Case Details
Customer expectations:

Our team needed to assess the promotion to the selected markets, prepare a plan for the entire work, derive the position of the application, and propose growth points.

The objective of the project:

To optimize metadata, a graphic component of the application, carry out localization, and work on rating and reviews.


It was necessary to optimize the application in the store but also to leave some elements of the description because it was important for the client to comply with the branding.

  • Analyzed competitors, their metadata, graphic component, video and screenshots of the application, keywords, number of downloads by locales, ratings, and reviews;
  • Analyzed the client’s application for the same positions;
  • Based on the analyzed analytics, a strategy was formed and agreed upon with the client;
  • Formed recommendations for each task, which prescribed which keywords should be added to the metadata;
  • Wrote new content according to algorithms and requirements;
  • Updated the application in accordance with all recommendations;
  • Created a table with a rating before and after SEO practices to analyze the result and compare statistics;
  • Provided an application for constant SEO support so that the client does not lose only the acquired positions and increases the rating in the future.
  • Keyword positions in the application stores increased by 133%.
  • The rating of the application has increased among competitors.
  • The position of the application in the stores has increased.
  • The application became more attractive to new users, which encouraged downloads.
  • Thanks to the optimization of the application, the audience of consumers has expanded.
  • Our team helped identify growth points for the application.
Business Value
Enhancing the visual appeal and optimizing the application's description significantly improved its visibility and attractiveness to potential customers. The addition of relevant keywords in the title and description further enhanced its discoverability in app stores, driving more organic traffic and increasing the chances of customer acquisition. This strategic approach to App Store Optimization resulted in improved app rankings, increased downloads, and greater business success.