Telecommunications is a strong driver of global prosperity, growth, and innovation and enables organizations to transmit messages and data via reliable, secure means.

What Is Telecommunications Software?

Whether you need new infrastructure to be built from scratch or for us to revamp your legacy infrastructure, our team of expert developers will get the job done.

Telecom software companies design, construct, and manage systems that aid in electronic communications. Develux offers interactive telecom solutions that add competitive value to an organization’s offerings while simultaneously accelerating its digital transformation and bringing in new revenue streams.

Telecom software development from Develux is suitable for:

  • Traditional telecoms
  • Satellite Operators
  • Media and OTT providers
  • Infrastructure Operators

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What Telecom Software Development Services Do We Offer?

Telecom Software Development

Get Web & Video Conferencing platforms, Business Support Systems, Operations Support Systems, and more.

Network Management Solutions

With this kind of telecommunication software from Develux, you can get functions like network inventory management, CRM, network configuration and provisions, charging and billing systems, and more.

Network Applications

Within our software for telecom, we’ll integrate performance monitoring, telephony systems, and connectivity management systems, enabling your organization to streamline all communication processes.

Performance Monitoring Solutions

We’ll create and implement a bespoke performance monitoring system that has integrated telecom security management, network layer solutions, diagnostic tools, performance data collection, and fault detection systems.

Call Accounting

Our software will capture, record, document, and assign telephone-usage costs, driving optimization in your network, security, and standards compliance.

Telecommunications Security Management

Our telecom security management solutions are full of robust features that impede SIP hacking, caller ID spoofing, DNS and DDoS attacks, and more.

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Benefits of Telecom Software Development

Get a competitive edge
Develux offers telecom software development that enables your organization to become more agile, adapt to changing customer needs, and fight disruptive competition.
Some of the advanced technologies we use in software for telecom include:
Cloud development
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligencet
Internet of Thingst
Location-Based Servicest
Advanced operation support systems
As a premier telecommunication software developer, Develux creates advanced operations support systems that enable your organization to offer high-quality new services – and to process user requests in a timely manner. Our telecommunication software in this area optimize your operational, network-centric components by providing:
VoIP-based services
Customized SIP-clients
Hosted or virtual PBX switches
Creating custom solutions for performance monitoring and bandwidth analysis
On-premise or cloud-based scalable provisioning systems
Business support systems
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Why Choose Develux?

Dedicated Team of Industry Experts

Develux is a one-stop development stop. Our diverse team of developers uses 21 development frameworks and speaks 30 programming languages! We have carefully cultivated and retained a skilled in-house team, enabling us to provide an impactful telecom software development model. When you work with Develux, you can anticipate transparent communication, accountability and real-time collaboration, and a dedicated set of full-time developers. Our industry-specific technical teams have the expertise necessary to bridge any skillset gap.

Custom-Tailored Solutions

Cookie-cutter solutions for telecom don’t work, and they never will. Our telecommute software developers take pride in their custom-tailored solutions. We take the time to get to know you, your goals, and your business model. We believe that good telecom software should fit you like a glove – but it should also be able to grow and evolve as you do.

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If you’re asking yourself, “what is telecommunications,” we’ll clear it up for you. Essentially, a telecommunications system enables long-distance communication via a network of nodes and links. The internet and the telephone network are examples of telecommunications systems. Telecommunications software developers design and construct the large spectrum of technologies necessary for such systems.

As a premier telecom software company, we at Develux strive to integrate your third-party telecommunications APIs, expense management system, cloud communication platforms, call center software, and more into your tailor-made solution. Just let us know what you’d like us to integrate!

The timeframe of telecom software development depends on several factors, such as your desired features and functionality and the complexity of the project. During our consultative phase, we’ll be able to provide an estimated time interval once we understand your requirements.

The telecom industry is booming: humans are producing data at an incredible pace, and this data needs to be transmitted. As such, the industry is highly competitive – but we know just how to make you stand apart. If you don’t stay ahead of the game, you might fall into the revenue decline that some communication service providers are facing.

At Develux, we understand what is important in telecom solutions: our skilled team can develop robust systems such as Operations Support Systems or Business Support Systems. Any feature you need, we can create – VoIP-based services, monitoring solutions, charging and billing systems, customer self-service portals, and so on. And, what’s more, all of our telecommunication software projects are tailor-made to the client, so you can meet and even exceed your business goals.

Modern telecommunication infrastructure requires advanced software development and process automation in order to work seamlessly. Develux works tirelessly to implement cutting-edge technology, ensuring that your operation support system always exceeds industry standards.

Our telecom management software for networks enables your entire team to effectively manage front-end and back-end telecom network functions. Equip your team with tools to make their jobs easier, freeing up their time and increasing productivity – all with Develux’s cutting-edge telecom software development.

Our expert telecom software development team will create communication portals and network applications for your organization. If you need an app to streamline call center operations, we can do that. Need a team messaging app? We’ll get it done. Get bespoke mobile or web apps designed by one of the best telecom software companies in the industry!

Develux’s telecom software developers can create custom call accounting software and integrate it within your current telecommunication infrastructure. With call accounting telecommunication software, you can track various kinds of calls without interrupting the flow.

Absolutely! We use only the best techniques, such as secure authentication, Layer Two Tunneling Protocol, data encryptions (including RSA, AES, DES, and NASH), and more. Relax, knowing that your telecom infrastructure is secured!

We’re glad you asked! Partnering with us couldn’t be easier! We do our best to make things as stress-free for our clients. First, go ahead and fill out a contact form, making sure to include any relevant details about your project. Don’t worry if you feel like you’ve forgotten something, though, as we’ll hash out all the details during our consultancy phase.

During our consultation, we’ll learn all about you: your business processes, goals, existing telecom software, solution requirements, and more. We want to know what makes you unique and apply that knowledge to your solution accordingly.

Next, we’ll get started on idea validation. We’ll define how your business’s telecom processes can be improved, propose a model, run a proof of concept, fine-tune the proposal, and set realistic milestones.

On to product design: our expert designers will encompass all of your requirements, as well as advanced UI and UX design principles, during prototyping.

Our developers will then create your solution – all while conducting continuous testing. We’ll also conduct extensive QA testing, summarize results, and deliver them to you. We’ll make tweaks, as needed, until you are fully satisfied.

Now it’s launch time – but our role doesn’t end here! We’ll provide ongoing maintenance, ensuring that your product runs as perfectly as it did on launch day.