Android Application Development Services

With around 75% of the world’s smartphone market using Android, you can reach a huge client base by designing a robust and intelligent application that makes an impact. No matter the industry, our Android mobile application development team can help you develop a solution that works flawlessly on any device with back-end web service and corporate system integration as required.

Our Android development services include:
Custom mobile applications
Mobile Software Development Kits (SDKs)
Utilities development

Android Apps for Any Device

Our Android application development services are undertaken by specialists that work day in, day out with the Android platform and all device types, brands and custom ecosystems. We know what works and can professionally deliver customized products that are user-friendly, intuitive and secure.

  • Android Mobile App Development
  • Android TV App Development
  • Android Tablet App Development
  • Android Wear App Development

Our Approach

Expert Android Developers

Our experienced in-house team boasts skilled Android developers that are ready to dedicate themselves to your project. Drawing on a large network of vetted specialists, we can also grow your custom team quickly, ensuring continued quality and efficiency.

Quality Controlled Code

Having capable software developers is not enough when creating a technically-advanced application. We strive to have the cleanest code that is overseen by senior developers that value precision.

Custom Agile Process

Our unique agile framework is utilized to give you peace of mind and value for money. With a professional mobile development workflow we can proactively manage any risks, competently control costs and resources, and ensure transparent and effective collaboration, both within the team and when working with our client.

Complete Service

Develux’s entire company is dedicated to the success of your project. Our Android development services leverage the abilities of skilled staff in the areas of consulting, product strategy, UX/UI development, testing and of course, technical delivery.

Google Play Deployment

Having ably developed your customized product, we also handle the entire Google Play submission process, including listing, description, assets and more. The services of our marketing team can be employed at this point to make sure your app gets the attention it deserves.

Maintenance & Support

Right behind you every step of the way, Develux dispatches a team to:

  • Monitor and proactively deal with any issues as they arise.
  • Manage platform updates and ongoing version releases.
  • Provide general support as required.

Set Your App in Motion!

Got an Android mobile application you’re looking to develop? Book a free consultation and let’s discuss your unique project.
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Our Android App Development Technology

Through our detailed knowledge of all databases, frameworks, tools, solutions, languages and new features, you can be assured of expertise and the most professional Android application development practices.
Android App Development Language
Android App Development Tools
Android App Development IDE
Android App Development Frameworks
React Native
Android App Development Libraries

Android Applications for Your Industry

Whether your business is HR, Fintech, Logistics or Healthcare, we can design and deliver a personalized Android application that has ease of use and versatility at its core. We have developed white-label solutions for finance and e-commerce, which speed up development time and slash costs, and utilize our team’s marketing specialists to make sure your product is positioned for maximum initial impact and ongoing strength in a rapidly changing market.
E-commerce platforms
Сonsumer analytics applications
Tracking and patient management software
Diagnostic tools
Mobile banking platforms
E-wallet applications
Delivery management systems
Parcel navigation software
Online course platforms
Student registration systems

By delivering strong product knowledge, motivation and flexibility, Develux takes the success of your Android application seriously. 

Why Develux?

Developers for every project

Our Android developers for hire are put through multiple interviews, tasks and an in-house trial to ensure they possess the skills needed to tackle your project effectively. Develux provides:

  • Outsourced employees
  • Outstaffed employees

Full product development

A full cycle Android application development company, we put to work our HR team, designers, marketing managers and software developers to deliver an unbeatable Android application adhering to all your business needs. We value strong and transparent communication and support, with all costs delivered up front.

Select Android Development Expertise

Develux specialists have in-depth knowledge of Android technologies, functions and integrations. Measuring app performance, implementing Google Pay and in-app purchases, and leveraging Google Cloud technologies is just the start of what we can do for you.

Google Cloud

Store app and user data in Google’s secure cloud infrastructure.

Google Pay

Request and process Google Pay transactions in apps, on wearables, and on the web.

Google Assistant

Handle user requests with Google Assistant in mobile apps, smart speakers, cars, TVs, wearables, and more devices.

Android Auto

Allow users to connect their Android apps to their cars and offer hands-free functionality for a variety of app services.

Google Fit

Access and share health and fitness data while maintaining user privacy.

Social Media Integration

Post content to supported social media platforms with familiar user interfaces.

In-App Purchases

Sell digital content in your app and support in-app purchases using Google Play Billing.

Google Admob

Monetize and generate revenue from your app using Google’s mobile advertising platform.

Go With a Talented Team

Creating an Android app is an exciting process, so bring your idea to life with a dedicated team. At Develux, we are there every step of the way.
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