Logistics contribute to lower costs, better efficiency, improved production rates, smarter use of warehouse space, a more satisfactory customer experience, and more besides this.

What Is Logistics Software?

Many logistics and transport companies find that logistics software makes a huge difference in streamlining their processes and improving their production cycle. In its essence, logistics management software is designed to help a company manage all production elements – from raw materials delivery to shipping to consumer outlets.

Make Headway Into the Logistics Industry

Main Advantages of Custom Logistics Software

As consumer demand grows steadily, so do consumer expectations.

In the modern world, logistics software is the only way to deliver the best customer experience. Custom logistics software comes with a wide array of advantages that sets your business apart from the competition.

The core benefits of custom logistics development include:

  • Plan Routes and Reduce Delivery Time
  • Streamline Data Reporting and Communication
  • Cut Operational and Maintenance Expenses
  • Best Safety Standards for All Transport and Logistics Operations
  • Processes are Highly Visible
  • Customer Service Is Enhanced
  • Shipping Is More Efficient

By using logistics and transportation software, you can do the following things:

Do you need custom logistics software development? Develux can get it done for you. Our custom logistics and transport solutions are tailored to companies of any size and industry. Improve operations, streamline shipping, automate reporting, and more!

Quicker production

Weeks can be cut off the production cycle, so manufacturers can get their products out to consumers more quickly.

Fast shipping

Delivery speed is increased significantly.

Better accuracy

Complicated calculations are handled by the software, so your transportation data is error-free and done quickly.

What Services Do We Offer?

Here at Develux, we offer many kinds of transportation and logistics software solutions. From web apps to mobile apps, logistics and transportation management to fleet management, we can create the perfect custom solution for your organization. These are the kinds of logistics software solutions we can build for you:

Logistics Management Suite

With a comprehensive logistics management software solution, you’ll gain access to a huge variety of tools, including inbound and outbound transportation management, supply and demand planning, management of third-party service providers, order processing, inventory control, and fleet and warehouse management.

Bespoke Logistics App Development

As part of our array of logistics software development services, we can build you a custom-tailored app that is sleek and feature-rich. Learn here more about bespoke software development services

Bespoke Logistics Web App Developmen

Our convenient web-based transportation and logistics software can be accessed on desktops, laptops, and web browsers on mobile devices – making them highly accessible to all users. Read more about our bespoke software developers

Bespoke Logistics Mobile App Development

A logistics custom mobile application helps you coordinate your warehouse workers and drivers in real-time, giving your company better communication abilities, mobility, and seamless data exchange.Check out some examples of bespoke software

Logistics Tracking Software

Transportation logistics software like GPS and mobile apps are able to detect the exact location and direction of drivers, enabling enterprises to get end-to-end logistics visibility.

Transport Management Software

A transportation management system gives visibility into trade compliance documentation and day-to-day transport operations, in addition to ensuring the timely shipping and delivery of goods and freights.

Fleet Management Software

Our custom fleet logistics software enables enterprises of all sizes to better manage their fleets through features like telematics, GPS tracking, fleet cards, maintenance scheduling, data collection, and more.

Get Custom Software

Our Logistics Software

Supercharge your business’ logistics and transportation processes with our complete portfolio of solutions. Check the list below to see what logistics software solutions we offer!

Logistics Software Solutions

  • Vehicle Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Transportation Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Custom Logistics Solutions

Questions & Answers

We know that logistics software is not a one-size-fits-all solution. When you order logistics software development from Develux, you have full control over which features are included. We’ll customize the software directly to your specifications. Whether you need a full-featured logistics management solution or a fleet management app, we’ll get it done for you. During our consultation phase, you can let us know exactly what features you require for your solution, and we’ll make it happen. At Develux, we also understand the need for a software solution to “grow” with the client, which is why our software is scalable and we provide ongoing maintenance. If you need features to be added to it in the future, we’ll be happy to do so.

Yes! If you already use transportation and logistics software, we can handle the migration for you. We’ll import your logistics software’s client database as well as any accounting information; you can start working right away without operation interruptions. Develux ensures a smooth, seamless transition with no effort on your end.

At Develux, our passion is to help our clients adopt modern, innovative technology and improve the effectiveness of their business processes. This is apparent in every solution we offer, including logistics and transportation software. Everything we do is focused on the customer: from offering a flexible payment and team model to the fully customizable nature of our solutions. What’s more, our team is comprised of expert software engineers, and we have a huge portfolio of satisfied partners.

Yes – it is almost impossible to manage a business that ships goods without modern logistics management software. Logistics is prone to issues, especially when related to human error. Without a smart system, deliveries can be delayed, customers are dissatisfied, and your business’s success will likely be limited. What’s more, it will be more difficult to manage the relationship between you and your partners and to manage risk. With our logistics software development, you can streamline your logistical operations and mitigate all of these challenges.

Here’s a step-by-step look at how the Develux process works:

  • Our first phase is Idea Validation, in which we’ll collaborate with you and define business improvement areas. We’ll run a proof of concept to see whether the proposed model is doable. Then, we’ll stay in close communication and fine-tune the model in alignment with your requirements, in addition to setting realistic milestones.
  • Then, we move on to Product Design, where our in-house expert team applies advanced UI and UX design principles – while still, of course, sticking to your outlined parameters.
  • Next is Development, where we’ll use the ideal tech stack to create your end-to-end solution – carrying out continuous testing the whole while.
  • After Development, it’s time for QA testing. We’ll test the solution with external users and internally, and then we’ll summarize and deliver results. Our team will make tweaks to the software until you are fully satisfied.
  • Lastly, we launch the product and provide ongoing maintenance.