sent the first draft of the video to the client and made changes according to his wishes.
  • In two years of cooperation, we created 700+ videos for Miacademy;
  • Our team increased the volume of production for this company by two thousand times;
  • We proved to the client that we do our work clearly and according to the deadlines;
  • Develux has built a strong working relationship with the company and now covers most of their video needs.
Business Value:
By producing visually appealing and captivating videos based on the quality script, the company's business effectively engaged and attracted a larger user base. This led to increased brand visibility, improved user engagement, and the potential for higher conversion rates.