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SEO Casino Services From Develux

Online casinos are saturating the market. It seems like new ones are popping up every day, and, as such, the competition is rampant. How do you market your casino website so that it stands apart from the competition? 

Why Is SEO Important for Casinos?

Like every business, online casinos need to attract customers – and the best way to do so is through search engine optimization. With online casino SEO services from Develux, more eyes will be on your casino. Get new sign-ups who are eager to spin the reels. With the help of our casino marketing agency, your site visitors will become loyal customers that return time and time again to play at your slot machines, poker tables, and roulette wheels. When you get a website SEO audit service from us, we’ll pinpoint exactly what needs improvement on your site – and then we’ll fix it. So, what are you waiting for? Get SEO for casinos and start bringing in the high rollers!

 SEO for casinos
Casino marketing agency

The answer is simple: with SEO (search engine optimization). You see, Google uses an algorithm to determine which websites rank higher for certain search phrases. There are a huge number of factors that go into it: keywords, page loading speed, external links to the page, meta-tags, alt text, and much more. But if you make a wrong move, such as getting external links from bad sites or stuffing your texts with keywords, you run the risk of being penalized by Google. 

Casino and iGaming SEO is a beast to master – but our casino marketing agency has SEO specialists on hand that are well-versed in the industry. We work hard to optimize your site, helping it rank higher on Google. Take the stress off your shoulders, and let us bring in visitors who are ready to become customers! 

What SEO Casino Services Do We Offer?

At Develux, the premier casino advertising agency, we understand that each gambling facility and website is unique – subsequentially, your professional casino SEO services should also be one-of-a-kind. We don’t offer generic package deals here. You can choose from a wide range of casino SEO services; mix-and-match them however you’d like. During our consultation phase, we can give advice on which SEO casino features best fit your business model and will help you meet your goals, but the final say is up to you.

Our final goal is to create and deliver an SEO strategy that fits your company perfectly. Just tell us what you need. We’ll make it happen! Starting boosting your revenue and bringing in traffic with these services from Develux:

Casino and iGaming SEO
Keyword research
We’ll find out what search phrases your target audience is using on Google.
Competitor analysis and monitoring
What is your competition doing right? We’ll do a deep dive and scout them out.
Local SEO
Rank higher among local search results and get customers in your area.
Content marketing
We’ll audit your current web content and optimize it to align with Google’s standards. 
Page speed optimization
Our technicians will make sure your web pages run at a lightning-fast speed and are optimized for any device.
Link Building
We’ll work on your link portfolio, obtaining links to your site from reputable, high-quality websites.
Regular reporting
Develux provides reporting on a monthly and quarterly basis, ensuring that you’re always up to speed.

The Develux Difference

With all the SEO casino marketing companies out there, what sets Develux apart? Here are some of the reasons why we’re the nation’s foremost casino marketing agency:


Our approaches are totally focused on YOU. Rather than providing subpar online casino SEO packages, we provide custom-tailored services. A generic SEO casino marketing strategy doesn’t bring in great ROI the way a personalized strategy does. So, even though our client-centric approach takes more work on our end, the end results are totally worth it.
Fully Transparent

Fully Transparent

We aren’t just making empty promises about the benefits our SEO brings to online casinos. We’ve created our own profitable websites using Develux’s SEO strategies – bringing the sites from 0 to 100 again and again. We know what works and what doesn’t.
Long-Lasting Relationships

Long-Lasting Relationships

Good SEO takes time. If a marketing agency promises overnight results, run the other way! SEO strategy implementation can take 2+ months, and it needs ongoing attention and re-audits. We go beyond a quick fix and strive to cultivate a long-term working relationship with our clients.
Algorithmic Expertise

Algorithmic Expertise

If your SEO strategy never changes, it will inevitably fail. Google’s algorithm constantly changes, which is why we take a dynamic SEO approach.
Free Demo

Free Demo

Get a free consultation session with one of our SEO specialists! Get valuable insight and a demonstration before even talking about a business partnership.

SEO Strategies for Your Online Casino

Do Keyword Research

Our top SEO casino marketing tip: never underestimate the importance of keywords! These are search phrases that people input into search engines like Google. When you use these phrases on your site, Google will recognize that your content is related to gambling and will connect you with potential customers. 

So, how exactly do you figure out what casino SEO keywords people are looking for? You’ll need to do keyword research via Google Analytics or a similar service. Even if you think you know the right iGaming SEO keywords, you might be surprised by what research uncovers. 

When you get SEO services from our casino advertising agency, we will do comprehensive keyword research and uncover which phrases have the best chance of connecting you with your target audience. 

Another SEO for casinos tip: make sure that you incorporate keywords in a natural way! If you have so many that your content is unreadable, you’ll turn off visitors – and you might even be penalized by Google.

