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What is Custom Software Development?

Custom software development is the oldest line of business of our company. For many years of successful work in this area, we have accumulated huge experience in implementing custom projects of varying degrees of labor intensity, science and complexity: from small programs for the automation of small business to large enterprise management systems.
Invent, build, scale, innovate, or streamline your digital applications with us. We understand the unique challenges of today's technological landscape and have the expertise to help you succeed.
Whether it’s building custom software, supporting an existing system, or streamlining legacy applications, our team of experts will deliver quality results.
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Custom Software Services

Our technological offerings

Web Application

We understand the significance and impact of digital transformations. A set of future-proof web-based apps will keep your business relevant and profitable

Quality Assurance

Develux's project management style implements ongoing administrative and procedural checks, to maintain the quality and integrity of our custom software services.

Mobile Application Development

The business world is always in motion, so don’t fall behind. Let Develux turn your project into a global powerhouse with cutting edge, easy-to-use mobile apps

UI/UX Design

A striking design is the key to grab and maintain your clients’ attention. We will design a unique, immersive, and intuitive experience for your brand.

Data & Analytics

Successful business outcomes depend on how you gather, visualize, and process data. We will create data analytics solutions to produce optimal insights and better results.

Business Automation

Your brand needs to keep moving even when you unwind. Automation equals greater uptime, more persistent visibility, and greatly enhanced revenue.

Our Software Development Cycle

Simple process, complex results

Define the
Project Scope


Sign an NDA

Assign a Custom Software Developers


Estimate Required Resources



Launch and Support

Facts About Us

Our stats and our results


Hours of Coding


Developers in-house


Software Products Released


Apps Launched


You delegate, we innovate

Modern Technologies

We have forged a solid alliance with modern technology, using state-of-the-art solutions to enhance, optimize, and expand your business' reach and revenue.

Professional, multi-skilled team

Your project is our #1 priority and focus. Our work ethic is demonstrated through our results, not just promises. We’ll get the job done, on time, on budget, and on point.

Cost-saving Balance

We use state-of-the-art computer systems to create and produce optimal, innovative results that stand at the vanguard of technology.

Efficient PM Flow

Just like a good story, a project has a beginning and an end. Develux understands this and offers end-to-end project management flow until you achieve your goals.

Innovative Equipment

We use state-of-the-art computer systems to design and produce optimal, innovative custom software that stand at the vanguard of technology.

24/7 Support  & Communication

The business world never sleeps, and neither do we. Your project lives and breathes 24/7, because Develux’s support framework ensures you can reach us at any time.
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Case Studies

The digital age is a new frontier of opportunity. Let’s conquer it together

Develux Insights

The digital age is a new frontier of opportunity. Let’s conquer it together.
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Digital Marketing

Guide to Video Marketing Part 2: Production and Analysis

Aug 25, 2020
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What our clients are saying about us

Jeff Cook

CTO at Devsly

Develux did an incredible job with our iOS and Android app. We wanted a new way to serve customer needs and add value to the service. The app is amazing and our customers love it! Develux continues to provide support and we have already hired them back for version 2.

Julie Foster

HR manager at StaffGenie

My department was initially skeptical of using an outsourced team, but Develeux’s professionalism was phenomenal. In HR, ensuring a productive, safe, and cooperative work environment is crucial. But the team’s expectations were met and exceeded in each of these areas. Our staff continues to enjoy the efficient, friendly, and collaborative atmosphere offered by Develux.

Jeffrey McMichael

CEO at TaxDrive

To put it simply, Develux saved our project. Our department needed a knowledgeable contractor that could quickly assess a technical crisis and take decisive action. That’s exactly what the experts at Develux accomplished. We absolutely could not have succeeded without their help!

Gregory Lopez

Director of Technology at DataTent

Develux delivered quality work on time and on budget. Our company maintained three legacy systems which were draining resources and causing constant logistics issues. Their team created a new platform which unified and streamlined DataTent’s operations. Develux saved us time and money, while creating a far more efficient system.

Thomas Brodeur

CEO at B4Teen

Our startup aimed to build a game changing app, but we were out of our league. My team knew the market, just not the technology. So we partnered with Develux and they turned our idea into a fantastic product!

Jack DuRoque

IT Manager at Calculy

When I told my CEO I wanted to outsource to save money, he was worried about timezone issues, language barriers, and work quality. Develux offered us assurances and they were true to their word! We had a wonderful working relationship, received a great product, and  even reduced our budget. Do yourself a favor and have a conversation with the folks at Develux.

Meet Our Team

This is Develux. Let’s get acquainted.
Chief Technical Officer
Petr G.
Senior Front-end Developer
Denis K.
Senior Front-end Developer
Roman O.
Senior Back-end Developer
Ivan K.
UI/UX Team Lead
Andrew D.
Senior System Analyst
Serhii K.
Senior Back-end Developer
Michael S.
Business Development Officer
Max Polinskyi
Senior Front-end Developer
Valeria L.
Full Stack Developer
Dima D.
Anton F.
Web Marketing Analyst
Mikhail S.
Middle Front-end Developer
Maria I.
HR manager
Senior Android Developer
Anastasia I.
Middle Android Developer
Dasha V.
Senior iOS Developer
Sergey Y.
Middle iOS Developer
Julia S.
Project Manager
Kate B.
Anastasia Z.
Sales Assistant
Alpha E.
Artem S.
QA Engineer
Dmitry K.
UI/UX Designer
Vlad R.
UI/UX Designer
Sergey B
UI/UX Designer
Bogdan S.
UI/UX Designer
Vadim P.
Senior Front-end Developer
Anna B.
Middle Front-end Developer
Kseniya Y.
Python Software Engineer
Alex M.
Python Software Engineer
Ivan M.
Middle Back-end Developer
Yuri Y.
Middle Back-end Developer
Bogdan E.
Senior Back-end Developer
Alex K.
Middle Back-end Developer
Naum N.
QA Engineer
Elena A.
QA Engineer
Denis U.
Project Manager
Marina S.
Sales Assistant
Corrie N.
Project Manager
Monica S.
Sales Assistant
Rachel S.
Middle Android Developer
Alexandra E.
Full Stack Developer
Denis L.
Project Manager
Alex F.
Middle Front-end Developer
Kate Z.
Project Manager
Maryana K.

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