To help our clients reach the best results, our CBD SEO company has developed a flexible strategy tailored to the unique needs of cannabis-related businesses.

When entering an online marketplace with your marijuana-related products, you need a powerful SEO strategy in order to build a brand and set it apart from the competition.

When it comes to SEO for the cannabis niche, just a professional-looking website won’t make any real difference. Apart from this, your business needs high positioning in search results and Google local maps and a solid online presence. Together, these components will help you ensure that your products will get noticed by potential customers. And that’s where professional cannabis SEO services step in.

With the help of our CBD SEO company, you can make your cannabis-related business prosper. We help businesses in the cannabis niche to boost brand awareness, spark interest, and, eventually, drive more sales.

And even that’s not all! Read on to learn more about our cannabis SEO services and the perks your business can get from them.

The main benefits of our company that set us apart include:

Client-focused approach;

Practicing of the best SEO tactics;

Regularly updated algorithms;


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Our Winning SEO Strategies for Marijuana-Related Niches

Our strategy is all-rounded and spans every little aspect of SEO, from website analysis to off-page optimization and getting through Google penalties. Here’s what’s included:

Niche and Competitors Analysis

Before we develop a winning cannabis SEO services strategy, it’s crucial for us to analyze the niche and competitors of your business. This analysis will help our experts understand your unique needs better and find the most effective tactics for promoting your products. Also, with the help of our SEO Auditing Services, we will be able to see what is included in your competitors’ sites and what works for them.

Creation of Top-Notch Content

The content your brand delivers has a huge impact on your website’s ranking in search results. Thus, SEO Content Writing Services is the next stage of helping your cannabis business shine. Our team will help you create a bond with your readers by providing them with SEO-optimized content that solves their problems, delivers real value, and adheres to the latest Google algorithms in order to boost your position in SERPs.

Recovery From Google Penalties

For cannabis-related businesses, Google penalties aren’t rare. Thus, our winning SEO for CBD companies implies assistance with dealing with penalties from Google. Our expert team will help you ensure that your website never gets under search engines’ sanctions that can hold it back from functioning properly. And, in case your site is already under Google penalties, we will help you get out of there and recover in the shortest time.

On-Page Optimization

Another vital point covered in our cannabis SEO services is on-page optimization. While performing on-page SEO optimization, our qualified experts will evaluate and revamp your existing SEO strategies and adjust such crucial elements as the website’s title tags, metadata, internal links, etc. We can also assist you with content updates and keyword optimization. All this is done in order to ensure that your site corresponds to the latest SEO trends.

Off-Page Optimization

According to Google’s algorithms, organic site links contribute to the overall website ranking, build up trustworthiness, and drive targeted traffic. However, not everyone leverages organic links to get all these benefits. Our CBD SEO company will help you create an organic link profile on top-quality sites and improve your overall off-page optimization strategy for better results. With our Link-Building Service, your site will grow its audience by providing helpful content.

Technical SEO Optimization

During the next stage of our strategy, the experts from our technical SEO agency team will provide you with Technical SEO Services. We will review your website and ensure that it doesn’t take too long to load, looks great on all devices, and operates correctly in general. This stage plays a pivotal role in our CBD SEO services. Because without proper technical optimization, your site can’t get to the first positions in SERPs.

Keyword Research, Optimization

Niche-related keywords are what help your target audience find you on the web. At the same time, it is what helps search engines rank your website and display it in the results for relevant queries. Our professional cannabis SEO experts use top-rated keyword research tools to help your business leverage them for your cannabis-related business’s success. We will help you identify the best keywords and build a killer keyword strategy.

Local SEO

For businesses planning to sell offline, Local SEO Services play a decisive role. To prove this, you need to know that about half of all Google requests are aimed at local businesses. Thus, using location-relevant keywords on your website is vital to help your clients find you. Luckily, in our cannabis SEO services, we have local SEO covered as well. We will help you boost search engine rankings and conversions.

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Cannabis-related businesses have to take care of their:

All these factors are crucial for the organic growth of your business. But, given the existing limitations in terms of marketing such products, taking care of all these things yourself can be a real challenge. That’s why marijuana-related companies need professional cannabis SEO services – to overcome all limitations, regulations, and penalties and make their businesses prosper.

Website optimization;

Brand building, etc.

Authority establishment;

Online presence;

Content strategy;

How Do We Provide Our Cannabis SEO Services?

Evaluating Your Needs and Objectives

When you request CBD SEO services from us, the very first thing our experts will do is a thorough analysis of your business’ SEO needs and objectives. During this step, our team will evaluate your existing strategy, assess your previous SEO efforts, and analyze all critical data in order to build a flawless SEO strategy tailored to fit into your business model and meet all your short-term and long-term goals.

