Dedicated Development Teams Drive Success

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How a Dedicated Development Team Can Transform Your Business Model

Organizations of all shapes and sizes are hiring dedicated development teams – but why?

By accessing the global talent pool, you can significantly expand your technology stack skills, removing the need to re-train your staff. And modern tech makes it easy for hired dedicated developers to collaborate seamlessly with your in-house personnel.

A dedicated development team model also offers excellent agility; the bigger a team is, the harder it is to remain flexible. Outside specialists are fully engaged in your tasks and can deliver tasks on time – even in the face of changing requirements.

Dedicated Development Drive
Dedicated Development Drive
Dedicated Development Drive
Teams Drive Success Dedicated
Teams Drive Success Dedicated
Teams Drive Success Dedicated

Looking to hire a team of dedicated developers?

Acquiring talented IT specialists is a time consuming and costly process, but there's a better way!

With the dedicated development model, your company can build a team of highly-skilled engineers that will seamlessly merge into your organization.

This process saves valuable business resources, provides a significant competitive advantage, and will quickly deliver the talent you need to build a successful software product.

Why choose us?

Develux has the talent, resources, and expertise to meet the requirements of any project. We select the top IT experts from our wide range of dedicated specialists, to craft a development team that matches your project's needs and seamlessly integrates into your organization. This enables you to meet your business goals with fast, effective, and actionable results.

However, we're not just another outsourcing service. We began our journey as a startup and grew Develux into a large product company that leads our market segment.

This unique experience enabled our experts to develop an incredible talent for building quality software and delivering amazing results.

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Develux has successfully helped over 20 different businesses with their outsourced projects, so partner with us and get ahead of the competition!

Now it's our mission to share our expertise so that you can reach your goals.

The Benefits of Our Dedicated Team Model

You delegate, we innovate

High Quality Talent

A dedicated team model provides companies with unparalleled flexibility when it comes to talent acquisition. In a nutshell, this means instead of hiring full-time specialists, you simply rent our professionals to complete your project. This makes the recruitment process easier and provides access to a comprehensive array of talented IT specialists.

Save Time & Money

If you need to hire dedicate developers, Develux will help your businesses save time and money. We do the hard work, so you can focus on the big picture. In addition to saving resources on talent acquisition, our experts are located in a cost-efficient region, so you'll lower your costs even more.

100% Transparency

We guarantee total transparency. At any time, our clients can directly communicate with their team to engage with the project, receive important progress updates, or to learn about the allocation of resources such as salaries, fees, office costs, and so on.

Complete Confidentiality

Protecting a client's privacy and their trade secrets is our top priority. We always sign an NDA to safeguard your business' private data, project details, and intellectual property.

Our Clients

Our Developers Have Helped Many Companies Reach Their Goals

Here's How it Works

Our process maximizes customers' benefits by making the development process agile, flexible, and easy to manage. This approach reduces your risk, increases transparency between teams, and keeps the project on schedule.

When you hire a dedicated development team, there are 3 key elements:

You Share Your Vision, Values, and Goals.

We Handpick Top IT Specialists and Launch Your Project.

We Guide You through the Onboarding Process.

Here's a step by step overview of our process:



To begin our collaboration, simply contact us with a request to hire a dedicated development team.



We conduct a short interview to discuss your company's core values, vision, and project requirements.


Talent Selection

Based on the acquired information, we carefully handpick the best specialists who match your business needs and vision.


Interviewing specialists

Next we use a complex, multi-stage interviewing process to find the best developers for you. Each candidate is carefully analyzed, interviewed, and thoroughly examined to ensure the specialists match your vision and needs, but you make the final decision!


Project launch

Once your development dream-team is customized and built, your project is launched.


Support and onboarding

For each stage of our collaboration, we take care of all of your team's needs and guide you on how to make the onboarding process as smooth as possible!

Have Questions?

Learn How We'll Build Your Perfect Development Team!

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Our Technological Expertise

We build dedicated developers teams, who are perfectly tailored to your needs! Here are the teams of experts we can build for you.

