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Having developed our own product system from scratch, we know how to create personalized software solutions.
Custom Software Development with Develux
Within an efficient development cycle, we can address all your needs, from improving internal processes to upgrading client-facing services within intuitive software. Outsourcing to an agile and driven team can mean you get a quality product built to your specifications and without the price tag. Choose Develux for custom software development to break free from commercial vendors and reap the benefits of a tailor-made system.
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Client Issue

Lagging and muddled business process

Inefficient processes can result in wasted time, energy and affect the cohesiveness of a workplace.

Poor customer engagement

This can quickly cause client desertion in favor of competitors.

Lack of expertise

Most businesses don’t have a set of highly-experienced professionals on call.

Slow hiring process

When trying to grow your business, every second count in the IT-sphere.

Our Solution

Sped-up delivery of a superior product

We can quickly and affordably provide a product that increases efficiency, transparency and drives collaboration across departments.

Enhanced product to drive engagement

Our custom software development service finds improvements and integrates them into your existing ecosystem, making your product more user-friendly and effective.

A pro team

We are here to fill your skill gap with a motivated and knowledgeable team ready to develop your application.

Rapidly scaled business

Get a suite of specialists on a short or long-term contract basis in less than 10 days.

Our Software Development Cycle

Here's a step by step overview of our process:

Idea Validation

We work with you to define which areas of your business can be improved and then run a proof of concept to determine if the proposed model is feasible. Through robust communication, we fine-tune the proposal to your specific requirements and set realistic milestones for project completion. The more information we get, the better we can design your product.


Product Design

Our in-house team’s expertise spans all areas of custom software design. We make sure our prototype model encompasses all the necessary parameters while remaining firmly aligned with advanced UX and UI design principles.


Using the right tech stack, we set to work developing an end-to-end solution while conducting continuous testing. Our specialists have the experience to work with great efficiency and accuracy when creating an MVP.



We conduct extensive QA testing, both internally and with external users. We summarize and deliver results to you and take a collaborative approach to examining which areas can be optimized. Custom software engineering means that we can continue to make tweaks until you are 100% satisfied that your company’s future application matches your vision.


We want your product to succeed, which is why we provide marketing support both for the product launch and in the aftermath. We also offer strong technical support that includes employing monitoring tools to proactively neutralize any potential threats. This assistance extends to after-hours for unforeseen circumstances. If you report a problem, we isolate and resolve it ASAP.


Making Your Vision

Ready to realize your product vision? Our experienced software development team is here to field your queries and deliver services according to your unique business needs.
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Our Technological Expertise

We build dedicated developers teams, who are perfectly tailored to your needs! Here are the teams of experts we can build for you

Customized Software Development With Us

Working with Develux’s custom software developers means:

Special offer for startups

We want to nurture startup growth, which is why we offer startups 300 hours of our services for free on a 12-month contract. Get your project off to a lightning-fast start and use the money you save to invest in other parts of your business.


Honesty, and trust is central to our working relationships. Develux’s open book model means that all costs (salaries, expenses, office space, taxes) are presented upfront, with no surprises later on.

Talent mapping expertise

We thoroughly research all aspects of your project and use our knowledge of the current market to find and acquire relevant specialists - not just in the short term but for every stage of development.

Complete Confidentiality

Protecting a client's privacy and their trade secrets is our top priority. We always sign an NDA to safeguard your business' private data, project details, and intellectual property.

Dedication From Day One

In hiring us as your custom software company, we ensure smooth cooperation from the very start.
We do this through:
Dedicated Project Manager:
Your go-to person at any stage of your dealings with us. Our project managers have experience with many different software solutions so that you can be assured of strong communication with the in-house team, adept risk management, relevant insights, and proper support.
Foundation built on teamwork:
All our candidates undergo multiple interviews with senior specialists to identify hard and soft skills, then an in-house trial where they can showcase their work ethic. This gives recruits a taste of the standards we uphold every day to deliver our clients' best.
Focus at every stage:
From senior software engineers to designers and marketing managers, our multi-skilled team is able to provide various expert input at each stage of the development process.
Development With You at the Heart

Develux’s scalable architecture, rapid development, sleek UX design, and effective collaboration will give you the software solution to gain and retain clients or streamline internal business processes with ease.

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Need to hire a team quickly to meet your goals? Select Develux as your outsourcing partner. Our driven technicians are primed to fill a skill gap or take on an entirely new project.
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