Awesome Digital Marketing Conferences to Attend This Fall

Yes, hosting a conference in 2022 isn’t an easy feat, be it in person or online. But despite the pandemic, there’s no lack of digital marketing events this fall.

So, if your company provides SEO services or you’re a digital marketer, there’s no shortage of opportunities to share your invaluable experience and learn from others.

And this fall is, arguably, the best time to invest your resources into digital conferencing. That’s because due to the pandemic:

  • customers spend more time online than ever before;
  • consumer needs and concerns have changed, so you need to adapt to those changes;
  • gaining a competitive edge is your number one priority to survive in today’s market.

If you attend digital marketing conferences, you will

  • gain the in-depth knowledge you won’t find online;
  • improve your practical digital marketing skills;
  • learn from the industry’s leading experts;
  • do plenty of networking;
  • have fun!

But here’s one question. Should you choose an in-person or online event?

In-Person vs. Virtual Digital Marketing Events: How to Choose

Since this year is packed with both virtual and in-person events, let’s take a closer look at the four key differences between the two.

The bottom line is, both formats come with certain tradeoffs. For example, if networking is the main reason you attend, go ahead and google “event marketing near me.” But if you can’t or don’t want to travel, virtual events are a better fit.

Now, let’s move on to our list of the ten best upcoming marketing conferences this fall. To help you make your choice, we’ve included all the details you might need to make a decision: topics covered, location, pricing, etc.

Word of caution: always double-check all the details on events’ websites. While we used only first-hand sources in writing this post, today’s world remains unpredictable.

DMEXCO (September 7-8)


This digital media conference has an ambitious mission: DMEXCO strives to become the leading digital marketing ecosystem in the world.

It’s a favorite among senior executives and C-level management. They accounted for 44% and 16% of attendees last year.

Here are three reasons to consider attending DMEXCO:

  • you’ll find a truly global community there;
  • it features top speakers in every niche of digital marketing imaginable;
  • it’s a great place to build partnerships and make deals.

As for the 2021 agenda, it spans topics all across the board. There are sessions on AI and big data, content marketing and customer experience, cybersecurity, and more.

Originally planned to combine the in-person and online formats, DMEXCO will remain digital-only in 2021.

Still, it’s one of the largest events, even by the standards of the best digital marketing conferences. In 2020, it brought together 20,000 participants, 260 exhibitors, and 860+ speakers.

Plus, DMEXCO is one of the most affordable conferences this year. There are two types of tickets – Standard at €39 and Premium at €99. You can get a bundle discount too – 3 Premium tickets will cost you just €198.

MAICON (September 13-14)

Organized by Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute, it’s laser-focused on one single theme: how AI can power digital marketing. 2021 marks its third edition, and it’s going to be digital-only.

As for the target audience of this marketing conference, it includes senior executives (CMOs, CIOs, CSOs, etc.) and digital marketing specialists of all kinds. What’s more, tech expertise isn’t a must – all sessions are designed to make complex concepts simple to grasp.

Prepare to dive into AI in B2B marketing, ethical AI frameworks, data privacy, and more.

So, if you’re interested in using AI to micro-target your ads, power your 24/7 customer service, improve marketing ROI, and personalize your every move, this is the event for you.

MAICON is also the best place to gain access to top experts in the field and learn from their experience in applying AI-powered technologies to marketing.

MAICON offers two passes to choose from: Live ($199) and All Access ($1,147). With the latter, you’ll also get on-demand access to the conference’s recordings and AI Academy for Marketers for the following 12 months.

MarTech (September 14-15)

Let’s move on to MarTech, the conference that focuses on the technology aspect of digital marketing. It’s created by marketers for marketers, and it’s this expert-led approach that makes it one of the best digital marketing conferences for any senior marketer.

This year, MarTech takes place online. If you live in a different time zone or just can’t make it for the live session, there’s good news – you can watch their recordings later on.

Here are four reasons to choose MarTech this fall.

  • Its agenda is dedicated to real-world challenges and solutions down to the nitty-gritty.
  • It’s an opportunity to unify your marketing team via a common experience.
  • It’s your chance to learn right from tech solution providers.
  • It’s your opportunity to mingle with attendees representing famous global brands like Coca-Cola, Microsoft, IBM, and LinkedIn.

MarTech also organizes the Stackie Awards to celebrate the best marketing tech stack. The application form is still open, and there’s no entrance fee. So, have a go at it and gain some exposure for your organization in the process.

And, most importantly, MarTech is completely free!

Digital Summit: Portland, OR (September 21-22)

Taking place in Portland, this year’s Digital Summit is expected to bring together 15,000 digital marketing professionals (online and in-person) from Fortune 1000 companies and other top organizations.

Digital Summit is your cup of tea if you want to

  • attend 40 in-depth sessions on digital marketing;
  • mingle with experts from top brands like Nike, Reddit, Instagram, and Amazon;
  • take your skills to the next level with three deep-dive masterclasses.

This year, Digital Summit is one of the few digital marketing events to take place in person. So, if you want to network, establish new partnerships, and just have fun talking to like-minded people, Digital Summit is the event for you.

In case you need accommodation, Digital Summit has you covered. The organizers offer rooms in the Bidwell Mariott Portland at a discount rate ($189+tax).

There are two passes available: Main Event ($595) and Platinum ($795). The latter also includes day-one masterclasses and on-demand session recordings. If you register before September 13, use the promo code LASTCHANCE to get $295 off. Plus, you can get a group discount.

DMWF North America West (September 22)

DMFW North America West is next on our list of the best digital marketing conferences of this fall taking place online. Its agenda revolves around four main topics:

  • content and digital brand strategy;
  • data and insights;
  • digital experience and e-commerce strategy;
  • influencer and social media marketing.

