Case Details
Customer expectations:

The app should perform the three main tasks of check-in, check-out, and receiving a door key code that can be sent to a mobile phone.

The objective of the project:

To develop an application for a hotel that will perform a list of functions through a terminal.


The client had an idea of what the application should be and provided the UX design so that our team could implement all the conceived plans following a precise schedule.

  • Analyzed the slides provided by the client and discussed all the nuances and the questions that arose;
  • Determined with the programming language and the connection way with the database and the server;
  • Discussed all conditions related to app adaptability;
  • Created a design according to the client’s layout;
  • Integrated API for connecting to the server;
  • Implemented the list of interface elements into separate variables so that the client could change them independently;
  • Created a guide for using the application;
  • Tested the application for inaccuracies and bugs.
  • Our team implemented all the client’s wishes and implemented the planned functionality;
  • We met the deadlines, so the client received the finished project on time;
  • Specialists encrypted the password system with accesses so that it was impossible to crack;
  • The application has become useful during the entire stay of customers in the hotel because it not only searches for a reservation, settles, and provides a key but also collects all additional services in a bill so that it is convenient to pay for everything when leaving the hotel;
  • We created the application in such a way that the client can use it in different hotels while independently editing the details or photos of the hotel in an easy way;
  • The client decided to further expand the application and its functions together with our team.
Business Value
The client's wishes and the planned functionality were successfully implemented by our team, resulting in a fully functional and individual solution. The application significantly enhanced the customer experience throughout their entire stay at the hotel. It streamlined various processes, simplifying booking and check-in procedures and consolidating additional services into a single bill for seamless payment at check-out. These improvements not only increased convenience and efficiency for the hotel but also have the potential to attract and retain more loyal customers in the future.