Exclusive Social Network Membership: What’s All the Fuss About It?

Elite social media is not a completely new concept. Yet, not many know about its existence. It’s much like other networks – its main purpose is to connect users with each other; the only difference is that it’s not meant for everyone. Typically, to become a user of such a platform, one has to be invited.

Who are these networks meant for? Since there are many different types of them, the users’ demographic also varies significantly. The main thing to remember is that it doesn’t have to be a social network for rich people. It can be meant for famous people or for users with a certain background or status.

The key to the success of such channels is exclusivity. Users love the ability to communicate with like-minded people of the same status. Besides, they love the feel of security ensured by the fact that outsiders are not allowed to join.

One more thing worth mentioning concerning such exclusive communities is that creating them isn’t all that easy. They have to be very user-friendly and extremely secure to attract and retain elite users, which is why their creation often requires customized entertainment solutions like that offered by Develux.

Exclusive Social Networking Sites: Top 7 Options Most of Us Will Never Get Invited to

As was mentioned earlier, when it comes to elite social media, the core concepts behind them are identical to public networks. Therefore, just like it is with regular platforms we all know, there are plenty of different options.

Namely, there are exclusive networks designed for

  • entertainment;
  • dating;
  • business networking;
  • community events;
  • showing off status, etc.

Thanks to such a wide range of options, everyone can find something to their taste and enjoy an exclusive community that suits them.

And now, let’s take a look at a few options that are out there. In the list below, we’ve examined the seven most well-known social media networks with limited membership and are going to tell you more about each.

Clubhouse – A Special Audio-Based Site

The first exclusive social network everyone around is obsessed with is Clubhouse. It is a free social media app that we can confidently call one of its kind. Clubhouse is all about audio.

The purpose of this social networking club is communication. It allows users to create rooms for conversations but with no video feature.

The app already has over 10 million users. Most of the members are celebrities, such as Oprah, Drake, Ashton Kutcher, and others. The only way to join in is to receive an invitation from one of the active members. Members can invite only two new users straight away and send more invitations after some time.

Here are some general guidelines and things you can do on Clubhouse:

  • connect your phone’s address book and follow people from it, as well as others;
  • choose interesting topics to follow;
  • create your own rooms or join others’ rooms;
  • clap speakers you loved.

Why is it so popular? Well, most of its success is due to its celeb members. After all, it is the only place where you can just casually hop into a conversation between Drake and Oprah and listen to an entire thing. Sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it?

Raya – A Dating App for Influencers

Another notable exclusive social network is Raya. It is a private social network app for iOS that was launched in 2015.

This app was designed exclusively for creatives. But the number of members of Raya is rather small – only 10,000 users, and there is a big reason for that. You actually have to be a high-profile creative. Here you can find celebrities, athletes, top-level executives, influencers, etc.

To join, you need to be accepted by the anonymous acceptance committee. One of the main criteria for being accepted is a large audience on Instagram (at least 5,000 but preferably over 250,000 followers). Also, you might need a referral from one of the current members.

Once accepted, you can see a map of members from all over the world. Like in Tinder, you check people you are interested in with a checkmark or use “X” for those you are not interested in. When there is a match, you can communicate.

The main pros of this app include the possibility of meeting successful people, low cost (only $7.99), great networking opportunities, and a high level of security. However, getting in can be hard, which is the main drawback.

ASmallWorld – Travel & Lifestyle Community

Next on our list is ASmallWorld, a premium membership social network for rich travelers launched in 2004. This platform was created by a married couple of Swedish entrepreneurs Erik Wachtmeister and Louise Wachtmeister.

It started out having 30,000 users who were mainly bankers, models, and celebrities. The membership was initially free and was only possible to acquire from an invitation. Currently, it’s no longer free. There are four membership tiers: Signature, Prestige, Access, and Lifetime. To give you an idea of prices, the Prestige Membership costs 5,200 EUR, and the Signature costs 19,950 EUR plus the 2,000 induction fee.

The main focus of this community is luxury travel. ASmallWorld gives you access to over 1,000 yearly events of the top class held all over the world. To join, you need to be invited personally by an existing member or get approval from the network’s committee.

Is it worth it? ASmallWorld offers some unique travel benefits:

  • discover great locations and events;
  • collect miles for flights;
  • get unlimited access to over 970 airport lounges;
  • get VIP access to over 200 nightlife venues in over 150 cities;
  • become a prestige status client for select car rentals and hotels, and more!