Leave No Stone Unturned

Another casino tip for success: use every opportunity to optimize your website (both on the technical end and within content). It’s important to address each page of your website when implementing your online casino marketing strategy because each webpage ranks individually on search engines. So, instead of using general SEO casino keywords for your whole site, you’ll want to use more specific phrases that identify what each page is about. On the amenities page, use relevant, amenities-based keywords. On the games page, use gaming keywords, and so on. 

If you aren’t sure how to market your casino website with SEO to its fullest potential – don’t worry! That is what we at Develux, the premier casino SEO agency, specialize in. We have a team of in-house SEO specialists that can optimize every component of your site.

Consistently Publish Content

Once you’ve determined your ideal casino SEO keywords, you need to create high-quality content and incorporate the keywords into them naturally. Such content might include:

  • Blog posts
  • Casino tips
  • News articles
  • Interviews
  • Online gambling infographics

When it comes to creating content as part of your SEO casino marketing strategy, remember this: value quality over quantity. There is already an overwhelming amount of content on the web that was created specifically for iGaming SEO without bringing value to the reader. You don’t want to fall into that trap. 

You want site visitors to be intrigued by your content, so bring in new information or a fresh perspective. Good SEO brings traffic to your site, and good writing keeps them there.

Show Off Your Reviews

Our final SEO for casino tips: if your casino gets great reviews, showcase them on your website. A collection of testimonials and positive reviews prominently highlighted on your website will convert site visitors into customers. If you don’t have a lot of reviews, encourage your existing customers to provide feedback – perhaps run some sort of promotion!

We hope you found this SEO casino advice useful! SEO might seem overwhelming – and that’s because it is. Search engines change regularly, and one must always be evaluating their website’s optimization. But when you opt for professional casino SEO services from Develux, we’ll ensure that your site is 100% up to Google’s standards. 

Questions & Answers

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Is SEO relevant to the iGaming industry?

Absolutely! As we mentioned above, well-written content with thoughtful keywords is essential for good casino SEO. Google recognizes good content and prioritizes web pages that bring useful information to the reader. iGaming is a specific niche that requires knowledge of the online casino industry and its regulations. It’s important to write content about this niche with the correct language, tone, and SEO casino keywords. Our casino SEO agency knows the difference between SEO for a physical casino’s site and for an iGaming platform’s site.

How long does it take to get results from SEO?

When you get SEO casino marketing from Develux, you’ll start to see a boost in traffic and tangible results in around 2 – 3 months. But the best results will start rolling in at the 6+ month mark. The same timeframe goes for iGaming SEO and SEO for online casinos. Our main aim is to promote your online gambling website without being penalized by Google. Slow and steady is the best way to do this. If we were to employ blackhat processes for immediate results, search engines would likely take note and lower your site’s ranking.

Is linkbuilding a risky strategy?

Yes and no. When done properly, linkbuilding is a valuable and safe SEO casino service. However, if you obtain links from shady websites, you may do more harm than good. This is why we recommend online casinos to get links through professional casino SEO services. We’ll work with high-quality, authoritative sites to get links back to your site.

Let’s Get Started With Casino SEO!

Are you ready to rank higher on Google, pull in more traffic, and convert site visitors to loyal customers? No more worrying about how to market your casino website with SEO. Develux, the nation’s forefront casino marketing agency, is ready to take on this responsibility. Choose which personalized casino and iGaming SEO services you’d like – from content marketing to keyword research, tag optimization to linkbuilding, we’ll do it all. Contact us today to learn more!
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Local SEO Services– How Do They Work?

It’s not enough to know what local SEO optimization consists of. You need a deeper understanding of HOW it works.

Investigating Google’s Algorithm

Our local SEO consultants have comprehensive knowledge of Google’s algorithm changes. Take, for instance, Google’s huge “Possum” algorithmic update back in 2016. This update was never officially confirmed by Google, but businesses experienced significant local SEO changes, including filtered local search results based on affiliation, moving up in ranking outside of city limits, and more. Our local SEO solutions are provided by specialists who focus entirely on changes like these.

nvestigating Google’s Algorithm
Analyzing the Local Search Market

Analyzing the Local Search Market

Our team thrives on understanding the local search market; we’ve been through all the changes and know how local searches perform before, during, and after updates. We know how to make minute changes to titles, headings, tags, and content that can have huge improvements on your ranking. And these, when combined with a bigger-picture content strategy, can greatly improve your website’s search results!

Assessing Location-Based Factors

With local SEO, you have to keep localized content and local link popularity in mind. Not only should you have local landing pages for each of your company’s locations, but you should also have review signals published by customers and local citations from data aggregators. We can help with this!

Assessing Location-Based Factors