Case Details
Customer expectations:

There was a need for a new site on modern technology because the client's old site was outdated and made on Tilda.

The objective of the project:

To develop a new solution based on Webflow technology, which will increase loading speed and allow the client to edit the site's content quickly and conveniently.


Specialists needed to quickly and efficiently transfer the site's content to the new technology and set up the domain.

  • Took the design from Tilda to the new platform based on Webflow;
  • Reworked the block on the main page and added hover effects;
  • Added two languages to the site interface;
  • Made a new block with logos and paid attention to their display on all pages;
  • Worked on changing the cursor during hovering;
  • Adapted the site to the mobile version, taking into account all the features;
  • Transferred and configured the domain from Tilda to Weblog and communicated with hosting support technicians;
  • Tested the website for bugs and inaccuracies;
  • Developed a guide for working with the site, including videos and screenshots.
  • The client received a new, up-to-date website using modern technology.
  • The site has become much faster, and its pages appear instantly due to the gradual loading of landings as you scroll.
  • The content of the pages has been optimized thanks to the connection of collections.
  • Filling pages through the admin panel with content takes less time using connected collections.
Business Value:
The new site made it possible to better and fully display the agency's services, which is essential when attracting new clients. A modern and professional website design helped showcase the customer experience and create a positive first impression on potential partners.