Talent Mapping Services

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We are constantly assessing the competitive and changing IT market to identify suitable recruits.

Our unique talent mapping service involves an in-house trial, so recruits can demonstrate their technical and soft skills in a team environment before they use their capabilities to assist your project. Need specialists for a future project? It’s not too early to give us a call! We will immediately start monitoring candidates that meet your specifications.

Talent Mapping Services
Talent Mapping Services
Talent Mapping Services
Talent Mapping Services
Talent Mapping Services
Talent Mapping Services
What You Can Unlock With Talent Mapping

In the IT-sphere things are constantly changing. There is round-the-clock development, new skills to be learned, and a shifting market based on new technological trends. The ability to properly harness this market is where talent mapping comes in.

Talent mapping is not just looking at one candidate in the here and now; it involves an in-depth understanding of which products are out there and what combination of hard and soft skills employees need to propel a business best ahead of its competitors.

At Develux, we are on the pulse. Our knowledge of current developments, skills, and pricing when hiring experts makes our IT recruiting and talent mapping services sought. Through IT recruitment we can find a suitable candidate to augment your team in less than 10 days. Assessment talent mapping allows us to conduct a rigorous assessment for your business, looking at what experts you may need to incorporate into your team based on market predictions. We can also understand where efficiencies can be found in the changing landscape of your operation.

What You Can Unlock With Talent Mapping
All the while, we keep you in control of the process by giving you the final pick of our top talent. Salaries, expenses, and office rental is costed upfront, and a constant channel of communication means we are here to help you not only find the best talents on offer but also stay abreast of critical developments.

Our Clients

Our Team Brings Experience From Some of the Top Companies. We Have Worked For:

Why Do You Need Talent Mapping?

Understanding Future Needs

Develux has helped businesses successfully navigate projects in challenging conditions. Anticipating what a business will need in the future is key. Drawing on our team’s extensive background knowledge, we make sure we understand your project down to the ground so we can make the right recommendations.

Assessing Current Performance

As soon as you undertake our services, we go on the front foot, taking both a micro and macro approach. This means we can examine the unique features of your business while also evaluating competitors and the broader market. While you are focused on product development, we assess your current performance, provide recommendations against a changing landscape, and actively seek recruits to suit your team dynamic.

Developing a Plan to Fill Gaps

Talent mapping isn’t just about using set requirements for candidates (such as location, area of expertise, position, or price) in exchange for a suitable worker. The recruitment strategy for an ongoing thriving business needs more consideration. Partnering with us means we get to really know your company, identify at which project stages you need a certain specialist, and actively seek them out.

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Get started with Develux now to take advantage of our expert talent mapping. Assisting in your product’s development comes naturally to us, so give us a call to see how we can help.

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Use Talent Mapping to Enhance Your Operations

Here's a step by step overview of our process:


Opening an office

Every country's market is different in terms of skill set, workforce depth, and average salary. Research and talent mapping is critical to understanding whether you can harness a skilled and capable workforce not just now but also in the future.


Gathering candidates

Talent mapping services lay the groundwork for successful recruitment. Keeping a suite of specialists on your radar means that instead of panicking and paying over the odds when you're short an employee, you can acquire the people you want, with costs detailed and prepared for in advance.


Market analysis

Talent mapping is both wide-ranging and granular, meaning you can understand a dynamic and changing market, see the cost of all different types of professionals, identify common strengths and weaknesses, and view potential recruits' availability.



Having a dedicated team that can put all information at your fingertips means that you don't have to reinvent the wheel each time you need to hire. By putting your trust in Develux, you can guarantee top-tier support.

Develux Finds and Develop Talent

Eastern Europe is a fast-growing IT hub. We know where to search in this competitive market to find experienced, motivated, and innovative recruits. We then draft them into our team after a detailed screening process, which means that you can be assured of the best talent to supplement your organization. With top experts from across a range of fields, we are confident in providing key personnel and our support at an affordable rate. As an international business, we serve clients throughout the world, with offices in London, Florida, and Kyiv.

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Why Go With Us?

You delegate, we innovate

Professional team

Develux is an established company with a sizable and experienced in-house team. This means there will always be team niche expertise and the skills that a targeted candidate needs to possess.


We are successful because we can take individualized requirements and mobilize quickly. Talent mapping involves predictions and analysis of future trends and developments. Only with flexibility and agility can we meet the needs of our clients.

The extra mile

Recruiting through box-ticking won’t yield the ideal candidate. We make sure recruits are thoroughly vetted and then incorporated into our in-house team. Only through working with them can we understand if they are the right person for your team.

Complete Confidentiality

Protecting a client's privacy and their trade secrets is our top priority. We always sign an NDA to safeguard your business' private data, project details, and intellectual property.

Talent Mapping Services
Talent Mapping Services
Talent Mapping Services
Talent Mapping Services
Talent Mapping Services
Talent Mapping Services

Word About Us

I was highly impressed by the quality of talent sourced by the Develux team. The recruits were motivated, skilled, and knowledgeable – and my Develux representative was professional yet friendly. I plan on using their talent mapping service for our future needs.
Chief Human Resources Officer
It has been a pleasure working with Develux to develop a talent pipeline for our marketing team. We appreciate Develux’s commitment to confidentiality and their willingness to keep us updated every step of the way.
Marketing Manager
We’ve hired several qualified applicants with the help of Develux’s talent mapping – and, what’s more – we have plenty of people on the back burner to hire if we find ourselves in a shortage. Finding skilled IT professionals that are affordable yet hard-working is difficult, but Develux did it!
IT Department Manager
We found Develux when recruiting for software engineers to develop an MVP. They impressed us because of their communication and dedication to finding people that could advance our product and match our company’s ethos. It felt like a real partnership.
Chief Technology Officer
I highly recommend Develux’s talent mapping team! By offering a personalized service based on transparency and trust, they were on hand to provide us with motivated staff over the course of our whole project.
Human Resources Manager
What impressed me was the depth of knowledge present in the Develux in-house team. Although they didn’t know our product, they were familiar with the sector and our direct competitors. They assessed candidates based on our needs and made recommendations but gave me the final say.
Product Manager
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Questions & Answers

Can't find here? Contact Us.

What is talent mapping?

Talent mapping involves finding skilled and qualified candidates, placing the candidates in suitable roles, and retaining a company’s talent via career pathing. It is a powerful alternative to reactive hiring! It can be difficult to forecast a company’s future growth and needs, which is why talent mapping agencies are a great solution. Our team forecasts long-term hiring needs and cultivates support for new positions over time. Rather than hiring reactively and potentially having a shortage of workers, let us build a talent pipeline for you.

What are the benefits of talent mapping?

With talent mapping, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Quicker filling of talent gaps.
  • Identify star performers already in your organization.
  • Save hiring resources.
  • Stay competitive and up-to-speed in the fast-growing IT market.

How does talent mapping work with Develux?

Our talent mapping service follows a multistep process. First, we consult with you and perform a significant amount of research; each country’s market has different skillsets, workforce depth, and talent salaries. We look at the minute details as well as the overall picture – meaning that we examine your business’s features and needs while also looking at competitors and the general market. We’ll find suitable talent within 10 days, assess them, and present them to you. And, of course, you get the final say!

Is pricing transparent?

Yes, we keep you up-to-speed on pricing at all times. Office rental costs, salaries, and other expenses are communicated to you at all points of the human resource mapping process.

How do I hire Develux talent mapping?

Fill out our contact form or give us a call. In your message, let us know what type of talent you are looking for. We’ll reach out for a consultation and study exactly what your business needs.

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