Case Details
Customer expectations:

The client came with the goal of creating a set of videos: meetings, conferences, slide shows, and event reporting videos.

The objective of the project:

To create a video that will match the branding and field of this company and build an image among the public.


The client provided a large number of video materials, so they needed to be reviewed and organized.

Place of video posting:

On YouTube, closed client channels, websites, and newsletters.

  • Selected the best moments in the video to remove unwanted material and create a coherent story;
  • Collected the best moments on the timeline in the right order and adjusted the timing and pacing to create a seamless flow;
  • Added transitions and visual effects, such as color gradation or special effects, to enhance the visual impact of the video;
  • Adjusted audio levels, removed background noise, and added sound effects or music to create a balanced and engaging sound;
  • Added titles and animations for visual interest;
  • Sent the first draft to the client for review.
  • Due to long cooperation, our team clearly understands the needs and requirements of this client, so he is always satisfied with the work and rarely makes corrections after completion;
  • We have been cooperating with clients for four years and cover the entire range of needs and personal wishes for work;
  • The client needs different types of videos, which we can easily implement;
  • Our team approaches work creatively and does not go beyond the direction in which the client works.
Business Value
Сreating visually impactful videos that align with the client's branding and industry contributed to enhancing the client's brand reputation, increasing brand recognition, and fostering a favorable perception of their company among the target audience. This resulted in attracting and engaging a larger audience, building trust, and positioning the client as a reputable and influential player in their field.