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Develux has been developing a core product since 2014 in the education domain, US market.
We are actively expanding, DEV-team is currently 25 specialists.

  • Experience in defining the business purpose of a feature;
  • Experience in creating interface concepts and building optimal UX;
  • Ability to work with databases (PostgreSQL, MongoDB);
  • Knowledge of the main database structures;
  • Understanding of the principles of the database (features, areas of application, etc.);
  • Experience in modeling processes;
  • Experience in API design, data models;
  • Manual testing skills (positive scenario testing).


  • Writing technical documentation (BRD, SRS, FRS);
  • Task tracing;
  • Preliminary assessment of business requirement for correctness and feasibility;
  • Assessing the risks and potential outcome of implementing new functionality;
  • Work with the backlog;
  • Process control;
  • Compliance with deadlines;
  • Setting priorities;
  • Checking the concept and requirements for the correctness and optimality of the solution;
  • Checking that the interface does not contain elements that are not relevant to the objective;
  • Checking for conflicts between the interface and the process steps associated with the new functionality;
  • Validation of the design;
  • Creation of management reports.


  • Flexible working hours (start of the day from 8:00 to 11:00 and 8 working hours + 1-hour lunch);
  • Remote-employment option;
  • We work with Apple products;
  • Office is located near metro station Pecherskaya;
  • Payment of income in USD every 1 of the month;
  • Compensation of parking;
  • Compensation of trainings / courses 50% or 100%;
  • English Speaking Environment;
  • Pizza Fridays/teambuilding/reimbursement of lunches;
  • Development in a team of experienced and open-minded professionals who are open to suggestions for process improvement :)
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