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Got a burning project that you want to get off the ground?
Why not utilize the services of an experienced Ukrainian R&D center.
Ukraine is considered a hub for IT specialists, with the sector increasing by 26% year on year and tech-related services the third-largest export. This means there is no shortage of motivated and experienced software developers looking to give your business a boost.

Research and development centers are a way to easily and affordably expand your team for the life of one or multiple projects. Whether you are a small startup or world-beating company, look to Develux as our experts provide efficient and effective research, testing, and implementation with the right tech stack for your product.
Why choose us?
R&D software development is one of Develux’s specialized services. We want to make sure you get the most out of us, which is why we can bring all the resources from an experienced and enthusiastic pool of specialists to the task of setting up and running an R&D center.

Our mission is to build high performing teams for our clients, with a diverse and flexible in-house team that handles research, analytics, project coordination, development, architecture, and marketing.

We know what is feasible and what’s not, making sure no time is wasted, and only a solid product is built, with the core elements of our tech stack being Python/Django, Redis, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB.

Above all, Develux believes in strong communication and transparency, making sure you are in the loop at every research and development stage.
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Our Clients

Take Advantage of Developers With a Wealth of Experience. We Have Worked For:

Our Cooperative Process


Itching to get started? Let’s jump on a call and discuss your idea. Then we can tailor our specialist services to you with maximum flexibility.



We take the open book model seriously. Salaries, associated fees, and office rental for your IT hub will be transparently costed and presented according to your requirements.


We get down to it by establishing your R&D software development center and working strictly on the roadmap. Frequent communication means you will be with us every step of the way.



Nothing beats the satisfaction of a job well done. That’s why we will be there as you unleash your product on the world, knowing that we have undertaken all the steps to success.

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Where Does Develux Find Its Team of Specialists

Snapping up the top technicians in Eastern Europe is how we make sure the best possible software engineers are engaged to work on your team.
Our Story

We Provide the Full R&D Center Service

A specific R&D request may involve engaging our wider circle of contacts. We will pull out all the stops to find the relevant people for your project.
Team management:
From team organization and workflow down to administrative details like salary packaging, every aspect will be managed professionally.
Project kick-off:
Through no-nonsense software research and development, your innovative ideas will be brought to life by an enthusiastic and cohesive unit of experts.

Advantages of Our R&D Center

You delegate, we innovate

Direct management

Communication is key. We welcome all the input you have to offer, as a more in-depth understanding can only increase the capacity for targeted R&D software development. We work towards your specific goals as a motivated and dedicated team.

Agility & flexibility

We recognize that market conditions, trends, and demand change rapidly in this globalized world, which is why we analyze the prevailing conditions and work diligently to stay ahead. We also possess the flexibility to adopt new technology and pivot to meet a realigned strategy.


Working with a team overseas involves a certain level of trust. We foster confidence and mutual respect between you and our team through complete transparency of fees, which are negotiated up-front to your satisfaction.

Full-service solution

Providing just the basic R&D service is not what we are about. With a complete team spanning research, analytics, project coordination, development, architecture, and marketing, we can handle any project and successfully adapt to revised client requests.

Why Our Clients Love Develux


Chief Operating Officer

We tasked Develux with developing a custom CRM, wanting something encompassing and intuitive that would allow the management of workflows, processing forms, and meaningful display of customer data. With a strong work ethic and great communication, Develux exceeded my expectations. I was always welcome to share my ideas but felt completely confident to step back and let the experts do their thing.


Product Manager

In developing a health-related app for seniors, we came to Develux due to positive word-of-mouth. Although maybe not as technically challenging as other projects, we had very strict requirements that the app is straightforward to use, operational with older devices with low screen resolution, and have multi-language support. From the start, I felt confident that Develux understood our vision, and regular progress reports were provided, so I never felt out of the loop. Ahead of schedule, we had a product we were delighted with.


Chief Executive Officer

Having already established a successful business, the next step was to gain more efficiency in recruitment through a custom CRM solution. We wanted a sophisticated search to be at the heart of this, which is why we contacted Develux. They quickly diagnosed what was needed to proceed and explained how their tech stack would integrate with our already released products. Develux was affordable, friendly, and completed all stages of software research and development according to the milestones we originally agreed on.
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