At Develux, we are dedicated to providing high-quality custom eLearning software development services to meet the needs of learners and educators alike.

Our team of experts creates unparallel solutions to meet the needs of primary schools, high schools, universities, trade schools, and all other education providers. From the classroom level all the way to the district, get eLearning services that prioritize academic excellence.

Develux delivers custom eLearning services, including the development, integration, and implementation of education platforms, learning management systems, administration software, and far more.

We keep our finger on the pulse of eLearning trends and are well-versed in gamification and blended learning features.

Want a Great Solution?

Get Customized eLearning Software

Customizable LMS

A Learning Management System (LMS) is more effective when it’s tailor-made to fit your school or district’s needs. Our eLearning development team can build you an LMS that enables custom learning paths, provides access across roles, facilitates rich learning environments, and contains content generation tools. As part of our custom eLearning development service, we can provide seamless integrations to third-party systems and APIS.

Online Courses and Educational Platforms

Our eLearning development company creates commercially successful, technically sound educational platforms to match the likes of industry giants Udemy and Coursera. When you order eLearning software development from Develux, we will create engaging platforms and courses that generate new learning opportunities, ensure accessibility, and support self-paced learning. With our attractive courses and platforms, you’ll attract a huge base of learners!

School Administrative and Management Software

School administration software supports your staff, faculty, and academic administrators by facilitating data sharing and collaboration of data, streamlining accreditation compliance reports, simplifying enrollment and registration, tracking student demographics and attendance, and more. In addition to that, with custom-made administrative software, data is more transparent and accessible, workflows and manual processes are automated, and silos are deconstructed.

Talent Development System

We create the best eLearning software for talent development, designing systems that cover everything from talent acquisition and performance management to compensation management and professional development. Develux’s eLearning services enable you to streamline all employee lifecycles from recruitment to offboarding, thus improving the candidate experience and reducing the time your school spends on the administrative side of recruitment.

Other eLearning Software We Develop

Our software development experts create custom solutions for all manners of eLearning solutions, not limited to:

  • Gamified learning platforms
  • Quiz apps
  • Online communication software

Make Your Vision a Reality

Our Education Solution Features


  • Offline availability
  • Inclusive languages and localization

Learning Formats

  • Blended
  • Adaptive
  • Face-to-Face


  • Scoreboards
  • Progress Tracking
  • In-app badges and currency

Content Delivery

  • Audio and video creation
  • Content publishing tools (editing, integrating, importing, and exporting)
  • Scheduling content delivery
  • Automatic content updates


  • Task management features
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools
  • Deep reporting
  • Certificate generation

Why Choose Develux?

We know that the old methods of eLearning software development just aren’t working; in order to keep students engaged, game-based, immersive learning is key. Thus, our team of software development experts at Develux stays in tune with the eLearning evolution and technology motion. We are:

We use modern tools and sleek design principles to create engaging, intuitive, and user-centric solutions.
We ensure administrative software is up to par and compliant with industry standards.
We take everything into account when creating solutions, from high security to integration with third-party apps.

So, how does Develux deliver the best eLearning software? Our eLearning services are:

Easily measurable

They have inbuilt analysis and reporting tools, which can be used to improve and standardize learning approaches and assessment methods.

Supported over time

Our solutions come with short-term and long-term maintenanceIntegrable: They are compatible with commonly-used payment systems, thus improving your cash flow.

Efficient for end-users

Our solutions provide assessment and tracking tools, virtual classrooms, and scheduling tools, thus increasing users’ efficiency.


Our solutions provide assessment and tracking tools, virtual classrooms, and scheduling tools, thus increasing users’ efficiencyYou can automate workflows with customizable dashboards, shift-scheduling tools, and simple e-forms.


Our solutions allow educators to get and process relevant data quickly and accurately via individualized dashboards.

Let’s Do This!

Our Team’s Expertise in eLearning Software Development

We Have a Highly Skilled Team

Our eLearning development team is comprised of experienced developers, designers, and product managers. With their valuable skills, we are able to create cutting-edge education software. Our effective communication and agile approach make our team fast, flexible, and transparent.

We Prioritize Learners

With every custom eLearning software development project we tackle, the learner always comes first. During eLearning development of new products, we conduct thorough user research – and when we’re polishing existing products, we do a user experience audit to make sure your learners will get the best experience possible.

We Comply With Industry Standards

Every single piece of eLearning software we develop is up-to-code with industry standards like SCORM, AICC, xAPI, and H5P. The eLearning landscape is constantly evolving, so we attentively monitor changing regulations, laws, and trends.

We Take a Design-Driven Approach

During our customer eLearning development process, our software development experts run design sprints, test solutions, and audit usability. This way, end-users can enjoy an intuitive product and have a stress-free experience.

Questions & Answers

Before we begin creating the best eLearning software for you, we’ll sign an NDA. Not only will your idea be safe, but you will also receive ownership of all the code we create during our partnership.

eLearning software development costs differ depending on the number of specialists needed and the project’s complexity. We’ll provide you with an eLearning development brief in which you’ll record your specifications. We’ll get back to you with a general cost estimate.

At Develux, our eLearning software timeline can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months, depending on the project’s specifications. We are highly flexible in timeline creation, though; we’ll discuss estimated timeframes during the planning phase.

Yes, we can provide custom eLearning development services for corporations – with this, you can lower costs on staff education, streamline intern training, and provide online training to your office or distributed team.