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The best way to increase customer retention is by fostering meaningful relationships with them – and this is easily done with modern technology.

Customer Relationship Management software enables organizations to take customer relationships to the next level.

Currently, the market is flooded with CRM systems; some are great, some are so-so, and many don’t follow up on their promises at all. But when you get CRM consultancy from Develux, you can rest assured that your solution is perfect for your organization’s goals and customer profile.

We can perform a CRM audit of your existing system and administer improvements or even develop a new solution entirely from scratch!
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With CRM consultancy, you will get:

A Deep Understanding of Analytical Data

Your organization might not have people who understand how to handle a CRM project. To successfully implement CRM software, you need industry experts who know how to organize analytical data and use it to enhance the customer experience.


Elimination of Operational Issues

Your company might not have a clear executive strategy for supporting a CRM solution and tracking its usage. The project might also go over budget because of unexpected costs like hidden licensing fees. Our expert consultants, on the other hand, will know exactly what to expect and will pore through the fine print.


Third-Party Software Expertise

We use state-of-the-art computer systems to create and produce optimal, innovative results that stand at the vanguard of technology.Our CRM consultants are widely versed in available third-party plugins and add-ons. Tapping into our expertise allows you to find apps that make your CRM systems even better!

CRM Consulting Service
CRM Consulting Service
CRM Consulting Service
CRM Consulting Service
CRM Consulting Service
CRM Consulting Service

What CRM Consulting Services Do We Offer?

CRM implementation consulting

As part of this CRM consulting service, we can help with the selection of an ideal platform, perform a business case analysis (including ROI, NPV, cost, and outcomes), train your marketing, customer service, and sales teams, and provide ongoing support until implementation is successful.

CRM data migration consulting

As your data-driven system ages, you might need to consolidate your siloed repositories and move them to a modern CRM solution. This can be a daunting process, but our expert consultants are here to remove the burden of risk.

CRM consolidation consulting

We can create a consolidation plan, train the relevant teams, produce integration and customization specifications for each included CRM, and produce an account-centered design.

Custom CRM development consulting

Need to develop new, custom CRM software altogether? Develux has built plenty of CRM solutions; we tailor each one specifically to the client. We have deep expertise in software road mapping, UI/UX design and development, testing, deployment, and maintenance. We can also create custom web, desktop, and mobile apps that work with your CRM system.

Industries We Provide CRM Consulting For

While our CRM consulting firm has provided consultancy services for a wide variety of industries, we have comprehensive experience in e-commerce and education.

Specifically, here’s what we can provide consultancy on for both industries:

Industries We Provide CRM Consulting For


  • Creating a business case

  • Selecting or developing a platform that offers a 360-degree customer view, deep data analytics, personalized email marketing, and more

  • Ensuring your CRM is integrated with your eCommerce site and platform

  • Integrating your CRM with all communication channels, such as social media, email messaging, and phone calls


  • Creating a business case

  • Our CRM experts will select or develop a platform that offers prospect management features, real-time program insights, and student support tools

  • Ensuring your CRM is integrated with your educational institution’s website and any relevant mobile or desktop apps

  • Our CRM consultants will integrate your CRM with all communication channels, such as social media, email messaging, and phone calls

Get Expert Consultancy

Whether you need a CRM built from scratch or improvements to your current one, our consulting experts can provide insight throughout the entire process. Need consultation on CRM implementation, data migration, consolidation, or development?

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Tech That Develux Uses in CRM Consulting Services

CRM Consulting

Our clients benefit from our consultants’ technical expertise and system knowledge. At Develux, we know the ins and outs of tech giants in the CRM industry, such as Salesforce. And, because of our expertise in crafting custom CRMs, we can also share our valuable development insight.


Salesforce Consulting Services

We offer various Salesforce consulting services, including:

  • Custom module development
  • Upgrade, update, and administration of the system
  • Platform assessment and evaluation
  • Consulting for CRM configuration and customization
  • Integration with other tools, platforms, and systems

Custom CRM Consulting Services

If you aren’t interested in Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics consulting services and would rather get consultancy on custom solutions, we are well-equipped to help you. Because Develux has years of experience developing custom CRMs that rival the capabilities of tech industry giants, we know exactly what goes into a great solution.

Our CRM experts can share tried-and-true techniques regarding software road mapping, design and development of UI/UX, deployment, debugging, and more. We can also ensure that your custom CRM system is completely aligned with your organization’s specifications and compatible with your existing apps.

CRM Consulting Service
CRM Consulting Service
CRM Consulting Service
CRM Consulting Service
CRM Consulting Service
CRM Consulting Service

Why Choose Develux for Professional CRM Services?

Develux, as a premier CRM consulting company, offers:

A 100% transparent approach

A 100% transparent approach

We’ll explain our technology choices and use layman’s terms to explain how the CRM solution works.



We offer various cooperation models to suit your needs.

Deep expertise

Deep expertise

We understand how e-commerce and educational organizations can improve their bottom line by making the digital switch.



We provide insights into your CRM platform’s lead tracking, contact management, sales automation, pattern recognition, data analysis, and more.

Our CRM consultants want to understand your business goals;

We’ll take an impartial, objective look at your organization and determine which technologies can improve your business. What’s more, we’ll back it up with a business case study!

At Develux, we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all CRM, which is why we find a CRM that works for YOU.

See How Easy It Is

Getting custom CRM consultancy from Develux couldn’t be easier; just fill out our contact form, and we’ll get the ball rolling!

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Questions & Answers

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Why should I get CRM consulting services?

There are many reasons why you might need consulting for CRM. Here are a few of the most common ones our CRM consultants can solve:

  • Your customer satisfaction, sales productivity, lead conversion rates, or lead flow are low.
  • You need a CRM expert to assist in consolidating systems and streamlining data exchanges across various departments and regions.
  • You aren’t sure which CRM system will align with your organization’s requirements the best.
  • Your team doesn’t have the technical skills or resources to implement the CRM solution.
  • You aren’t using your current CRM tools to their fullest potential.
  • Your platform doesn’t meet your current business needs completely.
  • You are experiencing operations issues with your CRM solution.
  • Your teams need to have better data flow and collaboration.

When you get CRM consulting services from Develux, our experts will collect your primary pain points and needs. After careful consideration, they’ll suggest the most effective tech solutions and strategies.

How can CRM consultancy from Develux help my business?

When a CRM system is correctly selected and implemented, your organization’s processes will be elevated, enabling you to achieve your business goals faster. Yet, choosing a CRM system that aligns with your organization’s needs is difficult – and migrating data from one system to another can be risky. In such cases, consulting services may be just what you need.

Our CRM consultants will help you determine the best CRM solution for your company, assist in implementation and optimization, and provide consultation on adoption tactics so your employees will be comfortable using the system.

When can I get started?

We can get started right away! Just fill out our contact form and let us know about your project. Regardless of what phase you are in, we’re ready to offer CRM professional services. This includes initial implementation, re-implementation, developing custom software, optimization, and recovery.

What domains do you focus on?

One thing that CRM consulting companies bring to the table is domain expertise that general software vendors just don’t have. At Develux, our vetted consultants have a strong focus on the e-commerce and education industries. By choosing consulting services with experience in your organization’s vertical market, you’ll get additional creative insights – something that can help set you apart from the competition.

What can e-commerce and education CRMs do?

E-commerce CRMs help your business manage analytic data on customers, such as their contact information and purchasing behavior. Education CRMs allow educational institutions to nurture relationships with enrollees and prospective applicants, streamline admissions and marketing processes, address student inquiries, and manage student lifecycles.

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