  • VUE.JS
  • Angular.JS
  • React/Hooks
  • webflow
  • Python
  • php
  • Golang (Go)
  • .Net
  • Scala
  • Node.JS
  • React + RN
  • MEAN
  • Golang+React
  • PHP + Vue.js
  • MERN
  • .Net + Angular
  • iOS/Swift
  • Android/Kotlin
  • React Native
  • Ionic

Where Do You Aquire Your Specialists?

To deliver the best experts for your team, we discover and recruit top-level software engineers from all across Europe.

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Why Our Clients Partner
with Develux

Develux team is definitely a partner you can rely on! We basically needed a dedicated developer to help us create a new, more advanced payment system that would ease the payment process and, at the same time, ensure safety. The hired specialist did a great job, highly recommend!
Jeff Cook
Product Manager at Fintech
Our company came here in a search of a productive dedicated team and we made the right choice. The provided team quickly merged into our own team and grasped our needs and goals. They helped us develop a great converter for legal invoices, and even gave some handy suggestions on the areas that can be improved further.
Julie Foster
IT Manager at Fintech
In the framework of our new project, we were planning to launch a recruitment software and were looking to hire dedicated developers who would help us organize the development life cycle and speed up the product launch. This team handled the set tasks just great. Thanks for help!
Jeffrey McMichael
Product Owner at Human Resources
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Questions & Answers

Can't find here? Contact Us.

Can You Meet the Needs of Large-Scale Projects?

Absolutely! Our outsourcing service can meet the needs of any business, both big and small. We have extensive experience with large-scale projects, substantial resources, a diverse array of talented engineers, and office space to host your dedicated development team. We're ready to help you with any business need such as development, project management, design, and even marketing!

What Steps I Should Take to Hire Developers?

Develux makes outsourcing incredibly simple! To hire dedicated developers, simply contact us and set up a meeting to discuss your business or project, and we'll do the rest. After our meeting, an enthusiastic team of Develux professionals will build a professional team that is perfectly suited to your unique needs.

How to Hire Remote Software Developers Effectively?

To make the most of our collaboration, be sure to share your requirements, vision, and values. This will help us select the best talent for your team. Also, be sure to follow our project manager’s suggestions regarding how to smooth out the onboarding process. Following their expert advice will ensure your project meets and exceeds expectations.

What Specialists Work at Your Service?

Our service offers a comprehensive range of IT services, so we can provide the right specialist to meet your unique goals and needs. We have dedicated project managers, experienced analysts, QA experts, and, of course, top-level Python, Angular, Golang, Scala, .Net developers. Our software engineers are knowledgeable in a wide variety of programming languages, including:

  • Python
  • Javascript
  • .Net

And many others!Additionally, our team is well versed in mobile development, FullStack, Front-end, Back-end, DevOps, and much more. With Develux, we have talent, resources, and expertise to deliver incredible results.

Why should I hire a complete team?

Hiring a dedicated software development team presents you with many advantages, including:

  • You won’t need to manage each developer’s individual performance.
  • The team’s dedicated leader manages the workflow and communicates with you; thus, you just need to keep in contact with that one person.
  • Because of the team leader, developers can get guidance from a local person.
  • You’ll save time and money on talent acquisition – and, because our experts are located in Eastern Europe, you get expert work for a lower budget.

Where do you source team members from?

Develux is based in Ukraine, and we know the Eastern European market well. Ukraine is an excellent place to source software development dedicated team members from, as the IT market is robust and showing a 22% YoY growth. Due to our social technology techniques, our wide network of contacts, and our personalized messaging system, we are able to rapidly form a team of experts and for a lower cost than assembling a US-based team.

Why should I choose Develux to create a dedicated software development team?

Our step-by-step process toward assembling a dedicated developer team reduces your risk, keeps the project on schedule, and fosters trust between both teams. First, we’ll interview you thoroughly and find out everything from your project requirements to your company's core values. We will hand-select and interview talent – but, of course, you get the final decision. After the project launches, we’ll provide ongoing support! We’re here for you every step of the way.

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