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Develux: Our mission and our vision
We will help you achieve phenomenal results in the digital sphere. We are a software company dedicated to enhancing, optimizing, and expanding your business' reach and revenue.
DEVELUX INC features a multi-national, multi-skilled team dedicated solely to the success of your project. Whether you're looking for SEO services, marketing development, or any related discipline, we provide a comprehensive array of digital services that enable you to attain and strengthen a unique market position for your brand.
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Why We Are Different

You delegate, we innovate

Modern Technologies

We have forged a solid alliance with modern technology, and we use state-of-the-art solutions to enhance, optimize, and expand your business' reach and revenue.

Professional, multi-skilled team

Your project is our priority and our reality. Our work ethic thrives in results, not just promises. We get the job done, on time, and on point. Every time.

Cost-saving Balance

Costs and Results run together in the business race. We research your project's requirements and create a plan to ensure that Results crosses the finishing line first.

Efficient PM Flow

Just like a good story, a project has a beginning and an end. Develux understands this and offers end-to-end project management flow until you achieve your goals.

Innovative Equipment

We use state-of-the-art computer systems to create and produce optimal, innovative results that stand at the vanguard of technology.

24/7 Support  & Communication

New York never sleeps, and never do we. Your project lives and breathes 24/7, so Develux has developed a support framework to ensure that you can reach us for help at any time.

Meet Our Team

This is Develux. Let’s get acquainted.
Chief Technical Officer
Petr G.
Senior Front-end Developer
Denis K.
Senior Front-end Developer
Roman O.
Senior Back-end Developer
Ivan K.
UI/UX Team Lead
Andrew D.
Senior System Analyst
Serhii K.
Senior Back-end Developer
Michael S.
Business Development Officer
Max Polinskyi
Mobile App Developer
Max S.
QA Engineer
Igor W.
Python Software Engineer
Alex L.
QA Engineer
Sergey L.
Senior Front-end Developer
Valeria L.
Full Stack Developer
Dima D.
Anton F.
Web Marketing Analyst
Mikhail S.
Middle Front-end Developer
Maria I.
HR manager
Senior Android Developer
Anastasia I.
Middle Android Developer
Dasha V.
Senior iOS Developer
Sergey Y.
Middle iOS Developer
Julia S.
Project Manager
Kate B.
Anastasia Z.
Sales Assistant
Alpha E.
Artem S.
QA Engineer
Dmitry K.
Senior Front-end Developer
Anna B.
Middle Front-end Developer
Kseniya Y.
Python Software Engineer
Alex M.
Python Software Engineer
Ivan M.
UI/UX Designer
Vlad R.
UI/UX Designer
Sergey B
UI/UX Designer
Bogdan S.
UI/UX Designer
Vadim P.
Middle Back-end Developer
Yuri Y.
Middle Back-end Developer
Bogdan E.
Senior Back-end Developer
Alex K.
Middle Back-end Developer
Naum N.
QA Engineer
Elena A.
QA Engineer
Denis U.
Project Manager
Marina S.
Sales Assistant
Corrie N.
Project Manager
Monica S.
Sales Assistant
Rachel S.
Middle Android Developer
Alexandra E.
Full Stack Developer
Denis L.
Project Manager
Alex F.
Middle Front-end Developer
Kate Z.
Marketing Brand Manager
Polina Poliakova
Creative Producer
Vadym Yevdokymenko
PPC Team Lead
Max Kobzar
Customer Success Manager
Nataly Savitska
Web Project Manager
Nikolay Sikora
Sales Acquisition Manager
Vlad Marchenko
Project Manager
Maryana K.
Content Manager
Alexandra Solonska
Senior Video Editor
Yevhen Verkhalantsev

Our office

Your goals begin in our office

Develux Insights

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