Assessing the Competition and Niche

After defining the key needs and goals, our cannabis SEO specialists will test and evaluate your website to see what major downsides and areas for improvement are there and organize this all into a solid improvement plan. Then our team will research and assess the niche your business operates in, your competition, region, and target audience in order to make your future SEO strategy well-rounded and as efficient as possible.

Identifying Growth Points for Your Website

Although our experts start testing and assessing your website during the stage described earlier, this is the step where the complete website audit takes place. The core goal of our team at this stage is to test the site, recognize any technical or other issues that might be on your website, find weaknesses and growth points, and organize all these findings in a clear and effective plan for fixing them.

Researching and Analyzing Relevant Keywords

After taking care of your website, our cannabis SEO experts will focus on keywords relevant to your business. They will conduct thorough research to identify and assess all users’ queries that are related to your product. At this stage, our team will define the most popular and effective keywords and, based on them, develop an effective site structure, relevance map, and content strategy that will help promote your website.

Defining Tech Tasks

Based on our findings during the niche and keywords research and your website’s audit, our experts will identify the scope of technical specifications (tasks) that will be assigned to our developers, designers, SEO experts, copywriters, etc. The tasks formulated during this stage are aimed at fixing errors, improving your website, and getting ready for its promotion. That’s where the actual preparation for leveraging SEO for cannabis websites begins.

Building an Off-Page Strategy

When the major tasks aimed at the internal website optimization are clear and taken care of by our specialists, it is time to develop a solid external promotion plan that meets your needs and objectives. Simply put, this is the stage when our marijuana SEO experts will leverage all their skills and experience to help you build an effective link-building plan that can boost your website’s ranking in search engines.

Creating and Publishing Landing Pages

As was mentioned earlier, landing pages and other types of content that appear on your website are crucial for a winning SEO for cannabis websites. At this stage, our experts will create, proofread, polish, and publish the content on your site. The key goal of our team at this point is to ensure that all content on your website is well-optimized for users’ queries and high-quality enough to rank high.

Creating External Links

The next stage of the process is all about effective link-building. After we have created a solid link-building strategy and discussed it with you, our cannabis SEO experts will start implementing it in life. During this stage, our team will find top-quality websites for posting your links and take care of all the negotiations between you and other web admins and bloggers who will be a part of your link-building strategy.

Ongoing Monitoring of Results

To help our customers attain the best results, our expert SEO managers will constantly monitor the workflow and results through every stage of the process. They will keep an eye on the work that has been already done and the tasks that are yet to be completed. And they will constantly track the key indicators and metrics of your website in order to assess the promotions’ effectiveness.

Reporting and Discussing the Outcomes

Lastly, our work doesn’t stop at the stage of monitoring and assessing the outcomes of our CBD SEO services. The final stage of the process involves preparing detailed and transparent reports on the results of our work. When all reports are finally ready, our team will discuss them with you in order to further clarify the strategy and make any adjustments or improvements if there is a need for them.

Want to Get All the Benefits of Working With Professional Cannabis SEO Experts?

Questions & Answers

As soon as you request cannabis SEO services from us, our team will start developing a winning marketing strategy for you and will identify the key priority areas for the effective promotion of your business. Once this is done, you will be able to monitor the progress and outcomes by assessing the key indicators and metrics of success. For example, if your goal is to focus on driving organic cannabis SEO traffic, to help you monitor the progress, we’ll report you on the number of new website visitors who found you and your ranking in search engines for relevant queries.

Without a thorough SEO audit, it’s challenging to figure out if your site has issues that are keeping it from reaching its full search potential. You can boost your organic search positions when your website is streamlined, sleek, and free of technical errors and duplicate content. Yet, learning how to do an SEO audit is time-consuming: to save resources, it might make more sense to hire an SEO agency like Develux.

The length of time of an SEO audit service really depends on your site’s size and complexity. In most cases, though, an SEO audit takes between 4 and 6 weeks. Such audits are very thorough, ensuring that no site issues are missed.

At Develux, website SEO audit services take approximately 30 days if you are choosing a basic plan and 45 days for a market leader plan. During this time, we perform the following activities:

  • We conduct a thorough analysis and assessment of your website. We discover the current statistics, spot the pain points and areas for potential improvement, and look for mistakes.
  • After that, our experts analyze all the gathered data and develop a strategy to improve your SEO metrics like SERP and backlinks.
  • In the end, we develop advice that includes tips for improving your ranking in organic search results.

After our SEO audit service is completed, you will receive a detailed SEO audit report that explains what should be improved to get the most out of your website.