Case Details
Customer expectations:

The client realized that ready-made solutions could not satisfy all business needs, so it was decided that the company needed a new custom solution for warehouse accounting and auditing.

The objective of the project:

To provide the company's infrastructure with software and make it scalable and cost-effective in terms of resource use.


The software had to be developed in such a way that the client could offer it to similar companies and quickly adapt the functionality to the software.

  • Gathered the necessary data and identified the main business needs to be covered by the new software;
  • Developed a system for sorting goods and identifying them by barcode;
  • Built-in internal audit so that the system offered the best option for placing goods in the warehouse and generated a barcode;
  • Automated the process of determining the placement of goods in the warehouse by weight and date of unloading so that less effort is required to move the goods;
  • Integrated a barcode scanner and developed a mobile application for iOS so that employees can view the proposed product location on their phones;
  • Developed a tablet version for auditors to use the software;
  • Made an Apple watch application for loaders so that they could conveniently view system notifications while working;
  • Moved to the development of a TMS system to better organize the transportation of goods and build a route for the driver;
  • Thought out the architecture for the future scaling of the product and modifications for the sale of the software by the client;
  • Tested and implemented changes for the harmonious operation of the system.
  • Customized Solution for Enhanced Efficiency: The project successfully delivered a tailored software solution that met the client’s specific needs for warehouse accounting and auditing. This custom software provided a comprehensive system to manage warehouse operations efficiently.
  • Scalable and Resource-Efficient Infrastructure: The implemented software not only addressed the immediate requirements but also made the company’s infrastructure scalable and cost-effective in terms of resource utilization. 
  • Market Expansion and Adaptability: The client has the capability to offer this solution to similar companies and quickly tailor its functionality to their unique requirements. This adaptability allows for potential market expansion and revenue generation beyond the client’s own operations.
  • Optimized Warehouse Operations: The introduction of a barcode-based sorting and identification system streamlined warehouse operations. The software automated the process of determining product placement based on weight and unloading date, reducing manual effort and minimizing errors.
  • Enhanced Mobility and Accessibility: A mobile application for iOS, a tablet version for auditors, and an Apple Watch application for loaders were developed, enhancing the mobility and accessibility of the software. 
  • Future-Ready Architecture: The project team meticulously planned the software’s architecture to support future scaling and modifications. This forward-looking approach ensured that the system could adapt to changing business needs and evolving technological landscapes.
Business Value
The custom software streamlined warehouse operations, leading to cost savings and improved resource utilization. Its adaptability allowed the client to offer the solution to similar companies, creating new revenue opportunities. Furthermore, the software's enhanced mobility, scalability, and data-driven capabilities ensured a competitive edge and long-term value for the client in a dynamic market.