The Marque – A Platform for the Most Successful Businesspeople

The Marque is the most exclusive social network for successful businesspeople. It can be called a high-profile, much more exclusive alternative to LinkedIn. This network is an invite-only type of platform. That is, to get in, you should not just be a high-profile leader but also receive an invitation.

The Marque was founded by Andrew Wessels in 2015. In essence, it is a success based network, meaning it only brings together top-level business leaders and creates for them a secure space where they can meet like-minded people with the same high status.

The Marque started out with 50 founding members. At this point, the real number of users is not being disclosed.

One more thing we have to say is that though being a social network for super rich, The Marque has a very pocket-friendly price – 1,000 EUR for an annual membership.

And what do users get? There are quite a few benefits:

  • an exclusive, closed community of businesspeople;
  • networking opportunities;
  • excellent security;
  • a public business profile that will help users avoid outdated information about their personas on the web.

Best of All Worlds – An Exclusive Place for 1% of Internet Users

Another exclusive social network worth mentioning is called Best of All Worlds or, unofficially, BOAW. BOAW is pretty much like Facebook among regular social networks because it’s an indisputable leader and one of the most known options in the market of exclusive sites.

The network was created by Swedish entrepreneur Erik Wachtmeister who is also a founder of another elite community, A Small World, that we’ve talked about earlier. The idea is simple. BOAW is a blend of LinkedIn and Facebook for high-profile users that allows them to network and do business online safely and easily.

The network is invite-only. One of its biggest highlights is that it comprises only 1% of Internet users, so getting a membership is indeed hard.

As for the cost of membership, it’s unclear if it applies or how much it costs, which makes this network even more mysterious for mere mortals.

What are the perks? Well, it is elite, safe, and allows making top-level business connections. If that’s not all that exclusive users are looking for, then we don’t know what is.

Rich Kids – A Photo-Sharing App

The name speaks for itself. Rich Kids is an elite social network for super rich users.
The main highlight of the app is that it allows users to buy their place in the spotlight. According to the founder Juraj Ivan, Rich Kids is a place where users can’t spam, get fake followers, or use a follow-for-follow strategy to gain social media fame. But they can buy it. And they can buy it for a hefty fee of 1,000 EUR per month.

The price of membership is high. Yet, the membership only buys you the possibility to share your photos. Everything else is free. Anyone can join the network and browse photos of the rich and famous.

According to the official site, Rich Kids is the “most exclusive social network.” And that’s true. After all, anyone can have an Instagram account, but only truly rich users can afford to have a profile in Rich Kids.

What about other perks? There are quite a few:

  • a chance to reach a new audience;
  • a possibility to show off your wealth and success;
  • a chance to do something good, as ⅓ of the membership fee is donated to charities that help poor children receive an education.

The League – A Matchmaker for Super Attractive People

The last exclusive social networking club we are going to talk about is The League. This site was founded in 2015, and it’s something completely different.

Unlike all the other social media sites we talked about earlier, The League membership isn’t awarded based on status, wealth, or fame. This is a dating network similar to Raya. However, while Raya requires you to have an influencer status to be accepted into the club, The League welcomes applicants based on its users’ preferences.

The selection process implies that all applicants will be put on a waitlist while the site’s committee will evaluate how well they suit the needs and wishes of their users, who are mostly from large cities in the US, like Chicago or New York. By matching new users’ to the old users’ preferences, the site strives to curate dating pools more accurately and narrow them down to only winning matches.

To apply, you first need to provide your phone number and, oh well, wait.

Why use it? The League is perfect for picky people who don’t want to waste their time. It offers an extremely high level of personalization and, thus, better chances of finding the right match.

So, What’s All the Fuss About Exclusive Social Media?

Now you know about the top 7 most notable exclusive social networking sites that bring together famous, rich, and successful. But do they have any potential?

They might. Exclusivity can guarantee more protection and a sense of luxury that regular networks don’t have.

Networks of this kind already exist, and, from what we’ve seen so far, they are currently gaining momentum. Thus, they might have a future if the founders of these apps don’t only focus on a shiny, bright cover but actually invest well in custom mobile app development like those offered by Develux. In this case, there will be something more than just a sense of superiority or exclusivity. That’s when they may become the next big thing.

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