Here are some raw numbers that describe DMFW North America West the best:

  • 12+ years of history;
  • 1,000+ attendees;
  • 30+ exhibitors;
  • 30+ speakers, including experts from Adobe, PayPal, and Google.

This year’s edition will also feature discussions on the impact of the pandemic on the industry and personalizing marketing campaigns. Besides, there’s a networking event planned – you’ll have a chance to expand your contact list from the comfort of your home.

You can also get involved to gain exposure for your organization and promote your brand as the thought leader in the digital marketing field. How? You can choose to attend it as a company, sponsor it, or provide a speaker.

If you register beforehand, prepare to pay $320 for the pass. Otherwise, it’ll cost you $400 on the day of the event.

Digital First (October 14-15)

Digital First has been the leading digital media conference in Europe for the past 15 years.

It’s frequented by digital professionals and corporates (56%), as well as entrepreneurs and startups (35%). Combine that with 100+ conferences on new trends and technologies in the industry, and you’ll get a perfect event for both networking and learning.

This year, Digital First will arrive in a hybrid format. The first day will take place in Brussels, while all the action on the second day will move online.

Here’s what sets Digital First apart from other marketing conferences: the Startup Lab. Thanks to it, 100 lucky startups can

  • gain exposure,
  • connect with top companies like Google and Amazon,
  • pitch their ideas,
  • compete for the Most Valuable Startup title.

In 2021, you’ll also get an opportunity to connect with such brands as Snapchat, Trustpilot, and Digimedia during Digital First’s exhibition.

As for the passes, you can choose between Business (€50) and VIP (€250). The former will allow you access just for two hours in the chosen time slot. The latter serves as an all-day pass with some other perks.

Advertising Week New York (October 18-21)

Four days, 500+ speakers, 200+ hybrid events, and six hybrid stages – this is Advertising Week New York 2021. And yes, this year, it returns in the hybrid format: both live at Hudson Yards and online.

This event is among the best digital marketing conferences for a reason. You can attend it to catch up on the latest industry trends, get your questions answered, network, or gain exposure as a brand.

Or, you can go all in and have fun during A-list music and comedy performances too.

As for the pricing, you have the following options to choose from:

  • Super Delegate ($1,149): the VIP pass;
  • Delegate ($629): attend the live event;
  • Digital Delegate ($199): join the conference online;
  • Group Delegate ($549): save money if you have a team of 20+ people.

Social Media Strategies Summit (October 20-21)

As its name suggests, this virtual event is dedicated exclusively to the ins and outs of social media marketing.

In 2021, this digital conferencing event features sessions from speakers representing world-renowned brands, such as

  • Brand Best Practices for Working with TikTok Creators (Adobe);
  • Data-Backed Content Best Practices on LinkedIn (LinkedIn);
  • How to Develop a Consistent Messaging Strategy Across Social Platforms (BehaVR).

It’s your go-to event of this fall if

  • you’re a senior marketing specialist;
  • you’re eager to learn the nitty-gritty of designing a great social media strategy;
  • you want to get real feedback on your current social media efforts;
  • you’d love to expand your professional toolkit and skillset.

If you register until September 16 or October 19, you can save $200 or $100 on the ticket price, respectively. The at-the-door pass will cost you $699. You can also get a group discount if you plan to have three or more people attend the virtual event.

Digital Summit: Miami (November 2-3)

We’ve already mentioned its sister event, Digital Summit Portland. Now, meet Digital Summit that’ll take place in a dream vacation spot on the East Coast – in Miami, Florida. And yes, it’s one more in-person event among top digital marketing conferences this year.

Besides the alluring destination, Digital Summit Miami can boast other perks. If you choose to attend it, prepare to

  • network;
  • learn from the top minds in the industry;
  • get inspired by must-hear keynotes.

Whether you specialize in content creating, email marketing, or UX/UI design, you’ll find Digital Summit Miami your place to be. Plus, get ready to meet the top brass of marketing teams serving such household brands as Netflix, Facebook, and Disney, among many others.

If you’re already certain this is where you want to be this fall, use the promo code WELCOMEBACK to get a 50% discount (valid until September 10).

You can choose from two passes: Platinum ($795 without the discount) and Main Event ($595). Plus, there are group packages that come with a discount – for teams of 3+ people.

DMWF Europe (November 23-24)

On November 23 & 24, one of the best digital marketing conferences in Europe invites you to visit Amsterdam for must-see sessions and a one-of-a-kind expo. The topics covered include MarTech, VR, AI, content marketing, data and analytics, and so, so much more.

With twelve years of experience under their belts, DMWF Europe organizers know how to satisfy their crowd. Here’s why many people return to DMWF Europe year after year:

  • only top-level strategic content;
  • A-list speaker line-up;
  • deep insights;
  • latest case studies;
  • tons of networking.

Here are some raw numbers to set your expectations for DMWF Europe:

  • 1000+ attendees,
  • 5 conference tracks,
  • 80+ speakers,
  • 40+ exhibitors.

This year’s DMWF Europe will also hold a virtual event for those who can’t make it for the in-person conference. The online part is set to take place on November 30 and December 1.

For the in-person part, prepare to lay out €249 for a one-day pass or €399 for a two-day one (prices expire on November 9). As for the online conference, your only option is a two-day pass at €150.

To Recap: Here’s All the Info on These 10 Events You Need

To make it easier for you to compare these digital marketing events, we’ve organized all the vital information in this table.

In today’s slowly-reopening world, customers’ needs and preferences are shifting rapidly. Thus, it’s vital to keep up and adjust your strategies.

If you need a fresh perspective on promoting your brand, we’d be happy to help you out. If you turn to us for digital marketing services, rest assured: you’ll get a strategy that will work despite the rapidly changing market.

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