Case Details
Customer expectations:

The client complained about the outdated design and poor integration with all the company's systems.

The objective of the project:

To choose relevant technologies for the client, update the design and improve the integration of systems.


It was necessary to work on the API for the warehouse production system and develop the functionality that would cover this integration from scratch.

  • Chose a tech stack for the client and formed a team to perform the entire scope of work;
  • Developed layouts, thought out and formed the structure of the site and pages;
  • Worked out the UI part of the design in desktop, tablet, and mobile versions;
  • Completed the layout and integrated it with the backend of the site;
  • Developed an API for the implementation of registrations, adding products to the basket and searching for them using filters;
  • Worked out the automatic filling of the store with goods;
  • Thought out the integration of the warehouse production system and created a separate functionality;
  • Tested the site for bugs and transferred it to production.
  • The client received automation of the online store and its administration.
  • Integration by goods, orders are automatically transferred to the client’s CRM system for order processing and further integration with the payment and delivery system.
  • The design of the website has become modern and adaptive for customers.
  • Improving the user experience has increased conversions on the website.
  • Thanks to the update of payment and delivery methods, customers can receive their goods more conveniently and quickly.
Business Value
By incorporating the updated design and functional enhancements on the website, the client witnessed a boost in their branding efforts and a significant sales increase. Furthermore, the improved design and functionality instilled a sense of trust in the client's company, as visitors perceived the website as more professional, reliable, and user-focused, ultimately strengthening their reputation in the market.