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Lead Generation Specialist

Employment Type
Office Full TimeOffice Full TimeOffice Full Time
Office Full Time


  • 2 years of experience (BA / SA).
  • Strong knowledge of SQL, Python.
  • Experience in API description.
  • Modeling.
  • SRS Writing Experience | BRD | Use cases.
  • Ability to adapt documentation and requirements, set tasks for the development team.
  • The ability to work with large amounts of data.
  • Knowledge of UML, BPMN.


  • Friendly and professional team.
  • Open-minded leadership, welcoming any positive contributions.
  • Comfortable office in the city centre near Pecherska metro station.
  • Ability to influence project and technologies.
  • Ability of remote work.
  • Compensation of sick leaves and regular vacation  (18 working days per year).
  • Other benefits.
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