Case Details
Customer expectations:

Our client needed the development of a custom CRM solution. This platform will enable their global user base to find and hire freelancers quickly, conveniently, and securely.

The objective of the project:

To focus on reliability, speed, and ease of use of CRM system and take into account several unique needs to support the operation of the platform, for example, segmentation of communication channels between types of users.


Since this CRM system required the development of many complex functions, the project was divided into several key phases. Each step was focused on creating specific modules and functions for the final product.

  • Developed live chat systems in CRM that brings together clients, freelancers, and our client’s team to facilitate communication and support users;
  • Focused on 3 key areas: reliability, speed, and ease of use;
  • Developed a list of essential features: multiple chat channels, customer support, support for online and offline messaging, group chats, admin functions, and message filtering;
  • Set up a notification system that should support email notifications, in-app notifications, and SMS notifications that can be easily integrated with third-party software.
  • Develux successfully developed the last two stages of our client’s CRM project.
  • The notification system automatically informs users and allows administrators to change or improve notifications quickly.
  • In addition, communication between all parties is now greatly improved with an internal chat system.
  • We have combined the platform’s function modules into one harmonized system.
Business Value
The company will benefit from enhanced customer relationship management capabilities by implementing a customized CRM system, including an internal chat system and notifications. This will enable them to communicate effectively with customers, promptly address their queries, and provide personalized support, increasing customer satisfaction and retention.