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At Develux, the premier SEO content strategy agency, we keep vetted content writers on hand who are well-versed in dozens of business categories. Our seamless workflow lets us meet your content marketing needs, so you can stay relevant, build trust with your target audience, grow traffic, and, ultimately, foster a long-term buyer’s journey.

Content Writing Services
Content Writing Services
Content Writing Services
Content Writing Services
Content Writing Services
Content Writing Services

Our SEO Content Marketing Services


Developing an Effective SEO Content Marketing Strategy

When you order SEO content writing services from Develux, we follow a tried-and-true multi-step process:

  • We’ll develop a custom-tailored content strategy to meet your business needs and align with your brand’s values.
  • We’ll do deep research into your buyer’s persona, learning about what kind of content is most relevant to your target audience.
  • Our SEO specialists will conduct keyword research, so we can be sure that your content will not only be relevant to your current audience but that it will also reach more potential buyers.  
  • Our marketing strategists will schedule an editorial calendar using the information above; you’ll be able to see at a glance what topics we’ll cover and when.
  • Lastly, before we publish any type of content, we’ll send it to you for approval.

Writing On-Page Content

On-page content should be written to stand the test of time – it should be high-quality, informative, and SEO-optimized. When our website content writers create on-page content for your site, the deliverables are sure to be:

  • Written in a classic manner (still relevant years from now)
  • SEO-backed (keywords are integrated, but not stuffed)
  • High-quality (informative and free of errors)

Writing pages for your site is a task that should be taken very seriously, and we treat it with the utmost respect. Each page is crafted in a way that ensures you rank higher on Google for your targeted keywords. Bring in readers with strong SEO, and keep them on your site with quality content!


Writing About Products

Product copywriting shouldn’t just list the specifications of your goods or services. The content should go deeper than that. Our marketing service specialists strive to tell a story through persuasive copywriting. By using the power of emotion and beautiful writing (and, of course, backing it up with facts about the product), we show potential customers the true value that your brand can bring them.

What You’ll Get

Our content writers are passionate about their craft, which greatly shows in the end results. When you order content writing services from Develux, you’ll receive product copywriting that is unique, persuasive, and sets you apart from your competitors.


Writing Blog Posts

Blogs have become trusted resources of information on the internet, and Develux is here to help you leverage that. Our content strategy agency will help you carve out a digital space for yourself as an industry leader and expert. Our blog posts are written to solve real problems that your potential customers have.

What You’ll Get

When you order blog content creation services from us, we’ll do research to determine what your customers are searching for – what questions and problems they have. We’ll create industry-leading content that stands out from the crowd.

Get Traffic Gains

The internet might be oversaturated with blogs, but high-quality blog content is few and far between. With content from Develux, you’ll be able to grow your authority – and every single post is SEO optimized, so you’ll see gains in traffic as well.


Writing Press Releases

Press releases might have old-school roots, but they are just as relevant in the modern, digital age. A press release remains one of the best ways to share noteworthy news about your business with stakeholders, both online and offline.

When you order press release SEO content writing services from Develux, we will craft informative content about your news, distribute it through multiple channels, and push it to traditional media outlets.

Get Quality Content

Blog posts, press releases, on-page content; you name it, we’ll write it. Order high-quality, SEO-optimized texts from Develux and boost your content marketing strategy!

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Our Content Marketing Process



  • Audit of your website’s current content.
  • Deep dive to determine which gaps need to be filled.
  • Keyword research to determine where you are ranked on search engines for major keywords.
  • Identification of new keywords that our content writers should incorporate into your on-page texts.
  • Analysis of your competitors’ content: we’ll see what is working for them and assess their rank for the same keywords.


Now that we’ve compiled all of the necessary research, the next step in our content creation service is to develop a comprehensive strategy that compiles our insights, recommendations, and success roadmap.

We want our web content creation to strike a chord with each member of your target audience, so we take the time to develop a deep strategy by:

  • Identifying your specific buyer personas.
  • Developing an editorial calendar that contains a publishing schedule and possible topics – for your approval, of course.
  • Taking all of your content channels into account; we’ll develop a synergistic balance to ensure that the individual elements of your content strategy work together to foster a successful customer journey.

Creating Content

  • Conducting comprehensive research into the topic.
  • Developing a content brief that explains the topic, the target audience, the addressed phase of the buyer’s journey, and any other relevant details.
  • You’ll review and approve the brief, and our dedicated website content writers will make the plan a reality.
  • After the content is written, as part of our web content creation services, we’ll review the texts to make sure it meets our standards. We’ll check it for grammar, spelling, and SEO, but, of course, you get the final say on if any revisions are necessary. And, if so, we are happy to make adjustments.

Publishing Content

  • After you’ve approved the content writer’s work, we’ll publish the text for you.
  • We’ll publish blog articles on your blog page, and we’ll use professional templates to publish long-form content in PDF format.
  • Press releases will be pushed through to multiple channels, including traditional publishers.

Analytics and Reporting

Well-written content should bring in leads, which is why we monitor your texts after publication. Our content marketing agency:

  • Keeps a close eye on analytics to determine which content strategies are working and which ones need to be adjusted.
  • Regularly provides you with reports that explain the results of our content.
  • Suggests the “next steps” for your content marketing plan.

Get SEOContent Marketing Services From Start to Finish

From research to planning, content creation to analytics, we’ll handle your content marketing strategy from start to finish. Reach out today for a consultation.

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Questions & Answers

Can't find here? Contact Us.

How do you measure content marketing results?

When you invest in a content marketing service, it is crucial to track results to determine your return on investment (ROI). At Develux, we make this easy by providing transparent analytics and regular reporting. We can track website traffic, bounce rate, social shares, conversion rates, and average time to close, among other metrics.

What type of content should my business publish?

The right balance of content differs from business to business – however, most companies publish a few different types of core content. Articles and blog posts tend to be around 1,000 words, whereas whitepapers and case studies are quite a bit longer. Videos and infographics help to convey concepts that are tricky to explain via text.

Depending on your brand’s goals, you might use a couple of types of content or all of them. During the research and strategy phases, our content marketing company will help determine which content formats are right for you.

When will I start seeing results from SEO content creation services?

The best SEO content marketing companies don’t promise overnight results. Content creation is a long-term strategy; you’ll definitely see new leads and more social shares within the first couple of months, but your prioritized goals should be long-term. We write high-quality content that will provide value, generate leads, and build loyalty for years to come.

What kinds of businesses do you write for?

Our content marketing agency can create texts for small, mid-sized, and large businesses in any industry. From tech companies to retail stores, major consumer brands to service-oriented businesses: content marketing can enable you to reach your target audience. B2B and B2C companies alike benefit greatly from dedicated content marketing strategies.

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