Our law firm SEO services are carried out by experts in the field: we understand how to get your brand noticed online and boost your web traffic. And not just that – we know how to make your site intuitive and enjoyable to use, transforming site visitors to clients.

Law firms and lawyers tend to have full caseloads and likely don’t have time to market their services. This is especially the case with smaller firms, which often have tight budgets that are allocated to more pressing projects. Thus, marketing falls by the wayside.

In fact, the American Bar has revealed that up to 40% of law firms don’t even have a website – and of those that do have a site, 35% of them have not been updated in 3+ years. This data indicates that a large portion of law firms don’t place a high priority on digital marketing. But when visibility is the key to a law firm’s success, it’s isn’t wise to completely ignore digital marketing strategies. So, what do you do when you are a small firm with a limited budget and no time to spend on marketing efforts?

Hiring an SEO company for your law firm is a great place to start. When you work with a law firm SEO company, you get to enjoy the benefits that a highly optimized digital presence brings – without wasting any of your valuable time.

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Our SEO for Lawyers Services

Law Firm SEO Services - Keyword Research and Strategy

With solid keyword targeting, you can reach the right people at the right time. A dedicated keyword strategy is a core component of any SEO for lawyers campaign: keyword research shows you which queries prospective clients are searching for. Develux will uncover what your target audience is searching for and ensure that your site shows up on the search results for those keywords.

Link Building

Linkbuilding is an essential but often ignored component of good SEO. In essence, linkbuilding is the process of getting backlinks to your website content from authoritative sites. When you have a strong portfolio of backlinks from reputable websites, you will rank higher on search engine rankings, thus bringing in more traffic and getting exposure to a higher number of prospective clients. Building links is a time-consuming process and often requires careful negotiation, but our SEO for law firm agency is well-versed in it.

Content Creation

Every marketing campaign needs content – whether it’s text for your blog posts, web pages, emails, social media posts, and so on. We offer content creation as one of our law firm SEO services. We work with a team of expert law firm SEO writers who are passionate about creating relevant, engaging, SEO-optimized marketing content. Provide your readers with content of substance; we create texts that are helpful and beautiful, not just stuffed with keywords.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO plays a huge factor in your search engine visibility. To make it easier for future clients to find your site, Develux offers on-page search engine optimization as one of our law firm SEO services. Some of the areas we address include optimizing headlines, HTML tags, and images. We’ll also do a content audit and examine your internal linking.

Landing Page Conversion Boost

Getting people to click through to your law firm’s website is great – but getting them to take action is an entirely different matter. Our SEO experts offer landing page conversion optimization to transform visitors into paying clients. We’ll add relevancy and value to your landing page’s CTA, showing visitors exactly why they should choose to work with your law firm. We’ll also make sure that your landing page loads quickly, is accessible and straightforward.

Local SEO

As part of our search engine optimization for lawyers, we focus on improving your website’s local SEO. This way, people in your region will find you – not people on the other side of the world. When your business comes to the top of a location-based search, you’ll get more leads. Our law firm SEO experts will improve your local SEO by optimizing your site for Google My Business, ensuring your contact details are consistent, adding location pages to your site, creating local content, obtaining local backlinks, and more.

Technical SEO

With today’s lightning-fast digital landscape, your law firm website will fall behind if it has a slow loading time. For each second your site pages take to load, you’ll lose more and more prospective clients. This is where technical SEO for law firms comes into play. Our experts will examine your site’s performance, indexation, and crawlability, figuring out what exactly is holding your site back from its full potential.

Why Clients Choose Develux

We understand that each business, law firm, and service is different, which is why we work with each client to develop a custom SEO marketing strategy. Develux understands the challenges of digital marketing; it’s a rapidly evolving landscape, but we help our clients overcome SEO challenges with beautiful, innovative campaigns. We don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to law firm SEO services. Through data-driven strategies, personalization, and close collaboration, Develux will help you achieve real results.

We Actually Deliver
Some SEO agencies make wild promises: huge profits and 500% increases in web traffic in just a couple of days. This is unrealistic and often results from scammy practices. When you work with Develux, we will be upfront with you about what results you can expect from our search engine optimization for lawyers. And then, we actually deliver. Throughout the process, we monitor our progress and figure out which areas need improvement. We deliver data-driven results, keeping you up-to-speed with reports the whole way.
We Focus on Clients Needs
Develux has a completely customer-centric business model. When you work with us, you’ll know that you’re the center of our focus. Our SEO specialists work with clients, collaborating to explore solutions, solve challenges, and make crucial decisions. When you get law firm search engine optimization from Develux, it’s a true partnership – we’ll work together every step of the way to ensure that you achieve your goals.
We Are Transparent
At Develux, we stick to the facts: no embellishment here. When we present our SEO for law firm reports, we’ll present you with the whole picture. Get thorough, honest information about your SEO for lawyers campaign.
We Are Data-Driven
Law firm search engine optimization doesn’t work if you take a one-size-fits-all approach. Rather than applying the same “package” of services to each client, we instead conduct deep research you’re your niche. We use that insight to help us make decisions on SEO strategies.
We Meet Deadlines
At Develux, we pride ourselves on always meeting deadlines. We understand that you have your own schedule to follow, so we get our work done on time. And throughout the process, we keep you informed on where we’re at in the law firm SEO services.

Boost Your Law Firm Search Results

Questions & Answers

The majority of website traffic comes from organic search, and lawyer search engine optimization will enable your site to get better search results. By showing up higher on Google search results, you’ll get more clicks to your site. Then, our on-page SEO provides them with a better site experience, so they are more likely to stay on the page and become a paying client.

SEO for law firms is a long-term strategy; you’ll typically start seeing results in 6-8 weeks. Steer clear of agencies that promise results in just a couple of days.

While you can certainly do your own lawyer search engine optimization, it is a time-consuming process. Not only will you have to learn about SEO practices, but you’ll also have to do deep keyword research, audit your own content, and make and implement a comprehensive strategy. There is plenty of room for error, and a failed SEO campaign can be costly. By hiring an SEO agency for your law firm, you can be sure to get results.