Case Details
Customer expectations:

The client wanted to update the site because the branding had changed, and the old technology was not suitable for it.

The objective of the project:

To update the site with new technologies, automate orders with a new plugin and improve the user experience.


It was necessary to automate checkout, so our team added functionality and created a separate bot.

  • Analyzed the wishes and requirements of the client and developed the structure of the landing pages and the entire site;
  • Worked out the structure of the blog because it was essential for the client and the business;
  • Developed the design of logos, fonts and worked out the animation of the site;
  • Transferred landing pages to layout and set up multilingualism;
  • Developed and automated the checkout process so ordering was tax-sensitive, improved the delivery process, and generated a delivery note number for customers;
  • Worked on a plugin that controlled all customer subscriptions for product deliveries, automatic payment, and delivery;
  • Filled the site with content, photos, and video materials;
  • Integrated social networks for registration and authorization;
  • Tested the website for bugs and inaccuracies.
  • The speed of the site has increased, and page loading takes 1 second.
  • The customer received more orders because now the purchase takes 2 clicks.
  • Thanks to the improved user experience, website visitors can easily buy goods and find the necessary information.
  • The client increased buyers’ trust through an updated personal account, in which users can control all payments, deliveries, and the history of their purchases.
  • We changed the technology and file structure to speed up the site and reduce the weight of the code, which in turn allowed the website to get into the green zone of the search engine.
Business Value
The updated website not only showcased the client's refreshed company branding but also delivered an exceptional user experience, resulting in a substantial increase in customer acquisition and repeat orders. These positive outcomes were a testament to the effectiveness of the website's redesign and its ability to drive tangible business growth.