Case Details
Customer expectations:

It was necessary to improve the organic traffic and update the site technology because the old one did not allow quick changes in the site structure and add content.

The objective of the project:

To increase website traffic by applying various types of auditing, link building, and content writing.


Great attention had to be paid to writing content not only in the SEO direction but also to approve the content by lawyers and doctors due to reliability and expertise.

  • Conducted a technical and marketing audit;
  • The number of participating audiences was analyzed;
  • Looked at the prioritization by country and found inactive target audiences;
  • Wrote a content strategy, how to involve the found audience on the site;
  • Found blockers in the form of the fact that the site cannot scale quickly and proposed and implemented the transition to another technology;
  • Worked on content and link building;
  • Created and worked on the pages of all doctors so that they were professional and met the requirements of Google algorithms.
  • 4 months after the transition to the new company site, there was a 2x increase in traffic due to well-thought-out content corresponding to algorithms and link building.
  • The client received a new customer acquisition channel and began creating video content for engagement.
  • The website has switched to support for constant updating of content and gradual increase of the semantic core.
  • By the end of the year, traffic growth increased 8 times (from 80,000 to 640,000).
Business Value:
After migrating to the new company website, the traffic experienced a twofold surge within four months, driven by meticulously crafted content tailored to algorithms and successful link-building tactics. The website's transformation into a dynamic platform capable of consistent content updates and ongoing expansion of the semantic core played a pivotal role in fostering sustained company development.