Case Details
Customer expectations:

There was a desire to increase the number of site calls and thus get more customers.

The objective of the project:

To implement a technical audit, conduct on-page and off-page optimization, and apply link building to increase traffic.


The website did not meet the required algorithm standards. Efforts were needed to address the technical aspects of the website and ensure compliance with algorithm standards, enabling improved organic traffic and enhanced online presence.

  • Analyzed the structure of the site, conducted a technical audit, and found critical problems in the technical part of the site;
  • Found inaccuracies that cause conversion errors;
  • Checked compliance with site security standards and the PoA algorithm (whether this information is maintained by professionals with medical education or published by doctors);
  • Made a starting cut of site positions and semantic visibility;
  • After discussing the strategy, fixed technical errors, added internal re-inking, and started working with the clinic’s reference profile and the authors’ expertise;
  • Added a booking system for the site.
  • Two months later, the positive dynamics of site views began after correcting technical errors and speeding up the site loading.
  • The site’s semantic visibility improved after updating the content and upgrading the authors’ expertise.
  • As a result, after eight months of promoting the site, the site traffic increased four times, and call conversion rose from 1 to 3 percent.
  • Two months later, online entries began to appear after the booking system was added to the site.
  • The site is currently under our maintenance, so we ensure that the traffic remains high and update the content frequently.
  • Positions in local publishing increased thanks to optimizing Google My Business.
Business Value:
Through resolving technical errors and optimizing site loading speed, the client observed a notable increase in site views, accompanied by enhanced semantic visibility resulting from content updates and the elevation of authors' expertise. Furthermore, implementing a convenient booking system facilitated the generation of online entries, and our dedicated maintenance efforts ensured a steady flow of high traffic.