Case Details
Customer expectations:

The client wanted to display medium-frequency and high-frequency requests for high positions, increase the number of conversions and improve the site's visibility in the search engine by keywords.

The objective of the project:

To increase the site's online presence by implementing On-Page, Off-Page, and Technical Optimization.


The site needed more traffic and sufficient visibility in search engines. High-frequency and medium-frequency requests for commercial keys did not rise in positions; some of them even fell.

  • Analyzed a niche and conducted a full analysis based on the data obtained;
  • Created a plan for future promotion;
  • Corrected technical errors that complicated the indexation of the site and interpreted its content;
  • Formed the semantic core of the website;
  • Cluster keywords on pages;
  • Conducted on-page optimization for each lending;
  • Formed a technical task for improving the site’s usability;
  • Gathered platforms for placement of external links;
  • Increased the authority of the site by obtaining links from other sites;
  • Used other content marketing channels to increase online presence and attract traffic.
  • The client has received current requests for leadership positions in Google search results;
  • The number of phrases in search of the TOP-3 and TOP-10 has increased significantly;
  • Organic traffic changed (from 1,144 to 42,081), and site conversion grew by 30%;
  • Thanks to the growth point for the website, the client will develop the business in the right direction.
Business Value:
With the increased visibility of the client's website, their brand recognition has significantly improved, resulting in a broader customer base and increased client acquisition. This enhanced online presence has not only heightened their brand's visibility but also positioned them as a reputable and trustworthy choice for potential customers, fostering long-term business development and expansion opportunities.