Case Details
Customer expectations:

In the first stages, it was necessary to build a prototype for a small budget to get a solution for raising future investments. In the subsequent phases, it was essential to develop a platform that would be implemented within a specific timeline and budget, and that could already be used.

The objective of the project:

To develop a cost-efficient prototype within 3-6 months, and after that, build a full-scale product, taking into account time and requirements, adjusted to business goals.


To develop a prototype quickly and adhere to the deadlines and budget allocation.

  1. Prototype DevelopmentDetermined the scope of work for the project, built the architecture, chose the tech stack, and developed the design concept;
    • Made an estimate and prioritization with the business regarding the features that will be in the product;
    • Developed Scrum management for this project to refine the design and clarify risks;
    • Built a timeline and discussed expectations and what will be included in the prototype for the allocated budget.
  2. Product Development
    • Discussed full-scale product development, its functionality, and scaling;
    • Developed a more extensive architecture and added new features;
    • Covered those gaps that arose in the prototype.
  3. Platform Development 
    • Improved the quality of the product, taking into account the results of alpha and beta testing; 
    • Implemented new strategies in terms of scaling and integrations;
    • Provided the project with permanent maintenance and support for future development.
  • In the first stage, the client received a good solution that fits into the timeline and budget, which helped raise investment for future development.
  • At the following stages, the client received a high-quality solution that satisfied all the requirements and expectations.
  • With our engineers’ help, the client could implement the functionality that users need for convenient banking management.
  • During the development of the prototype, 600 Friends & Family users were added for the initial testing phase. At the stage of product development, several thousand test users were involved for the safe migration of 500 thousand users at the stage of platform development.
  • Throughout the support phase, our engineers implemented all the needed improvements from the user experience point of view.
Business Value
The developed product streamlined banking processes, improving efficiency and reducing customer waiting times. This optimization enhanced the overall customer experience, increasing satisfaction and loyalty and ultimately benefiting the company's bottom line.