AngularJS is an open-source web development framework that allows developers to quickly and accurately develop modern and scalable cross-platform applications. With a large community, it is constantly being refined to assist developers in giving users the optimal web experience.

Top features:

  • Declarative User Interface
  • Scalable & minimal code
  • Advanced security features
  • Easy to maintain
  • Improved design architecture
  • Enterprise level testing
  • Interactive web apps

For experienced and assured AngularJS web development, look to our team. Located in a country that boasts the sixth largest community of Angular developers in the world, we can quickly find dedicated specialists of any seniority level to build your custom project.

Our AngularJS Services

Why Angular?

The websites of PayPal and Upwork, as well as Gmail are great advertisements for AngularJS. With this web application framework, developers can create powerful, navigable and scalable applications that reliably serve billions of users. Maintained by Google and a community of individual developers, it simplifies the development and testing of applications. Roughly 95% of all websites use JavaScript, and by using AngularJS, technicians can take advantage of a development process that makes prototyping apps easier, no matter the size or complexity. With Angular developers in high demand, we are here to assist.

AngularJS Consulting and Development

With expertise in project management, business analysis, marketing, design, architecture and quality assurance capabilities, we leverage AngularJS to build an intricate but user-friendly mobile or web application to your unique specifications. Using angular development we can build an app from the ground up with a fully fledged team, or provide just the right specialist to modernise a current application, keeping you ahead of your competitors.

What AngularJS Services Does Develux Offer?

AngularJS Design

When you hire AngularJS developers from Develux, our specialists will ensure that your solution has an excellent end-user experience and stunning visuals. The developers on our Angular team are excited to create a creative solution that meets your requirements!

AngularJS Development

We have embraced all of AngularJS as our front-end technology. Our team of experienced AngularJS developers implements web apps for organizations of any size. Our solutions made with Angular technologies are highly reliable, secure, and scalable.

AngularJS Consulting

With consulting services from Develux, you’ll get expert insight into your next AngularJS project. Our consultancy team will suggest application development that is highly compliant with JS markups and is standardized with the market. Get the most out of this great framework with strategies from our experienced team.

AngularJS Custom Solutions

If you need a niche app, our Angular team will be happy to make your vision a reality. We offer bespoke AngularJS development and work closely with you to ensure every aspect meets your requirements and aligns with your business goals. Ditch off-the-shelf solutions and get a custom-tailored solution!

AngularJS Support

Our AngularJS developer team vigilantly checks your software for bugs and fixes them with reactive development. Your Angular technologies solution will include remote troubleshooting, in addition to basic usability and installation assistance.

AngularJS Maintenance

Our AngularJS developer team vigilantly checks your software for bugs and fixes them with reactive development. Your Angular technologies solution will include remote troubleshooting, in addition to basic usability and installation assistance.

Our Hiring Strategy

We are firmly established in the IT market, which makes us an experienced and dependable outsourcing partner. Hire AngularJS developers through us, knowing that you will get an experienced and properly vetted recruit, exactly when you need them. Once you contact us, we set into motion our hiring process:

Initial request and interview

Schedule a free consultation, so we can learn about the scope and intricacies of your project. With this understanding, we narrow down potential candidates. We employ an up front open-book model when estimating costs such as salaries, rental space, taxes and other expenses.

Candidate selection and screening

We leverage the knowledge and contacts of our in-house team to find highly-qualified developers and then conduct multiple interviews with them, testing hard (technical) and soft (interpersonal) skills.

Approval and In-House Trial

While we handle the logistics of finding candidates, you get the final say with a client interview. Once you give the green-light, we run an in-house trial, which makes us unique amongst our competitors. We believe the only way of ensuring a candidate is up to the mark is by stress testing them in an authentic development environment.

Ongoing support

We onboard new developers and stay in close contact to provide support to all parties, meaning you can continue to focus on the big picture.

Work with us

Reasons to choose Develux

Businesses from all over the world choose us as their custom AngularJS development company because we exhibit knowledge, dedication and professionalism while keeping client needs front and center. This assures a quick build and efficient delivery of services using agile AngularJS design and development practices.

Here are some of the other ways we deliver value:

  • A range of specialists, such as business analysts and UX/UI designers.
  • Competitive rates for AngularJS developers and architects.
  • Full cycle development, including diligent QA testing.
  • Strong credentials in HTML5 mobile project delivery.
  • Expertise in HTML5 frameworks: SproutCore, AngularJS, Ember.js & PhoneGap.
  • Platform migration & re-engineering services.
  • The ability to rapidly find new quality recruits for any project.

Delivering the best for our clients

An American based company engaged Develux to create a custom CRM. They wanted to boldly enter the freelance industry with a revolutionary platform. See the results here:

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Questions & Answers

Yes, we can find and onboard quality developers in less than 10 days!

We boast a group of talented developers with a wealth of experience from all seniority levels. From junior developers to senior managers, we can get the right person started with your team.

Of course! On staff we have an Agile consultant who tests developers’ skills during their in-house trial.

At Develux, we have a team of talented, experienced AngularJS developers who are dedicated to creating results-oriented solutions with the latest Angular technologies. When you get such solutions from Develux, you can rest assured that you’ll receive a future-ready product at your budgeted cost. And, of course, you’ll benefit from working with a premier software development company: clear communication, transparent reporting, flexible pricing, team models, and much more.

Some common uses that our Angular development company excels in include creating Rich Internet Applications, Single Page Applications, Progressive Web Applications, and dynamic websites. AngularJS is excellent for writing cleaner code and producing rich, dynamic, and fast content. The smooth, fast experience of Angular JS is largely due to its data-binding, meaning that data sources are taken from the consumer and provider.

If you’re looking to hire an AngularJs developer, it’s essential to check that they have the right skills. At Develux, our developers thoroughly understand the Angular framework (as well as HTML5 and JavaScript), have experience with Node Package Manager, can work with JS and CASS methods with visual effects having a frame rate over 30fps, and can use Angular Command Line Interface.

Are you ready to use the services of Develux, the premier AngularJS development company? It couldn’t be easier. Simply fill out our contact form with an overview of your project. We’ll schedule a one-on-one session and delve deeper into your requirements.