Case Details
Customer expectations:

The client expected to get a working website as a result, which will cover all the desired functionality, attract users and bring profit.

The objective of the project:

The platform had to include several parts: the website, the client admin part, the admin part of the performer, and the admin part of the administrator. It was also necessary to provide the possibility of SEO promotion.


It was necessary to develop a platform that could handle a large load and support many payment options.

  • Worked out the basic needs of the client (what system is expected, what opportunities for further expansion to lay, whether to pay additional attention to the mobile version);
  • Provided an approximate concept of the system, which, after some improvements, was put into operation;
  • The Webflow platform was chosen as a fairly convenient constructor to implement the SEO component;
  • The Angular + Python pack was chosen for CRM, and the AWS environment was taken for deployment;
  • Found out during further development that it is also necessary to connect the service for the support office, and the client suggested Intercom;
  • In addition, Sendgrid was connected for marketing.
  • The client received a working product that attracted the target audience;
  • In the future, based on the platform, the client can build a more complex system that will attract users to other projects;
  • All components of the system work and interact with each other quickly and efficiently;
  • The site can withstand a heavy load and can handle a large number of customer transactions;
  • Specialists developed the site according to all security standards;
  • Thanks to the thoughtful development of the platform, the client will be able to implement new functionality in due course.
Business Value
The client received a functional product that successfully attracted the target audience, indicating that the service has effectively met the client's objectives. The ability to attract the target audience not only enhances the client's brand visibility but also increases the potential for customer acquisition and business growth. The platform's flexibility allows the client to build upon it in the future and develop a more complex system that can attract users to other projects. This scalability provides long-term value by offering the opportunity to expand and diversify the client's offerings, potentially tapping into new markets and revenue streams.